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PG13 Gone Live On AvP Site

Well, this is the final confirmation of a PG13 rating. As predicted, the Official AvP Website has been updated with the PG13 logo:

20040726 PG13 Gone Live On AvP Site

AvP has been rated PG13 for “Violence, language, horror images, slime and gore”. Maybe, ratings have changed these days and I’m sure AvP will be pushing the PG13 rating to the limit but it still doesn’t change the fact, that the previous Alien and Predator films were rated R. Here’s hoping for an uncut DVD edition.

Thanks to Jeff and Corpral Hicks for the news.

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  1. Hudsons 2 badass
    Eternal Alien , I've seen every installment i the Alien series and both Preadator 1&2. But I own Aliens and Predator  becuse thse are my favorites from the franchises. .. The trailer isnt the moview just a taste, yess "they' have the numbers but we dont know was gonna happen. I say the only way we can be sure is nuke the planet from orbit!!!!

    About this PG-13 crap ----- according to the title it's Alien vs Predator even though we are there the base of the killin is gonna be  alien on alien right? not like he other movies ... so green blood / long heads / heads w/ dreads will b ripped off but non human dismemberment does'nt usually get the "R"  true there are some humans in the movie and u want them to die horrible deaths but the real fight isnt w/ us we're  just pawns used by both teams. How can the feel of the movie be R if the primary fight is wit them. its 2004 we wont be scared because we know its fiction( not like were watchin TTCM , i swear after that one ppl in the theater wanted them lights turned on quick ... coulda swore i heard a chainsaw on my way home) We're on an express elevator to hell - going down!  Hey Eternal what u doin @ that other table?.........Guess the new lieutenant's too good to eat with the rest of us grunts.
  2. Eternal Alien
    Hudson2badass,where da hell have you been hidin'? no offense,but did you wake up from a 1986 coma? Dude get up to date with the movies bro.As for the throw down between both species,well it could be a tie or of course the Aliens win,or the same situation that happened in the pyramid(see more AVP trailers) could repeat itself,hence the insisting annoyance of Weyland corp.(before Weyland Yutani)on obtaining an Alien specimen.Buy the Alien Quadriology & both Predator movies.OW!!!...stop throwing at me.
  3. Fuzzy Kitten
    i know that the amont of blood and gore dosnt detirmine how good a movie is. I love movies like star wars and spider man ant there is no blood at all in those movies but the theme and concept of an alien vs predator movie is people and aliens getting torn apart limb by limb. ARASHI KURAI dont tell me that i would sell out the fans of AVP. i dont think you have ever read an AVP comic. films can stilol be good without blood and gore but its not right to take these two movies and turn them into a movie for the whole family. seriouly the last movie came out in 97 not many 13 year old kids even know a thing about AVP.
  4. Hudsons 2 badass
    The preview to AVP  I saw in th theaters while waiting for the day after tomorrow( pure crap-o-la) showed a dude callin the predator  "  one ugly mother**** ". come on now thats Arnolds line dont do that. i mean damn thas disrespect  - he might as well say " If it bleeds , we can kill it"
  5. Hudsons 2 badass
    Man I cant wait until this goes down. Two things I always wondered : who wins between  the Aliens and the Predators and who woud win between  the Marines and the Merc's. I can only hope its great , with truly no winner but many C.O.W's .  Is it me or does the Aliens look more ferocious then ever and has the Predator been lifting weights? By the way the title of Ultmate Badass in Aliens goes to Pvt .Vasquez / Hudson (leaning towards Vasquez I mean she was ready to go back for the Apone and Dietrich w/ no hesitation)  , Predator - Billy (no question)
  6. Eternal Alien
    Arashi-Kurai,I could have not put any better sense to what you have said already,but it won't matter what you say,some people can't understand that a good movie doesn't really need the gore,but some need a little reality to their fiction,personally I just don't want FOX screwing up the story line or the Alien's biology/morphology or the Predator's culture(what we've found out),they already messed up a little with their faces,and the Aliens,hmph! don't even get me started.I just wish I could get scared as to when I saw ALIEN,but commercialisation has a need for bucks and as I'm sure everyone knows about the original ALIEN toy fiasco,movie industries and toy companies are trying to come into an agreement,so with what that leaves us with? well SPECIAL DIRECTOR'S CUT EDITIONS of the movie and really ass kickin' toys,figures and models,also cool comics,I agree on certain levels with everyone,so what's the best thing to do? just watch the figgin' movie,cry if it's good and cry if it's ALIEN RESURRECTION(haha).Yes if it sucks we can kiss the franchise good bye and wait another lifetime before anyone dares to touch them,but hey that happened with ALIEN RESURRECTION and we have AVP,we can hope if that happens that at least FOX can make a tv series...ow!!...who threw that shoe?...Hey!!...owowowowowow.....
  7. munkieismad
    Arashi-Kurai , i remind you of what you already know, the first alien was r rated, and had very little gore.  it relied on good suspense, and excellent cinemetography to scare the audience.  i have no doubt that there have been excellent pg-13 movies.  but w/ this kind of franchise, a little blood is kinda the theme, and much will be lost from it.

