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PG13 Official Very Soon…

Damn. This is the news I was expecting. My source who wishes to be credited as ‘AvPbuff’ works for Fox, has returned my email just now and he confirms that it is PG13. The Official AvP Website will be updated VERY SOON according to the source. I’m limited to what I can post here but here are his thoughts on the matter:

“I know lots of fans are going to be disappointed by this but truthfully, knowing what I know about movies, studios, and the entire process of making a movie come to life and into the theatres, I can tell you that it’s never as clear cut as ”˜the director decided it should be PG13’. The studio funds the movie and really the best way to get most people into the theatre is to get it a PG13 as opposed to R rating. Of course, most fans won’t know this and will automatically blame Paul Anderson and scream up and down it needs to be R rating.”

And before you say, this isn’t true etc… the person quoted above is a very reliable friend of mine. As an extra, we should also be getting Paul Anderson’s thoughts on this soon.

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  1. Ragnarock
    Coming from australia, all i can say is that y bitch and complain about the greatest match up in history? like renegade said: this movie could still be in development hell.  despite the fact that it has gotten a pg rating, it can still turn out to be a good movie. correct me if im wrong but wasnt lord of the rings: the fellowship rated m15? and that was for fantasy mind u. this is sci-fi however and its pg, which means there must be an uncut dvd coming in the near future. It's not the end of the world just because its a low rating, u might like it once u see it so just give it a chance, or u could do what the diehard fans r doing: bitching about it long into the night and completely missing the premiere when she arrives.
  2. Oh
    Hey yes they are being greedy it would do well as an R, I know that for a fact.  PG13 is shit, put it this way it might not be bad but you know for a fact it probably could have been alot better.  If anyone here was making the movie and you could do what u wanted, not one persons final product would be a PG-13. no f**king way.
  3. Grifth
    ok let me get this thing straigth. first off I AM A FAN of the movies im 21 years old and i seen predator and alien movies so many times that when paul anderson says it would be hard to find someone that as watched the movies so many times as him i automatically think of myself. and to all saying ppl are blowing this rating issue out of porpotions ARE WRONG this movie should be R im not a gore fanatic! but its not about gore its about a certain chestbuster scene and a spinal cord being removed both tradmarks of each series! please and a pg13 means we wont get to see any off this. i am gonna download this for sure because actually i cant wait two months before it reachs my country. if its good hell i will see it in theathers once it gets here... heres to hopping.
  4. Cookies
    well that saying doesnt go for movies that have more then 2 movies behind their back since it will kill the franchise and make those great past movies crap.
  5. Predator Wave
    I'm not really all that disappointed of its final rating. PG13 or not, I'm still going to see it no matter the odds. I'm still going to see it, no matter what. No matter if the content of the PG13 rating is stated "for sci-fi violence and language." Like they say in the movie business sometimes, better a bad a movie then no movie made at all.
  6. topman
    the rating isn't offical yet. but i can't believe this is happening a PG-13!!! does that mean it will be a 15 in the UK? why would they make this a pg-13? i don't get it? its ALIEN VS PREDATOR!!! let me show you something: Alien R Aliens R Alien 3 R Alien Resurrection R Predator R Predator 2 R Alien vs Predator PG-13? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
  7. Cookies
    looking at back at novel (so glad i just finished it yesturday night)  THE MOST TERRIFYING FORCES IN THE UNIVERSE ARE ABOUT TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH.... so terrifying that i only deserves a pg13.   Wonder what new creatures fox will come up with for rated R. I think todays standerds are so f**ked up on movies and yet games get it soo bad!  NOW THATS MESSED UP.  I think movies rated R now are pornos?
  8. Cookies
    wow this movie is gonna be great!   COUGH so this means we are not gonna see any red blood whats so ever!  I think paul should have made the human blood blue then he can go all out and make the pred rip what every they wanted out its body.   And its nice to see how decapating a pred is perfectly alright but as long as you dont do it to a human.   So remember kids  have a good time killing the shit out of anything that doesnt look like a human,  Just make sure you do it with the lights on becuase you never know if your grandmother walks in your room.
  9. Crash
    Im from Australia and ive just seen the first advertisement for AvP, dont know if they have showed it b4 but ive never seen it b4. It also just aired during the Big Brother Finale, which i would say is been watched by a few million.....  However it didnt have a rathing during it that i noticed, if it is played again ill have another look but i didnt see it the first time.....
  10. Ragnarock
    PG-13, damn what a rip. ill be payin good money to see a stupid PG-13 movie? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FOX?!!!!!! Haven't you learnt anything from the past? At least give it a 15 rating but PG? goddamn i hope you give us a good reason for this.
