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Gamespot DVD Competition

There are a lot of AvP competitions sweeping the internet at the moment. The next one comes from Gamespot where 1st prize is a portable DVD player, Alien Quadrilogy, Predator CE, Predator 2 DVD and a lucite Alien vs Predator statue. Meanwhile, two winners will receive the DVD sets.

20040731_05 Gamespot DVD Competition

Like the previous competitions, it’s only open to Americans and you must be at least 17 years old to enter. Thanks to xx13 for the news.

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Comments: 13
  1. Little Psycho 303
    Ya! what about Canada! I thin k that Canada and the U.S. should mold together and become one country. WE could call it The Canadian States, or United Canada. Or you could make some wierd mix of the two like.....Canstatited lol. BUt any whay, i think it is pretty cool all the contests that they are having for the movie, it will premote good feed back to it. THE WORLD IS MINE!!!! NOT YOURS!!!!    stay in the light....for demonds do waite for thouse who wonder.
  2. The Reverend
    why cant canada have a couple good contest just once COME ON!!!!!!!!, lol i feel your pain J. but then again im in alberta so its not as far.  (____)=<   //(**)\\
  3. Predgirl
    Another contest well some of the prizes are cool, but some of us already have one of them.  At least its good for those who don't have one of the prizes like the AVP statue now that would be cool.
  4. thinkugotachance
    well wait, if the movie is pg-13, then why are all the contests for 17 and older?! fox isnt too efficient with the whole marketing thing, are they?
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