    one more thing, the original alien and predator movies were not 'monster flicks' meant for young audiences, as this AvP is obviously trying to be.  they just want more money.
  8. Arashi-Kurai
    I Robot-PG-13, The Bourne Supremacy-PG-13, Spiderman-2-PG-13, The Bourne Identity-PG-13, Minority Report-PG-13, The Italian Job-PG-13, The Scorpion King - PG-13, LORD OF THE RINGS-PG-13!!!         There was a time when a piece of work was judged by it's cinamatographic qualities and NOT by the amount of fake blood gushing from a gaping wound in someone's chest. Gone are the days when Alfred Hitchcock could hold the rapt attention of thousands of people and simultaneously make them all shiver and jump at the mere sound of a shower curtain being pulled back or a shadow entering through a creaking door. Or are they? I was in the theater watching M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs" (PG-13) when the entire room scream at seeing an alien's fingers come out from under a door and try to grab Mel Gibson. People screamed and jumped in their seats. AND THEY HADN'T EVEN SEEN THE ALIEN YET!!!      It truly amazes me that there are so many of you alleged AVP fans spouting negative commentary over the possible lack of violence, and bloodshed, and foul language that may or may not be present in AVP. What about the time when kids COULD go to the movies to enjoy a good monster flik? What about the folks (and there are millions of us out there) that love Sci-Fi movies but don't want to see all of that gore because they would like to take their kids and let them see two of the greatest movie monsters of all time duke it out on the big screen? I love Aliens and Predator, not because of violence or gore, but because it's darn good Sci-Fi!! The first two Aliens movies didn't even have that much gore in them they were rated R because of the language. The truth is that the studies are true. Violence, gore in movies and television, and graphic video games have so desensitized people that the idea a movie would not be gratuituously violent and gorey is something repulsive. You want graphic violence and gore? Turn on CNN for crying out loud! Take a look at what is happening around the world! With all of the violence and suffering going on in the world you people want to go "relax" by seeing more of it? Have you all lost your minds? Folks, it's called escapist entertainment because it's supposed to take you away from reality for a couple of hours!           True AVP fans (myself included) have been waiting for years for what was said would never happen. We've read the comics, the novels, etc. And we've waited. So, why do you want to bash Paul Anderson? If someone handed one of you a few million dollars to make this film but they told you it had to get a PG-13 rating, every last one of you would quit griping, take the money, and do the best job you possibly could to make it happen!! I know I would! So, just get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the film. Despite all the negative comments YOU KNOW YOU'LL BE IN AUDIENCE WATCHING IT ANYWAY!!! HHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. munkieismad
    all i have to say about this whole matter is:  when i heard there was going to be an AvP movie, i was really really excited to put it lightly, then when i heard who was making it, i cried.  Then when i heard it was pg-13, i cried some more.  RIP AvP