  11. MoBiUG
    Meh. If a predator spits a face hugger in half with a shuriken blade, that's creature on creature violence, it looks cool. If a predator splits a man's face in half with a shuriken blade that's creature on man violence and also looks cool. Since the title of this film is ALIEN Vs PREDATOR I expect much more creature on creature violence which is fantastical. Wouldn't matter if these beasts ripped each other to pieces in a white room, spraying their insides all over the walls. It's still fantasty violence and not worthy of a gut renching certificate. Who cares? Do the trailers not look cool?
  12. Baseman
    By the way, I'm a hardcore AVP fan, I bought the comics when they first came out, i see the freakin' trailer on the official website at least once a day.  So, NO MATTER WHAT,  I WILL SEE THE MOVIE.  I'm not a big fan of paul anderson (I DIDN'T LiKE RESIDENT EVIL, WHICH i'm pretty sure was rated R) But ask anyone who went to comic-con and they will tell you what they thought of the clip.  CRAZY!!!  Out of respect for you guys, I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but if you want me to tell you what happens...ACTION.  NO the preds and aliens don't "talk out there differences" if it is PG13.  The humans are not mediators for the quarreling aliens. The Clip at comic con showed some DOPE ASS FIGHTING, not thumb wrestling.  SO, DON"T HATE, PARTICIPATE.  And I DO HAVE STANDARDS, That is why I'm going to check out the film and then say if I like it or not.
  13. sequel
    well phantom menace sucked it was a kid's mega toy commercial called a movie and clones was a bit better so sequels to a bad film can improve    :)  
  14. Pisschist
  15. Baseman
    Hey everyone, so i just came to Santa Barabara and read about the PG13 thing.  But I went to Comic-Con international in San Diego this weekend and they showed a AVP clip w/ action.  IT LOOKS GREAT!  It was about a 3-5min clip of an Alien fighting some preds. I'm on the Pred team, but that Alien is freaking evil.  There is some gore in the movie, don't worry.  So the movie this look pretty damn cool.  Just because a movie is rated R, doesn't mean it is gonna be great.  SO far it looks cool.   :)  
  16. Aliasp
    I am little wee bit confused here ... as in Australia our rating system is different to that of the US.  Any aussies wanna fill me in  wots the equivalent of PG-13 in Australia? Is that like our M15+ ????
  17. J
    This is stupid, WHY IS MOSTLY EVERYONE CUSSING PAUL ANDERSON ANY WAY? WHY???  OF COURSE HE WANTED THIS MOVIE TO BE R BUT UNFORTUNATELY HE DOESN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION.  ' O, THE MOVIE ISN'T R RATED SO AM GOING TO DOWNLOAD IT OFF THE INTERNET!!!! WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT? ' it wasn't so long ago that the majority of you lot were saying that this movie is going to kick ass, and now your all saying that you don't want to see it because of a mere rating?? HOW THE HELL CAN YOU CALL YOURSELVES FANS??  After we have all seen the movie it's going to be interesting to hear the reactions from ' the fans '.
  18. AdamJZ
    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY!!!! STOP BITCHING ABOUT THE RATING!!! who gives a f**k if it is PG-13??? I mean, it could be a good turen for the franchise. and belive it or not if this movie wasnt PG-13, there will never be a sequal. Fox dosnst care about just money? it knows also for a film to be successful it must have above avarage quality, it is trying to introduce the franchise to the everyday person, there are many PG-13 movies that kids dont go to.  so dont be complaining about some 12 year old kicking your seat, it aint gonna happen! AND IF YOU WANT TO WHINE LIKE BABIES AND COMPLAIN, THEN JUST DONT SEE THE MOVIE!!!! ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!!
  19. GJL
    Hey all, I just wanted to say that down in Australia, all of the Alien movies apart from Resurection have been M (PG-13 ) and the first Predator was M, so maybe the US ratings arent as harsh anymore like the aussies, but time will tell.
  20. JustAnotherAlien
    They are probably trying to catch the kids into this. Ironically they are competing with a movie schedueled to be released the same day:  Yu-Gi-Oh(shit!)  This movie is now "AvP light" as some of you call it. I prefer "AvP Fat-free," and just like the oreo's, they are just like steel wool.Only for your eyes.
  21. Evan Burt
    Paul Anderson isn't to blame for the overall rating, it's the studio's fault. Either don't go see AVP, or don't see any film distributed by 20th Century Fox.
    LETS vote who wants PAUL DIC_ HEAD fired!, i have one vote   >:D   and then when everyone has voted lets send to PAUL.And lets see what see has to say about that.
