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AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

A topic on Gamegossip has led me to six behind-the-scenes images of a AvP booklet. Apparently, someone who visited the “San Diego Comic Conference” scanned these in and posted them on another forum which hasn’t been identified no thanks to a member on Gamegossip.

20040727_02 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

Five more images are on the next page which show a lot of screenshots from behind-the-scenes in Alien vs Predator.

Update: Enlarged versions of these images have been removed from the original location but you can find them on AvPWorld.

20040727_01 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

20040727_02 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

20040727_03 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

20040727_04 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

20040727_05 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

20040727_06 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Book

No news as to when this book will be released but expect it not long after AvP’s release.

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  1. The Reverend
    LOL Het AdamJZ I do have a AVP shrine    :D  . But for the Predator I think the dreds are pointed out a bit much, no?. but in the picture were the pred has his mouth closed are the bottom mandables usually on top, insted of the top ones on the top??

    I also think that the dreds sould be behind the predators shoulders. but thats just me, i would rather be an alien ALL THE WAY BABY BOOYA
  2. true AvP fan
    is there just one actual fan of these characters that wanted to see a pg-13 movie, i haven't heard of one, so what exactly was fox thinking was going to happen when they made this movie, i mean if no one wanted it to be pg-13, then why is it pg-13.  It's just mind-boggling.  This site would be nothing but happy, happy people if this had an R rating, and had that rating for a good reason.  I mean who would come on here and complain that it had an R rating, and say they would rather a pg-13 rating, no one.  And by the way, the predator in those pics doesn't look that bad, he actually looks pretty tight, along with the weapons up grades.  If only he were using those weapons to do what we all want, cut aliens, and people into bloody stumps, damn the predator movies were tight, i still think it's cool what he did to Peter Keys in the slaughter house.
  3. J
    To see the the Alien queen move articulately will be amazing.   ( the movements of the queen in Aliens was brilliant but when she was striding it didn't come across to convincing)
  4. HellAlien
    Well these r cool pics.   The queen seemed to had a hell of a fight with the preds, she looks so cool. I love my queen. eheheh  And yes the mouths of the preds seem bigger than the original, the lower jaw is. They look so cool .  They did a good job on those. The aliens r bit deceiving cuz of the Ar design but they still r the famous aliens. They will look great in dark places and crawling on the walls. BadAss creatures !!  Im happy to see more positives comments here now. Exep some of ya, everyone seem to gain bit of confidence in avp. Look like fans needed this after the rating scandal .   It will be one of the best seller of this year. Hey !!  does anyone knows how many copies of the novel were sold ??
  5. Los Angeles Artist
    Hey Again,  AVP: The Creature Effects of ADI ISBN: 0-9726676-6-0 Hard Cover ISBN: 0-9726676-5-2 Soft Cover   Both 127 pages  All full color photos from the shop and set. Profiles on many of the artists, including myself, images of the designs, model making, sculpting, painting, seaming, fabrication, foam, molds etc.  Every Alien and Predator fans dream in a book exclusively about the Aliens and Predators.  Later
  6. Los Angeles Artist
    Hey Everyone,  The book is entitled AVP: Creature Effects of ADI and is published by DESIGN STUDIO PRESS. website of the same name. Apparently there were only 250 copies at the ComiCon but I was told more are on the way. You should be able to purchase from their site soon.
  7. J
    The mouths most probably wide just so that they ( creators) can give more articulation and expression on their faces. They mention that they were changing the look of the preds just to give them a ' now ' feeling as oppose to a ' same ' looking one.  possibly.   :)  
  8. Darkness
    Update The original poster on Gamegossip has been ordered to remove them from his host and the person who originally scanned them in has took them down too. I don\'t have the enlarged versions either.
  9. G-Dog
    MechanizuM exactly!! I was thinking the same thing. In Pred 1, his mandibles (?) didn't open up that wide, nor were they ever straightly alligned once opened up. In Pred 1, his mandibles were facing inward (the bottom ones). In this picture, the pred has his mandiles streched out all the freaking way. I got to say, that part doesn't look right. Everything else is sick!!! (cool!)
  10. Z