    wait one more comment:  ok, ridley scott, James cameron, two giants in the film industry, responsible for some of the greatest movis of all time, and then here comes Paul Anderson, responsible for Mortal Combat.  Anyone who thinks that this movie can be good or even begin to stack up to the originals, is sadly mistaken, and just plain blind.  thank you.
  10. opforce3
    its pg-13. now i can see it. im mad that it didnt get R but still, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom was excellent. no one can argue with that. and there are a ton of other good action movies that are pg-13. I think this is gonna be more action that suspense. Alien was suspense, Aliens was suspense-action. Alien 3 was Suspense(not great suspense, but...) and Ressurection was action-horror. Avp will be like a better version of Ressurection crossed with the mummy and predator. I am still looking forward and am seeing it on the 13th.    ;D  
  11. Hudsons 2 badass
    i dont know if u guys are up on current events but i think the predators are gonna get their asses whipped   8)   - i readin it rght man look....vasquez - hudson maybe right..........ifreakin love it. lets jut see it ass fans. for get the rating. if its good its good , and if its bad Mr.Anderson dies
  12. yautja
    My friends like J said why is everyone still stressing about the rating. Its PG-13 there is nothing we can do unfortunately. The movie is still going to be madd good. Take care
  13. Phantom
    I think it's going to be a good movie and the rating is ok because I'm only 14 years old. And this is what people want to see a good thrilling movie that both teens and adults can watch.   :)  
  14. femmefatale_1
    I think it is safe to assume we will all see the movie no matter what the rating is (although it should have been Rated R) but we will bare with it.  What sucks about it not being rated R is the fact that the Predators usually skin humans and hang them upside down, or do crazy stuff, that they cannot show if it is PG-13, and ofcourse sexual stuff.  But there are some positives to it all.  I am just waiting until it comes out, I cannot wait! This will freakin' rock, especially for those of us who have read countless avp comics!
  15. Prealienjh
      >:D    PG-13! and I from england I don't want kids watching this film at the pictures. Fox must change it to a 15 or 18 rateing (R) no parents are going to let their kids watch it be the parents had seen Alien 1 2 3 4 and all of them are 18 rateing and Predator as well so FOX plz change it to at least 15 becuase on the banner of the film is not right for kids under 13. sorry Fox parents will not lets their kids watch this film.
  16. The Reverend
    LOL thats why I LOVE CANADA, wOOt wOOt. anyways if it was rated R then I couldent go see it so THANK PA FOR THAT. but as for the first Alien movie you have to remember that those were done a while ago so the ratings were put alot higher than the ones today.
  17. K
    The movie has been made, its better than having no movie at all. Personally in my books the first 2 alien movies were pg-13ish, only the chest bursting scenes were gory, and mild language. Still damn good movies, and alien resurrection has a 14a sticker on it (in canada) and it was a pretty a brutal movie in spots, when this one comes to theatres in canada it will be rated 14a, either that or the far extreme of pg in which case i would cry, so i havent lost hope for this movie yet.
  18. mehahahaha
    you all suck if u dont like the god damned rating you should just be happy that he even made the freakin movie if you dont like it go to hell and just dont see the freakin movie  >< u all suck
  19. Sith
    The PG-13 rating doesn't mean there's going to be no blood or violence. I've seen plenty of PG-13 movies with some rather impressive scenes of blood and gore, etc. In my experience, nowadays it isn't violence that gets you R ratings, it's sexual content.
  20. J
    Peeps, check out my version of the intro to the sequel of this movie, AVP 2   ALL Opinions will be noted so please do tell me where am going with this, if you like it or not.   8)  
  21. G-Dog
    yeap, i'm having an all Alien and Predator movie day on the 12th. From morning up to late in the day, 12 hours worth of alien and predator death.....then, I'm watching that behind the scenes look on Fox, after that, I'm going to see the midnight showing of AVP... Damn I can't wait!!! Oh yeah, I am gettign my movie ticket early in the morning for later that night.
  22. femmefatale_1
    I think the movie is going to be great and the PG-13 rating will not matter, I have been waiting for an AVP movie to come out for more than 5 years (well maybe more like ten) so my hunger to see this movie will not change, it just would have been better if it followed suit with all of the alien and two predator movies with the R rating.  But I am not going to lose hope to see a director's cut of the movie. Are any of you guys going to watch all of the alien and predator movies before the movie comes out?
  23. G-Dog
    everyone is worked up on the rating because they think that AVP is not gong to be as good if it were an R-rated movie. That is the bottom line. Angelion, where are you from?
  24. Eternal Alien
    True avp fan,nothing to argue there,but if you only get Predators killing Aliens when you understand why they hunt anything that can hunt them back,you just don't want to feel it,you want to see it,and of course Aliens who are parasites to begin with,you wanna see everyone getting killed including your girlfriend even if this maybe the first movie she maybe staring in.Look @ ALIEN RESURRECTION the poor Aliens where to pathetic to be killed by a guy on a wheelchair(No offense),that would've never happend on ALIENS,no,because they are "the perfect organism" although people get lucky and "shit happens",but overall it is at least a good excuse to see Aliens and Predators rippin' each other apart,hopefully their might be a good plot twist,that leads to ALIEN.
  25. avp fan
    if u are all true fans then u will see it anyway.quit winnin just as long as preds and aliens are in it im 13 isnt that bad..its better than pg or g sure blood and gore kicks ass but its the preds and aliens that count...CMON!
  26. Eternal Alien
    J is right for some parts,though you have to understand that Alien was a movie that disturbed some people,and then they grew to become fans of this genre and specially of how it gave us nightmares even to this date,us the new fans,and the first.Ripley may have been the first silver sceen heroine,but the real star and terror was the Alien,and Predator gave us that not all high tec rastas are from this world and just chill smokin a joint,they hunt you if you represent good game,and then they skin you and rip your spine out and mount your head in a trophy room.So J and others cut some slack to those in need of nightmares and hopelessnes,those movies go into history,and we the fans worship and get sleepless nights or days.
  27. J
    The films going to do fine, and you know why??  because everyones hung up over the gore and the ratings thing! Hear me out, this would be the last thing on OUR minds if we new the film was going to do badly, the trailer and the novel creates a grat image in our minds, had we had seen a bad trailer we'd all be knocking on FOX's door, with baseball bats and afew chainguns.   All of us are just eager to see this movie, thats all.   rreeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllaaaaaaaaaxxxxx folks, all is in hand.
  28. yautja
    femmefatale I heard that there is gallons of predator and alien gore. The movie sounds very good hearing a clip from my man baseman. The movie is going to be like watching aliens and predator on amc channel. Not much cursing but loads of violence. I watched predator on amc before they showed everything but cut out the language. The movie is going to have madd potential. Take care   :)     :)  
  29. femmefatale_1
    I am so pissed off at this.  It is not Paul's fault, producers want things done their way, so he has to follow, but man oh man, they are messing everything up.  I am still going to see this, but I'm hoping for an uncut DVD version already!  Stupid producers!   >:D  
  30. alienworshoper
    they definately will sware.....just look at the rating...LANGUAGE. i have a feeling they will be pushing the language to the limit and it should be a pretty damn good movie.