  23. El Diablo
    Since this news hit I've been hearing comments from people who are ready to embrace the new rating, people who claim that we are overreacting. I don't think they really understand why we find it to be such a problem. The fact that this movie is PG-13 means that it has been edited with certain limitations. That means that it will be a watered down version of what was intended to be on screen and I have a big problem with that, especially since I'm a huge fan of these films.  I know that the Alien and Predator movies were never about the gore but they weren't afraid to show the audience just how dangerous these creatures could be. It's going to lose that visceral punch that made the previous films work so well.   It is possible to create a PG-13 thriller with atmosphere and suspense and still make it scary but this is an entirely different animal. This is adult sci-fi horror based on characters who thrive on death for sport or procreation. That was never meant to be watered down for general audiences.
  24. Evan Burt
    Don't condone such an outrageous butchery of the AVP franchise. If you watch the film, it simply gives the suits reason to make all of the subsequent sequels Pg-13 as well.
  25. Demonicus666
      >:D    I fu**ing knew it those damn sh**heads at Fox screwed up this whole movie.  I knew it I waited 14 years for this movie to come out!!  And what happens it becomes pg-13!!!  Fuking Fox suits I swear they just want the damn money, well you know what I am going to only see this movie once and thats it.  It's gonna be a cheap ass version of the Predator and Aliens fighting, I mean I expected skinned human bodies, spinal cords being ripped off.  But no now I get to see is a shitty version of AVP, because Fox decides to give it a pg-13 rating.  YOU know fox let me tell you something, the fans are the ones that brought the light and the fanbase to these two great franchies.  Now you let the fans down, for a cheap ass version to get some more money.  If it wasnt for the fans, Aliens and Predator woudlnt be were it is today.  I hope these bastards know what they are doing, becuase they are going to piss alot of fans off, and I am really pissed off!  I mean come on people, this is ALIEN VS PREDATOR!!, not Pokemon!!!  I mean seriously folks, there is going to be no chestbursting scenes, no ailens ripping preds apart.  I read the book and gee, I knew from the start it wasnt going to be R.  I am blaming Fox for this not Paul Anderson.  Now I know that Fox, doesnt care for the fans anymore.  I have been with Aliens and Predator since day one, when I saw the movies as a child.  I read the books, comic books, games, movies, toys.  I just hope Fox doesnt f**k up another movie like this.  In fact I think they making a big mistake like a certain, company that made a recent moive that deals with a cat.  You screw around with the fans, and they wont support you anymore.  Just look at the movie box office for that one cat movie. Im really pissed off in the direction fox is going with Avp.
  26. tribalcore
    bringer of death im with you hardcore style.  like i said before. me taking a shit is probably going to be more violent then this movie.  p.s. bringer of death arent you the one into metal if so did u go to ozzfest?
  27. Regicidal_Maniac
    Greedy studios executives?  It's not art to them it's just a business.   Is there any compelling reason why studio executives should care for anything but the continuance of their careers and the financial returns that they can secure for their studios in order that they should rise up the ladder to become studio bosses?  Execs are not artists, believe me, I'm not even sure if they're human, but it's their job to guarantee a higher return for the studio's initial outlay.  In a way they are a lot like investment bankers, no disrespect to the bankers of the world but when was the last time an art gallery had a showing of a high yield share portfolio? These people are money men, bean counters and like it or not they call the shots.  Directors like Cameron, extremely principled artists and auteurs, are few and far between. It takes a big man/woman to get their back up and tell an uncreative moneyman where he can shove all those cards he's holding. I feel for Anderson, I really do as he has, to quote George Costanza: "no hand".  He doesn't get to say how it's going to be and he has no right to final cut as he's just a director for hire, the same way you would hire a painter to paint the side of your house or an electrician to fix your wiring.  He may be the writer/director but he's not an auteur, it's not his project, it's not his sandpit and they're not his toys. TwenCenFox owns all the toys and the sandpit and they had every right to kick him out if they didn't like the way he was playing. Sad but true.  Until any of us AVP fans has the gumption, or more likely crazy-streak, to independantly finance, produce and create an AVP film with the hopes of being able to sell it to Fox on a negative pickup deal you have no choice but to accept the way things are and just enjoy the damn film.  Let me just say right now that even if you did create the world's best Alien, Predator or AVP film using your own finances, time, blood, sweat and tears, they would still be well with their rights as owners of the intellectual property to refuse outright and turn around and sue you for infringement of copyright. Which would leave you out of pocket and with one hell of a fan-film which you could never screen.  However, if you were crazy enough to go down this road and talented enough to pull it off, the world would be your oyster regardless of whether Fox agreed to your negative pickup demands. It would make one pretty bitchin' showreel and would open every door in Hollywood as everyone loves a go-getter, especially a crazy, passionate and talented go-getter.  I urge those of you with more money than sense and time and talent to burn to give it a go, you've got my support you crazy sonofabitch, more power to you.  But until that shining day, may it soon come, when the garage-school desktop filmmakers of the world are given sweetheart deals and six-figure greenlight contracts by major Hollywood studios for their crazy, passionate devotion to play with licensed film characters you're just going to have to learn to deal with the way things are.