    Concerning the Elder's mask: Well, the Predators do breathe through their mask, but they can also breathe our air... and that's a fact. The Leader Predator in PREDATOR 2 had no mask, sure he was in his ship, but there was still our air ( Earth's air ) entering in the ship. Plus, some other Predators also didn't have a mask. As for the Predator in PREDATOR 1, he could also easily breathe our air. Of course, you all saw that in PREDATOR 2, the Predator could breathe our air, but after he had got shot about 6 times, he needed a small jaw mask to breathe, because he was so wounded... not 'cuz he couldn't breathe the air, and that was stated in a Fangoria magazine.  Also, Predators do have nostrals: If you remember when Harrigan takes the Predator's mask off, you can clearly see the Predator's breathing through his nostrals.  Concernig the Comic: Yeah, I looked through my comic and they don't mention what year it is, but I will give you some other info I have in my comic:  --------------------  The planet Ryushi, at the edge of the Chigusa Corporation's holdings in the Beta Cygni system only human outpost: 'Prosperity Wells.' population 115, primarily freelance ranchers and their families' plus a token staff of corporate overseers.  --------------------  So, I hope it will help lol.  Concerning Cookie: Lol what are you trying to prove here? That you're a bigger fan than I am? Lmao   :D   Well, just for the fun of it... I'll tell you what I have gathered from the past years.  Every Predator comics; Every AVP comics; Also, DarkHorse Classic AVP, wich is a reprint; A couple of Aliens comics; 2 Predator books; 3 Aliens book; Every Aliens vs.Predator universe cards; Some cards from the AVP card game; The 2 Predator movies; 3 Aliens movie ( 1,2,3 ); Aliens vs.Predator 1 for PC; Aliens vs.Predator 2 for PC; Aliens vs.Predator Primal Hunt for PC; Predator the Hunter from McFarlane toys, still in his original package; Predator 2 from McFarlane toys, still in his original package; Predator special edition ( with blooded spine ), from McFarlane toys, still in original package; Every Predator from Keener(sp?) toys, still in their original package; Also every Batman vs. Predator; Every Tarzan vs. Predator; Every Judge Dredd vs. Predator; Every Superman vs. Predator;  So, I think that sums it all up, but there's really no point in all that... while it was fun for me to write all that, I don't think that you're more of a fan just 'cuz you've got more stuff.  Like I said earlier, I have never seen some one as far as an Alien or Predator fan as you. No fan would pointlessly bitch that much about something they are 'supposed' to like. But seriously, I'm done with you... I won't waste any more of my time on a mindless ( or just really simple minded ) kid   8)  
  11. ElTiburon
    Yeah, that's exactly what i thought bout the helmets..but remember in pred 1 he had his mask off for a while and seemed to be fine...maybe the pred2 had asthma or LA had too much smog for him to breathe?!? Either way, the elder's mask IS OUT IN THE STREET CUZ IT'S OFF THE CHAIN!! Lol, for those not in the US that means it's cool
  12. Richard 7'
    The Picture with the Elder Pred, where he is holding his helmet... This helmet has an open space arround the mouth. Didnt predators breath thru their helmets on other planets? Cause in Predator 2, u see the predator breathing thru some kind of breather cause he lost his helmet when Danny Glover took it off when the pred was shot down.... Anyway.. AVP RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ! PRED RULLEZZZZZZZZZZ
  13. Alien Emperor
    I'm only concerned about the Queen, i hope it looks organic just like her drones. And the preds are perfect, and the drones couldn't be better.
  14. Cookies
    well then i only have one comic so i cant say to much on that but i played all the games! and i know u didint.  I even rented the gameboy avp games.  watched all the movies tons of times. I even have a pred and alien figure from mcfarlane right above me on my shelf!  So dont even try.
  15. Haigh
    The predator in the top picture has`nt got smaller teeth its just that he seems to have had his outer mandibles removed, must have eaten too many sweets as a kid.
  16. J
  17. A
    personally I'm not a huge predator or aliens fan...I have seen all the movies though and I would have to say I'm excited for the AVP movie to come out.  I love creature features.  I 100% agree with Z.  If I understood Z correctly, who cares if the predators are bigger and have longer dredlocks and different armor.  It's time for a change.  Seriously its 2004.  There are better ideas than there were in 1987 (I think that's the year it came out) when the first predator was made.  If people can advance with their technology then why can't predators?  Their technology to my knowledge is more advanced then ours anyways.  Maybe they are bigger cuz they have some sort of steroids or creitine or something to make them that way...people have body enhancers, why not predators.  All I'm saying is that Z is correct...lets move forward...lets advance and be open minded to the movie.  And whoever is dissin on the dredlocks......who cares if they have longer hair.  What's the big deal?  The people dissin the long hair have to much free time on their hands.  Go get a job or a significant or both.  It's a movie.  Dreds are not going to make the movie better or worse.  I don't know the answers to a lot of the critisism and questions everyone has but I am going to stay very open minded about it.  The day hollywood makes an aliens movie where the aliens are shooting shoulder cannons and throwing gernades well then dis all you want cuz that would be extreemly corny.
