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Alien/Predator DVD Sweepstakes

Another DVD Sweepstakes has appeared on wrestling website, This time only one winner will win a DVD Player with 4 WWE DVDs, the Alien Quadrilogy Boxset and the Predator 1 & 2 DVD Sets. As usual, the competition is only open to residents of the US and you must be 17 or older to participate. The sweepstakes closes on August 15 so do you feel lucky? Then try the sweepstakes:

>>> Enter DVD Sweepstakes

Thanks to Variable for the news.

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Comments: 7
  1. WB
    While I imagine that fans of WWE are also a target audience for AVP, alot of people don't want AVP to turn out to be a WWE/WWF-type movie.  Not that this promotion in any way suggests that.  I just find it humorous to see a WWE promotion for a film that people do not want to see turn out to be a big wrestling crapfest.
  2. J
    I would enter in a heartbeat but I have them    ( NOW, IF IT WAS THE ACTUAL FIRST COPY EVER OF THE AVP ON DVD, WELL THATS A DIFFERENT STORY)  good give away though.   :D  
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