  28. flonge
    I've just read the novelization for the second time now in 3 days...  I was impressed with the book, I loved every minute of it, and I think the movie will turn out to be very good no matter what happens... if its 80% of the novelization it will still be pretty good...  But then the rating is official... PG-13... In the novelization the pred's do some pretty gory kills to human, I guess they will be edited to look ... I don't know but it can't be good.. I was looking forward to se the brains fall of Quinn and to se the norwegian whale hunters hanged with blood dripping...  Nevertheless the novelization at least is pretty good and should be a good read to most FANS, and if the movie is just like it I am sure it will please most fans. But if its a light version of the novelization then I think most fans will be disappointed....
  29. El Demonio Cazador
    Oh man... it's so pathetic how some of you still don't believe it's PG 13... its funny though.... I would Blame P.A. more than FOX.... he decided to go on board on a project that was PG 13 since the beggining.... And it's even funnier the naive ones who think that the DVD is going to have all the stuff that the theatrical trailer hasn't... This ain't Peter jacskon and L of the Rings... P.A. agreed to film a PG 13 movie... and misled the fans... and we're going to see a Low Carb/Low Sugar Alien and Predator... This should be called AVP:Light and I'm quoting myself on the ironic slogan....    
    QuoteHow Ironic...  the Slogan is:   Whoever Wins (FOX, P.Anderson)  We lose (The fans)
    [/b]   Saludos
  30. JustAnotherAlien
    Slovarik, thank you for using my "pillowcases" comment on the forum. The executives @ fox needed to know their secret is out...  I just cant imagine anyone in their right mind allowing 10, 11, and 12 year olds to see this movie. Greedy corporate executives, they only care for themselves and their money.
  31. Galmorzu
    That's right.  The trailers for Resident Evil had the one scene with the zombie lunging edited so that he was in black and white and his blood was purple, that way it was suitable for all audiences even though the actual image was still pretty gruesome.
  32. AdamJZ
    Even if it is PG-13, there are plenty of good PG-13, ultra viloent and somewhat gory films (and the kiddy starship troopers show rocked so dont make fun of it!) You may be addicted to gore, I like it, but I dont breathe it.  Besides, we will see plenty of alienn and predator gore (The MPAA, dosent care about it if the blood is not red) I got that info from Hicks. and It still will rock. here is a list of really good, viloent PG-13's  HellBoy (at first, fans thought it should be R because of the viloent content in the comics.)  Master & Commander  Jurassic Park Trilogy  Jaws movies  DareDevil  M. night. Shalaman's movies  The Ring  The Fugitive  Clear and Present Danger  the Sphere  AND IT IS NOT CONFIRMED PG-13!!! just becuase some of you say you saw it dosnt prove anything!!! people said the same thing about Terminator 3, they said I saw the new trailer its PG-13, well guess wasnt. and even if AVP is PG-13, I really dont give a f**k... Because some of my favorite movies are PG-13, I would Prefer it to be an R, but I am fine with PG-13
  33. Shadowpred
    It is official last night there was a new preview on television and it now states that it is in fact PG-13   >:D     well i'm still going to see it though.
  34. beeko
    untill i see it on the offical site im still hoping , like its been said before when you look at aliens the only real gore scene was the chesterbuster,so im guessing that if aliens wwas released today it would be pg13 when i saw alien3 in sydney it was only rated M which is recommened for 15 years and over but not restricted, im still looking foward to a movie with action/suspense/horror etc
  35. Evan Burt
    Uhhh...AVP is going to be nothing but garbage. They should have abandoned the project when the corporate douche bags opted for a PG-13.
  36. Torch
    Well said Cetanu.  I think you've single-handedly changed my negative view about AVP now that I read your summary.  You made some excellent points on the whole atmosphere of the first 2 Alien and first Predator movies and how they didn't need sh*tloads of gore to have it become successful.  Now I must say that just because it worked for those movies doesn't mean that It'll work for AVP, but we'll just have to find out August 13th.  I think now, ALL of us AVP fans should get back on the positive side of things.  Let us not be worried about the damn rating anymore.  Let's just go see it, pray for the best, and be thankful that we even get to see our beloved creatures battling it out on-screen.
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