  18. Dachande
    Cetanu, there really isn't a given time when "Ryushi" happened, but the writer wanted to keep it in range with "Aliens" so that there would be some continuity with the type of architecture used. (weapons, armor, etc.)
  19. Regicidal_Maniac
    This book looks great, I've got the making of Alien books right the way back to my 1979 official magazine of the film.  With regards to the rating, look and style of the film, as many have already mentioned this is a new franchise not a direct continuation of the old ones.  Granted it is connected to the other films which are all rated R but it is BASED on the COMICS and VIDEO GAMES which are all rated for children.  If the whiners can get that through their little heads then maybe they can stop complaining about every little thing.
  20. HeavyPred
    wow...just incredible...if only there was a Heavy Predator in the movie, that would be awesome. but oh well, i can't wait to see it   ;D  
  21. Somebody
    Awesome!  Those picture are very cool!  Did you guys see that Predator's madibles hwo wide they opened?? Frekken' Awesome!     ;D    Go   AvP   Go   AvP      :)  
  22. Bringer of Death
    Yo grand master Z, who you nailin? Cookies? or me? I dont care but your not clearly pointing out who your tearin on.Do you ahve any of your work on this site? cause i would like to see it, i have some shit on here you can check out if you like, its under all three section i believe and using my name here Bringer of Death.
  23. AdamJZ
    Hey COOKIES! if you were a true AVP fan, you would have done these things. or at least head what people say who have done these things.  Read all of the Comics Played all of the games  watched all the movies watched all of the special features  bow down daily to your AVP shrine  (ok, maybe that is overexadurating a bit,)  but here is my point  HAIR CAN f**kING GROW LONG!!!!  do you think that the preds, with their superior technology do not have the ability to cut thier hair!!! it would grow the points back, if you read the comics and look at the preds, they had all different lenghts of hair, its just like humans! you seriously do complain alot, I agree with everyone, that yu should seriously just shut up!!!!
  24. sorrowssigh
    hey guys just think, even if it turns out that you dont like the movie, this is still reawakening a nearly dead franchise in the public eye. that means much better chances for more movies, games, figures, whatever. try not to worry about it so much. i look forward to the movie, but even more to all the stuff that it will make way for.
  25. ismguy
    in my opinion the aliens are looking awesome.  all the conceptiual (sp?) artwork to the shots in the trailers have all impressed me.  yes they may be simmiliar to res. aliens but i think they are being filmed better and put in the dark where they look the most sinister.  the most impressive alien is the queen.  the artwork in the shot above is fantastic.  even though its pg-13 (which was a downer for me) i think the creatures are looking nice.  im also glad the preds look bigger and more pissed.  it shows a difference in races.  aside from insects i dont know many animals including humans that look exactly the same.  most adolescents are muscular they need brute strength instead of skill to survive.  so i think this movie looks great so far and im very very excited to see it
  26. Aliasp
    God I am so sick of so called `true fan's bitching about how this film is gonna suck coz the dreads on the predators look faggy... PLEASE.  For fecks sake the original alien and sequel had guys in suits and if u saw the publicity shots of those guys dressed up then let me tell u they looked pretty fake - but thank god for lighting and a great director/cinematographer who knows how to shoot a film so this stuff looks as real as anything :|  Nuff said.  Lets all reserve our judgement until we have seen the complete finished article at the cinema's eh?  One thing I have learnt in these Alien films is that great visual FXs alone don't make the movie - its so much more than that!  Personally I can't wait for this film. I aint expecting it to be a world beater coz to topple the original Alien or even Aliens is gonna take something extraordinary but I am confident PA and co will deliver a good fun ride for our beloved Xenomorphs and Predators!
  27. Aliens Rule
    If the acting and suspense is as great as those pics above then we are in for a real treat.  I think the preds are changed for the better.  They look really f***ing cool with a lot of character just by looking at them!  I'm still not real fond of the Alien design, although the Queen looks cool.  Hope this movie lives up to the hype!
