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  1. G-Dog
    They had to distinguish the Alpha male Alien somehow, the grid marks on his dome do just that. He is the Alpha male Alien, the "hero" alien that they mentioned in the featurettes, the main alien that they focus on to battle the main pred, scar, etc etc...
  2. Cookies
    Grid alien.  OMG that has to be the lamest part of the movie.  Im cool with it having the scar but having green acid stains!?  what the hell is that! I thought their acid slids right off them?  Im cool with seeing the scars of a grid but all that green crap looks AWFUL.
  3. J
    Paul Anderson ....           .....  Well done for making this movie, waiting so BLASTED long for it to be made so from 1 fan to another, THANK YOU   ;D  
  4. HellAlien
    First that is not the queen. Carlito said it right. That is a pred that will not pass his exam.   ;)    J, yea man, its weird. I dunno if they will do it that way in tha movie. Lex is maybe a hard hero kinda chick,but she is kinda superman there. But eh that is not the only thing that is weirdly explained in tha book. Anyway Im waiting to see that on big screen.
  5. J
    Hmmm, do you wonder HOW Lex herself stabs the alien, not exactly going to be easy there is it. I've read the section in the novel several times but its quite hard to picture!!   ???  
  6. carlito
    Aww that poor pred has just been stabbed through the torso by that alien's tail and is about to get headbitten through the mask. Thats the part of the movie that was shown during comic con, with the death of the gill mask Pred.
  7. Ultimate-101
    When I heard they were making an AVP Movie , I got excited but nervous at the same time . I really REALLY hope Paul Anderson hasn't made another TERMINATOR 3 (Man that was bad) . But with his track history , the odds are looking good for us !  This is your time to shine Paul , You'll either be embraced or discraced !!    :)  
  8. HellAlien
    Hey guys, you probably already saw that, but for those who didnt, in tha book they said that the grid alien was, bigger stronger and all. But look at that pic, its the same as the other aliens. Same size and all.
  9. ur mom
    i, robot is like the best action movie of this sumer, despite its complete lack of originality. too bad the short AVP wont be so action packed.
  10. ur mom
    looks good, but it doesnt look like the main character are gona be doing anything except get realy scared and get eaten off camra, haha this movie is gona be terrible
  11. J
    The first two we've all seen but the last one looks slightly dodgy ( STILL BRILLIANT)   ;D    It looks more focused and clear. The background doesn't quite fit with the foreground, ok effort.
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