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PG13 TV Spot For Download

CelticPredator has recorded a 30-second video clip of a PG13 TV Spot that was shown across American television a day or so ago. No new footage was revealed apart from a shot of Adele Rousseau being facehugged.

20040727_8 PG13 TV Spot For Download

Download: PG13 TV Spot – Courtesy of FilePlanet (2.9MB)

This is also the first time I’ve benefited from having access to FilePlanet so you’ll need a Gamespy ID in order to download. The voiceover person leads the TV Spot off with: AVP, Alien vs Predator, Rated PG13, August 13th. Thanks to CelticPredator for video-taping and sending me this clip.

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Comments: 20
  1. Victor Vega
    Theres no way in hell an unarmed Predator could kill an Alien. It would be dead by the time it realized it made the mistake of trying.  A Predator is lucky if it can survive an encounter with an Alien. Youll see what I mean on August 13.
  2. LyricalPharaoh
    nope im definitely registered, definitely logged in, definitely right clicked on the link inside the popup, then as it prepared to download i received the error message. FILE DOES NOT EXIST  ive been using fileplanet for a year now, i know how to use it darkwingduck.
    but really could you imagine if the movie is really bad,like resident evil or soldier, nahhhh i would kill PAUL ANDERSON FOR THAT I was get arrested for stalking him at his housenand leaving very bad hatred emails, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PAUL PLEASE DONT F__K THIS UP YOUR REALLY STARTING TO PISH ALREADY WITH THIS PG-13 bull sh--t!
  4. J
    O yes, because this film is going to be so different than its stand alone franchises is because of its physicality, BOTH Alien AND Predator are going to lock arms with each other.  ITS GOING TO BE BRUTAL, and thats WHY all fans around the world need to witness this first on the big screen, the sound will capture its essence, LOAD!! ( its almost sci-fi history in the making).     8)  
  5. J
    Komodos, I wouldn't worry man, am pretty sure PA said the film would be longer than Aliens    ;D    I reckon for the sequel, to garantee the fans of its rating we should actually get to witness the skining of a human being, THE ACTUAL PROCESS OF A MAN BEING SKINNED ALIVE, GORE CITY!!  THAT IN ITSELF WILL GARANTEE AN R NO SWEAT!   :)  
  6. komodos
    an alien vs. predator fight without weapons would rock if the predator broke one of the aliens neck and killed him to show predators can beat them with or without weapons
  7. Cookies
    Still not the same.  I wanna see the pred rip the spines out of the humans.

    Also if this does well (PLEASE IT DOESNT) then who knows if other pred and alien films are gonna get pg13.  Just isnt the same.
  8. komodos
    I think the film definitely has to be more than 1h 27 min. I don't mind that it's pg 13 even though I think it should be R, but I just am more concerned about how well the actual movie will be
  9. lovelytourniquet
    I was almost sucked into the anti PG-13 thing but, at least this film is being made. I'm sure it will be just fine. The running time better be more than 87 minutes though, that is F***ing ridiculous.
  10. baseman
    This is not Tele-tubbies.  Kids are going to get nightmares just looking at the Alien.  Who is gonna let their kids watch this anyways? Maybe an AVP fan.  Action is cool.
  11. MoBiUG
    I know exactly what you mean. The film looks kick ass. Infact, with all this hate surfacing due to the rating I'd like to say that in my eyes the film looks better than I ever thought it could. Praise doesn't come much higher than that.
  12. G-Dog
    Bingo bro. So worried about kids??? go to a late viewing of the film when its past their bed times!  Besides, seeing an Alien or Predator movie is better seeing at night time instead of the day time you know what I mean?
  13. MoBiUG
    To be honest, the lack of extreme violence doesn't concern me as much as the child/chav/little sod presence in the screenings. If it scrapes a 12 here in the UK, and I doubt it will, I'll just go to a late showing.
  14. G-Dog
    Still bad ass.............people complain just because there are going to be kids in the theaters. Oh well.......I bet its still going to be gory and bloody enough. Praying that it is........
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