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Win Competition To View AvP

Over at, they’re giving you the chance to view an early screening of Alien vs Predator in six places across America which are: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Greenville, Memphis, and Raleigh. All you have to do is answer three questions:

1. How would YOUR Alien vs. Predator film end?

2. Why doesn’t Hollywood realize that the Alien is the star of the Alien films and not Sigourney Weaver? Or, do you disagree?

3. What other outer space villain would you pit against these two villains? Please do not include Jeff Bridges as Starman in your response.

Use the relevant links on Chud to email them these answers while also including your mailing address. Thanks to Ermac for the news.

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Comments: 28
  1. The Reverend
    hey El Diablo you guys down there are soo lucky i can see the AVP movie untill the 13, 3 DAYS MAN!!!!!!!!!! AAARRGGGGHHHHH, but hey when ever it comes out i got me and like 20 others going to go see it and were standing in the front row and giving it a big salute.
  2. El Diablo
    It's already starting! Fox is rolling out the promotional and press screenings for this movie in the next few weeks. I know there's a few happening in L.A. (where I live) including the premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on August 10th. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and check a few places, see if I can get into one of these.
  3. Predator Wave
    Predator vs. Uber Jason. Since his new mask looks almost similar to theirs. Uber Jason with a spear and a shoulder cannon would look funny.
    hey here's my answers to the questions on here  1. i would end my Alien vs Predator film by the queen alien ripping the predator leader in half like the queen did in Aliens to bishop.  2. the alien is the true star to the alien movies. it was ripley at first but later on its the alien that's the main star and also that the alien brings the fans to theaters to see the alien movies.  3. i would love to see sil from the species movies takes on the aliens and the predators. or the alien creatures from pitch black or the big bugs from starship troopers. that would be very cool to see.
  5. HellAlien
    Wow, crossover time here !! Man the last time i was in one of those, we got like 2500 replies !!!  It was hell on the net.  And what some weird questions ??? Man, that is dumb. But hey, thats how it goes on. they think that only the US r into avp when they could indeed come up in that CANADA!! and uk could be cool too. Bit far but cool. I fell so sorry for ya guys. Want me to be hellish here ??   WE WILL SEE THIS MOVIE IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL, I had to do it, sorry.     ;D     ;)    Anyway, if i could, i would pay all of ya guys the trip here.    :)  
  6. voltz
    I like the idea of throwing in pitch black as a non-official crossover, but it's most likely those things will never beat the xeno's with their blood frying them.  Aliens or Predator vs Borg, now that would be an interesting concept.    :D    As for Weaver, she's not all that important to the franchise anymore.  The monster is bigger then she'll ever be and there's only room enough to fill out one or two movies to close her clone's character, then it's time to move onto someone else.    Next thing you know we'll be getting Alien 15 with Weaver in a wheelchair...
  7. Shadow of FUS
    Alien & Predator VS Freddy & Jason!   8)   I could see that coming.Predator go's after Jason because he finds he's a great challenge and Freddy stumbles upon the Xenomorphs and try's to control them but they end up going crazy and kill everyone pissing him off greatly but since people are afraid of Freddy he's powerful enough to jump out in the real world this time with his powers to do batle with the demon creatures. I say that sounds pretty awesome!
  8. The Reverend
    (         )=<     <("<)   AVK  ALIEN.........           VERSUS...............                    KIRBY............                                        BOOYA
  9. J
    HELL MAN, IF I DIDN'T FIND THIS FUNNY I'D PROBABLY CRY.   :)      everytime I look at OUR date of this movie my eyes start to ...  ... to ...  ... MAN THIS IS PAINFULL! ouch double time   ;D  
  10. The Reverend
    Another thing why are all the good contest in the U.S. of A. like come on up here in Canada we love the aliens and predators too ya know. :(
  11. The Reverend
    Ok we all know that put against any foe that the aliens would simply over power with their numbers. But i would like to see Aliens vs. Species, that would KICK BUTT
  12. Alien Emperor
    Darth Maul ( Awesome Guy ) vs. Aliens ( Awesome creatures )...but bye bye Aliens. Darth Maul would chop those pore creatures in thousands of pieces with his double bladed lightsaber and the pred to..i think    ;D  
  13. G-Dog
    You know what? hope in AVP2 they put a predator like that drawing of Marc Nagel. That would be cool. Hey FOX, how about a sweepstakes in which the winner gets 1 of each AVP item coming out? Bet your ass you'd get a shit load of people to enter.
  14. G-Dog
    Damn it, what about cali??  Lets see..........that would be cool if we see CRITTERS vs Aliens!!!!!!!    LOL!! not....   ???    Next thing you know, we're gonna have a Star Wars vs Star Trek.......  .oh god........
  15. Setiana
    Why are all these contests and sweepstakes only in the US? Grr...   "What other outer space villain would you pit against these two villains?" Cringe. They make it sound like it's Freddy Vs Jason. Are the fans the only ones who are going to take this movie seriously?
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