    Oh yea....think of this. is the first two aliens movies (the best) had no language in it they would of been pg-13. so i have no fear in how good this movie is gonna be. its gonna kick ass!
  31. true AvP fan
    the more i read some of the stuff on this site, the better feeling i get about the movie.  If you read my earlier comments, there was definitely a feeling that this movie has no chance of being good, i mean with this monsters, anything less then a R rating just seemed so dumb.  But, and i still think, this movie cannot follow the same pattern of the old movies, because of the rating.  On the other hand, maybe this movie is not meant to be like the older ones, maybe PA feels that it is time for a new direction, with a new way of doing things, if thats the case, then perhaps this can be good, but if they are stuck on trying to live up to the older movies, and trying to follow there lead, then they already messed up, because those movies at no point in time could warrant a pg-13 rating, i'm starting to become more hopefull for this movie, who knows, i may love it.  For whatever reason i love the curse words in the other movies, they were placed in at the perfect times, and it just made everything more realistic.  So i hope they can squeeze in a good few of them. We'll just have to see.
  32. alienpredatorfan
    :: :   ???  im a big fan of pauls films but what were they thinking PG13 that sucks ass now their cant be that much gore in the movie all the aliens and predator films were all R and they all had some much violence and gore im still going to go see it but im realy disapointed  lets just hope the ending is good
  33. Eternal Alien
    I agree on the hating pg13 movie rating,there is noone alive aside a cousin of mine who is devoted fans of Alien and meof course,the gore is not much needed ecxept for the chestbursting scences,the headbites,the tail attacks and the finding of human bodies skinned by Predators,now for me the most important thing is the tension on the characters,on how creepy the Aliens are and how claustrophobic the movie is,remember even though Aliens was less claustrophobic than the first it was more fast pased and still was a little scary as the first,and one thing that I really hate is the design of the resent Aliens,these creatures are suppoused to look biomechanical,that's why they are so,so...Alien,their silocone and carbon based structure,thier ability to stay alive in the vacumm of space.I don't know but Stan Winston did a better job on the aliens than Alec Gillis,only the Dog Alien looked something like the original and that is cuz H.R. Giger originally designed the creature for the 3rd movie and they altered just a bit.I'll see the movie only cuz of the story line,just because is set before ALIEN,and that's only why,but I'm not goin' to be opptimstic about the suspense or the fear of the first two.
  34. PT
    Wow...... If this is PG13 than it's gonna be General in Quebec Canada. We have the most liberal rating system because our rating boards people aren't idiots! Don't get me wrong, I'd be the first to complain if it was otherwise.  Might still get a 14 years here just because, but I've seen so many movies here that are treated always with a notch under for the age thing.
  35. Brigebane
    QuoteStill though, it would be nice if they made one, a HUGE one with all kinds of things know what I mean?  
    Oh I know what you mean. A life sized hive and walk through, egg chambers, the queens hive.  Possibly the preds ships and tons of armatures animatronics and props, that would rock major    ;D  
  36. Shadowpred
    i knew about this since saturday and well i did think paul was going to fight for an r rating so people take out your torchess because we are going to haul some @$$ to quote the pred paul "NOW YOU WILL DIE!!"   cracle crackle crackle
  37. G-Dog
    Brigebane, thanks for the 411. Didn't know that, I bet its kick ass! Still though, it would be nice if they made one, a HUGE one with all kinds of things know what I mean?