  28. ElTiburon
    cetanu, that scene is one of my favorites!  I especially love the part when Hudson's like "5 meters...4, what the hell?" Sounds so realistic and cool. Aliens had the best acting in probly any scifi movie or action movie for that matter...Dang, now i'm goin to have to watch that again tonight...  I am depressed about the rating, but's its no use moping about it any longer...Yeah, we got cheated BIG TIME. But now we gotta suck it up and deal..Let's just see the movie on friday the 13th and then count our losses/gains...  "We're doomed! We're f**ked!" "Are you finished?" "Pull it together, guys, cuz we need all our fans right now!"
  29. Bringer of Death
    Dont worry Cookies for once i actualy agree with what your saying, well sorta.I to am a nitpicker due to the fact that i take my art very seriously and try to add as much realism and detail and authentisity to my work untiil it gets to the point were if it dosnt look right i get pissed.But i am really piised how they sold out for this movie to be pg F'n 13 for petes sake , that just blows my mind.And Sentinel great point about the rating trend that stops with this 'superhero' in disguise.What im saying is alone these films were pretty intence and violent and gory, now you put both together and it SHOULD be twise as gory , violent and intence, but i can already say that wont be the case and the pg 13 rating proves it.Now im sure this will be a cool movie but if they didnt sell out to make more money off of the younger no bodies i could care less about ( sorry if theres a bunch of youngins on here, so dont trip out) and made the movie like it should have been made , a no holds barred slaughter fest.And thats to say the least.Now 1 more thing that has me alittle worried is since its pg 13 , were not going to have realistic situations in this film, let me explain, no there may be language in this but nothing that would compare to the way real people would act and say when there face to face with huge alien beasts that want to rip them limb from limb, man they would be throwing th F word around in this for fun if it was rated R, wich would be more realistic.In this its going to be like" holy space aliens batman"   :D   well probably not that cheesy but you catch my drift.Now this book looks uterly fantastic and this is a must have for ant avp fan regarless if the movie dosnt turn out to be that great, wich i hopeit still can with pg 13 floating over its head. I personaly wished they would have incorperated a bad ass looking pred with the sweet ass piercing in its head, damn that sucker looks mean as hell, he should roll with Pin heads crew   ;)  .I wonder what the SLIME is intitled for in the rating?, I hope that not how bad the gore will look in this, like jello guts or something of the sorts.   ???  Oh well im going to have to have an open opinion going into this movie and keep my expectations to a minimum as to not ruin me if it bombs.( crossing fingers)    ???  
  30. AngryHobo
    Sure the Preds are insanely big, but the skin patterns, armor details and revamped equipment do look pretty good. As for why the "teenage" warriors are bigger than the preds in the first two movies,  I think PA already gave an explanation on the Howard Stern show...something about the first movie's Pred as being a lower-level hunter who would never be allowed to engage in the Alien hunts, and that these younger Preds are very "elite" in terms of the position in the hunter clan, which may explain their difference in size: bigger creatures tend to be more important in the "food chain".  I think that PA gave a description similar to that...don't know for sure tho...
  31. ElTiburon
    Okay Cookie i will leave you alone. I apologize for jumping down your neck, but i hope you realize what i'm saying. Yeah, alot of things don't really fit, like the teenage preds being bigger then the warriors in pred 1 and 2, there's alot of stuff still yet to be explained, but take it all in stride. So far, this movie looks pretty good and i for one am damn proud to have been a fan for so long.   So what do you say, cookies. In the words of Full Metal Jacket, "Why don't you jump on the home team and come in for the big victory?" Well it was something like that. What I'm saying is there is alot of people on this board who sahre ur concerns but are positive about it!  Sentinel, I know you are really trying, bro, you've been posting the same comment on all the pages..LOL J/K I know how you feel...if you need some reassurance go watch I, ROBOT. that movie was PG-13 and definitely pushed the envelope...There was alot of tense action, cussing, brief nudity(Will Smith's ass...eww!)...what i'm saying is that movie coulda been rated r but i think it was better pg-13.
  32. Cookies
