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Predator CE DVD Sweepstakes

Fox are surprisingly making the most out of this upcoming Predator CE DVD by now having a Sweepstakes for the set. The competition finishes at the end of September and is only open to US residents. They’ve even produced this nice-looking graphic for it:

20040722_11 Predator CE DVD Sweepstakes

When the winners are announced on October 11th 2004, one lucky winner will get a DVD Player with a copy of the DVD and 25 other winners will get one copy of Predator CE. So it’s worth submitting your details because you never know… you may even strike lucky.

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Comments: 21
  1. Variable
    Its worth entering but I would definetly get the DVD long before the results are in and I have enough DVD players as is. I'll let some other lucky guy win it. El Diablo, if what you say is true get my  e mail address through the forums and mail me a few pics if they dont get posted. I dont know how you got it but if you aint lieing you are one licky son of a bitch. (No offence) Today I saw the new Bourne Identity DVD  but no Predator SE. Hearb in America I wont get my hands on it untill 8/10/04.
  2. El Diablo
    That's cool. I've took a couple of scans of the box art and inserts if anyone's interested. I don't think that stuff has made it on the net yet so maybe AVP Galaxy would like to post the pics (assuming that kind of thing is considered newsworthy).   :)  
  3. Hell Alien
    Dont take it personal man but like i said liars were in this site for long now. We heard all kind of shits here. You might r saying the truth but who knows. If ya got it then fine for you but unfortunately i still dont believe that you have it. sound to strange to be true. Its the first time i hear that a video store receives stuff half a month early.
  4. El Diablo
    I totally understand. The truth is that you can't tell if someone is lying, especially when there is so much hype surrounding this kind of movie. I just didn't realize I would be getting this kind of hateful response for something so trivial. I live in Los Angeles (the city of Hawthorne to be exact) and I was renting some movies at Hollywood Video and sure enough, I spotted the PREDATOR: COLLECTOR'S EDITION on the counter behind the register. I got pretty excited and asked the lady if they were already available for sale and she said 'Yes'. I asked her why it was out so early and she said she didn't know, that it came with a shipment of other movies including The Bourne Identity: Extended Edition and that it arrived yesterday. It was listed as $24.99 but it rang up at the sales price which was $19.99. Still, I'm guessing that the details of a sale won't convince anybody so... whatever. I've always posted honest responses here, I guess I just wasn't ready to have people jump down my throat about it. If any of you live near a Hollywood Video store you may want to call up and ask, I'm sure this isn't the only store in the country that received them early.
  5. Hell Alien
    Hey EL DIABLO, how can we know your tellin the truth man. Where r ya livin? mexico? america?  And second, you could have saw those images of yours on the net on a site or something. Its VERY hard to trust someone who says that he have something that was suppose to get out 19 days later. We had so many liars here man.
  6. El Diablo
    DVD theory: I'm guessing that some shipments that were originally supposed to be released on the 27th actually made it out to there destination, there's no other way that I can explain it. I can't possibly be the only one who has it, I'm sure more people will mention seeing them by the end of the week. I opened mine a little while ago. The interior fold-out casing is all in black with stark red images of the various characters. They also have quotes from the movie written next to the images (for example, a pic of Blaine has the quote "It's payback time!" written beside it). The back cover is the same color as the front but with the image of the Predator's face instead of Arnold's.
  7. El Diablo
    Whoa, chill out! I've never lied in any of my posts. Are you sure you don't have me confused with another user? The few "scoops" that I did post here were relating to the trailer and they were all TRUE. I was going to post a report here last month from the Comic Book Convention panel with Lance Henriksen but I had trouble accessing the site so I ended up posting it at Game Gossip instead (I'm a forum member there). Planet AVP picked up the "scoop" and so did this site so you ended up getting your report anyway, just a few days later than expected. As for the DVD, I was as surprised as anyone to see that it was available but sure enough, it was there. Maybe you'll spot one if you're shopping around this week. Either way, I'm just letting you know it's out there.   ???  
  8. SaNdMaNxX
    DIABLO:  ura f**knig pity man stop trying to look good with all the BULLSHIT that u write man just admit u a liar and ur fake with everytihng u say
    its gonna be like 18.76      el diablo is one crappy liar  ill take you on el diablo        a shuriken would slice your horns right off            and quit lying        you said youu had a bumch of scoops about this movies all the time and they all turned out bs        find something better to do with your life than lie on the net
    el diablo is a f**king liar  duh im gonna buy it the first day it comes out instead of waiting to see if i win a dvd player and a movie      wow
  11. El Diablo
    I purchased mine this afternoon. I was at Hollywood Video looking to rent a few movies when I saw a stack of them behind the counter. I picked it up for $19.99 (not a bad price but I'm sure Best Buy will probably have it for a few bucks less). Anyway, I'm going to check out the features in a bit but it does come with a fold-out coupon for free admission to AVP.
  12. Hell Alien
    its suppose to hit stores in august right?? So yes probaby that we will have it. But its worth doin it just in case ya know. I did it, we will see what happen. I will probably have it before that but who knows.
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