    true AvP fan: No I haven't recieved a response from FOX yet. Usually, I bet they get all kinds of shit anyway so I am expecting it to take a few days. I am going to wait about a week, if nothing from them, I am taking leave and driving my ass to FOX studios.   Oh, ajustin667, you're full of crap to tell you the truth. You've waited so long for this movieI bet and you are doggin the shit out of this movie without seeing it first. I agree with you about the PG-13 and the company's way of making a profit, about Kevin Peter Hall and his acting as the pred, his moves etc. in the facts about Paul A. because I felt that way before, as I stated on my 1st post on this site, but to think that the Preds look stupid and the movie sucks and its ridiculous, and this and that......... kiss my ass, and to who ever said they've been waiting for this movie for ever now, and at the last minute are not going to see this film because of the PG-13, that shouldn't stop you numb nuts. Judge this once you've seen it.   oh and Angelion, to try to best answer your questions, ever read the AVP comics? well, there is a comic in which a female "teams up" with predators, and as you can see in the trailer, you know where the teaming up of Lex and the lead pred is going. As far as females getting killed is concerned, yeap, in 1 and 2, none of the females get killed, thats true, so this might be the same thing. After all, they keep comparing Lex to Ripley that should tell us something no? And in Pred 1 Dutch kicks the weapon out of the female's hands because she wasn't sport according to him. In Pred 2, in the high rise and the train, everyone that got killed had weapons of some sort, except for an old lady that we see in the pred vision with his hands about to grip her head. Hey...preds make mistakes too, especially when you're ass is getting shot at. So, to answer your question, yes preds kill only those armed and pose a threat to them. Any more questions we can help ya out with bro?
  38. true AvP fan
    i actually think that you are only allowed to use the F word one time in a pg-13 movie, i pretty sure because, in a couple of pg-13 movies, thats what they did.  Dodgeball, 1 time in the very last seen. I cant think of the other movies either.  But if all they are doing is saying 1 F word, and an ocassional damn, and shit, then really, how realistic is that going to look.  Oh look, he's cutting off his head, gosh darn, lets get the heck out of here.  Seriously, the amount of language that can be used in a pg-13 movie sucks, and there is one seen where you really need to use the F word, come on, all of yall no which one i mean.
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