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Alien Creators Get AvP Credit

According to, the creators of Alien, Ronald Shusett and Dan O’Bannon, will also receive credit for the story on the Alien vs Predator movie as well as Paul Anderson. Want to know why? Then read this:

“In addition to the “based on characters created by” credit Alien creators Ronald Shusett and Dan O’Bannon will receive on “AVP” alongside Predator creators Jim and John Thomas,Shusett and O’Bannon will also share a “story by” credit with Paul W.S. Anderson. This is because Anderson apparently copied and pasted 40 pages of unfilmed material from the original Alien’s screenplay into the new “AVP” movie. So, in addition to the respective franchises’ “based on chracters created by” credits, the new “AVP” film’s credits will read “story by” Anderson, Shusett, and O’Bannon…Written and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.”

It wil be very interesting if this turns out to be true.
Thanks to Demonio Cazador for the news.

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  1. El Demonio Cazador
    C4RN4G3 That's not what I mean dumbass  I already know all that... read the novel then we'll talk and of the thousand reasons of how Weyland connects to AVP guess what?? P.Anderson couldn't find one!!!  I'm really excited about the movie but you'll see that his appearence on the film is useless....
  2. C4RN4G3
    El Demonio Cazador:  Weyland Bishop doesn't connect to any of the Alien films?? Wtf.... hello have you been sleeping during the movies: Bishop the android, Weyland Yutani the company, android is built to look like the founder of the company, same actor etc etc...  I bet there are thousands of more reasons how Weyland Bishop from AvP connects to the Alien movies but I'm too hungry to think about it right now...  And again: come on, every news item about the AvP movie doesn't have to become a "Flame AvP/PA" thread, be greatful that the movie is even made.
  3. El Demonio Cazador
    I agree with Ryan Poli about the Cube thing... I mean. he also took a little ov Aliens vs Predator : Prey for the Lex-Predator relation.... I mean he got the mention that the whole Aztec (Mexica actually) Egyptian, Cambodian pyramid thing was taken from  Chariots of the Gods (which is a very lame theory by the way) but nobody invented the black thread so I guess it's good to combine all kinds of long as the story is godd (to me is kind of waek but...hey it's AvP) Probable the thing I like the less about Anderson's story is the appearence of Weyland Bishop for no reason at all... the character is just forced in the story and doesn't really connect in any way to the Alien movies... that was a dumb cheap bait for fans...  Saludos!
  4. Saint Sinner
    No, he can, but a lot of those rejected ideas were perfect for this storyline, like the pyramid and other "nods" that should be seen in the movie. Like the graveyard of bones or whatever seen in some of the screen shots. Something similar was supposed to be on that planet in the original Alien film.
  5. G-Dog
    FOX FOX FOX, its just people in suits pulling all the strings to see whats better for the company. Its like its the company vs fans, sound familiar?
  6. HellAlien
    The thing here is that they r using the AR design. Giger had nothing to do with it. Sure he created the creature from all of those copies come from. But he didnt create the one we c in avp. So they cannot put his name. And the predator desing is again different from the one Winston did. So again they cant put his name  in. Its a shame yes but its like that. I doubt that giger will ever do any other alien. Not even for A5. Nor winston will do a pred. They should do it again but i doubt it. Giger was screwed with A3. He didnt loved his experience there. So i doubt he will be back with fox ever again.  And about that pyramid thing, its great that pa is gettin some in avp from alien. But its weird that he took 40 pages of original work ?!!  He could had inspire from those. But not take them all. Its weird. Anyway, Im glad for those 2, its great.
  7. Saint Sinner
    He's using a ton of cool un-used ideas from Alien, which should make the movie a good one and not the typical Paul Anderson mediocre fest.
  8. Bringer of Death
    Sure O Bannon and Shusett created the alien story, and Jim and John Thomas made the pred stries but the real credit should be given to the 2 men who greated these amazing creature designs in the first place, Giger and Winston for facks sake, sheesh.If it werent for those 2 we would have no alien and no Pred that we have come to know and live today.I personaly find it insulting that these 2 geniuses are not getting credit for there hard work, and without them these franchises probably most likely wouldnt be the thngs they are today without the creature designs we know today.
  9. G-Dog
    shame.........hey that shit happens all the time. Example: Spielber used shit in part 2 that he didn't use in part 1 of Jurassic Park. Then, thats a little different, but you get my point.
  10. RyanPoli
    So hes taking part of Alien that wasnt used to use in AvP...  How about the laser trap room in resident evil that was \"inspired by\" Cube.  How about the \"constantly changing rooms\"...again, from Cube.  And why does the predator need that stupid shruiken thing, he had the hand weapon/throwing weapon thing already that seemed to serve the purpose very well.
  11. The_Jerk
    Since you guys dont remember...PA copied the screenplay part with the Alien Hive that was in Nostromo that was never shown in the original Alien movie and apparently if my memory serves me a correct..he said that he was paying tribute to the movie by adding a similiar scene into this movie so to give credit to Scott or who the hell ever..
  12. predguy22
    I don't agree with you there, Shuriken. As far as I know, there was never a Queen until James Cameron created one for Aliens. The captive queen idea must've obviously come from the actual AVP comics. Most of us have seen them and they show how the predator's kept a chained up queen on their ships to produce eggs that they seed to many worlds in order to hunt the aliens.  I recently bought and read the novel and from the description of it, it truly does sound like something out of the comics.
  13. RyanPoli
    \"This is because Anderson apparently copied and pasted 40 pages of unfilmed material from the original Alien\'s screenplay into the new \"AVP\" movie.\"    ....phew, dont work yourself too hard there Anderson...
    i agree with shaker on that one  wasnt the queen idea that she was supposed to be captive inside the pyramid laying eggs as avp has her the same idea ?
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