    I cant do better?  Well directing noo. but speical effects and character design  HELL YA.  Stan winston is the only guy who has great imagination and deisgn.  And theres no way in HELL any of you watched pred 1 more times them me from beginning to end.  I watched all the pred and alien films since i was a kid and loved them instaly.  Im a artiest and love creative stuff like creature design.  Personally i love the design of the alien in aliens becuase the head goes so well with the rest of the creature, while the dome just looks so odd.   Sorry but i take poeples tast opinions and such really sirusly becuase thats their job and frakly they suck at it.  They do stuff that just doesnt seem realistic and pointless.  U cant do things just for looks when realisticly its pointless and stupid.   Not hear to make enemies. sorry for that.  See to me star wars was great thier changes they make are really good and have meaning.  Boba fett is such a nice designed charater.  sure the new ones stunk but the design was there.
    huhhh man im sorry but thats jusr f--ked up its pg-13,im really trying to go with the flow with this pg-13 thing,i really am trying to make the efforts but man guys look at the past history ALIEN: rate R ALIENS: rated R ALIEN 3: rated R ALIEN RESURECTION: very much RATED R FAR from pg-13 PREDATOR: very much rated R PREDATOR 2: VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH A blodd bath gore fest,in other words RATED R. AVP: RATED pg-13.....................comeon guys whats wrong with this picture                     I will give fox credit and PAUL a chance but know this people the only way this movie is going to be good is if the really pushes the pg-13 limit,if they psuh it ti the last string then maybe we wont beable to tell if its pg-13 or  R rated film,some movies have gotten me with that,some movies iv watched thinking that it was a R rated movie but at the end of the film i find out that its rated pg-13 so if they push it then we might still have our gore fest and blood that we wanted,but remember that if would have nevery been the same if the pushed the limits with a r rating,so lets just pray,there is still hope that this movie will be the greatest alien and predator movie out   ;D   lets just pray guys.
  34. Z
    Wow, the Elder looks really great, with all those piercings. Thats just a great idea... it makes him look even more original and gives him more charisma(sp?).  I, for one, really like the small front teeth that the Scar has... again, it makes him stand apart from the other Predators. ( originality is a good thing here! )  What about that Queen? She looks so damaged... that so awesome! ( Must have been one hell of a fight to get that Queen there. )  Concerning Cookies' comments: Seriously... why do you even bother coming here? It really looks like you already hate the movie without even having seen it... which is completely stupid. In every comment that you make, you find a reason to bash the movie... with little things like:  "pred look like fags now."  What the hell is that? All the fags you saw in your life had long hair like the preds? Maybe if you brought some good arguments or at least something to think about once in a while, you wouldn't look like you're utterly stupid...  Darkness, why don't you just ban that guy? He's simply pointlessly whining about stuff like a 10 years old... he never brings anything more to the discussion than "this and that looks gay, it's dumb, it looks fake, it's boring, etc."  You're clearly a waste of space... Also, you call yourself a true AvP fan? What a load of crap... I've never seen someone as far as what I would call a 'fan' than you. You keep bashing Paul's version of AvP... even though you know there isn't a chance in hell you could do any better. Everyone knows that a movie simply CAN'T be loved by EVERYONE... it doesn't make sense. I simply have no patience for kids like you that talk against things, when they couldn't even do 1/2 of the work.
  35. VictorVega
    That is the Elder Predator, not Scar. Im just trying to figure out if that is Scar with his mouth wide-ass open, or is it the Elder, too.  All in all, I believe this movie is going to be good. I read the novel, saw all the trailers and featurettes, and cant believe how some people bitch and moan about every singly little thing.
  36. Cookies
    well im sorry but i waiting so long for another pred movie to finally come out and now we are gonna miss out on the gore and miss out on the alot more realistic design of the predator in pred 1.    Oh another thing i dont get is that the acid slids off the aliens exoskeleton so why does the grid alien get those green grids?  acid is supposed to drip off or anything it doesnt dry up green.  What lame special effects.  Sorry im so picky.  ill try to shutup

    actually scar is a teenager and pred from pred 1 was a adult.  so i guess they loose the hair and become flater and not puff out! hahahahah maybe the elder is wearing a wig or something becuase i dont understand that.
  37. Galmorzu
    Actually I'm a true fan of what aliens and predators are, not what I say they should be and screw everyone else.  But I do respect your opinion nonetheless, and I actually understand what you're saying, too.  I just can't see why it's so bad as to get so angry over.  Especially something as minor as longer hair...     ???  
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