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  1. G-Dog
    Haven't found the book yet, I've looked. Even though that script was old that the guy read, it still pissed me off of all the comments and put downs he was making towards our franchises.
  2. sean
    i posted this in another forum also but i read the avp book and if the movie is the same as the book it says f**k 4 times and is extremely gory they examine one of the bodies thats been beheaded and they show the skinned remains of humans!!!! ayayaya
  3. G-Dog
    LOL, you crak me up J. I know you are totally right man, but come on. Who likes to be put down bro? nobody, especially when people change your words around and act crazy you know what I mean?   I read the AVP review of the script on another site that I got to by checking out Dark Horizons. (if you want to check it out, go to the bottom of the page and there is a link that you can go to that pretty much says Script Review. Then find AVP and read the bullshit that this guy had to say about it. Man, It wasn't current or anything but this guy Mr. Bleak or whatever just made me want to explode. I tried sending his ass an e-mail, but this server I am on doensn't let me. Maybe us fans can give him a piece of our minds you know? You'll know excatly what I am talking about if you read his review. Like I said though, Its not current, and I think it was an old draft or something, or was it the final script?? I can't remember, I apologize for that, but you'll see.
  4. J
    G-Dog, wwooah there man man. I typed SENTINEL saying to end the hostility. If it keeps up like this you both could be chucked out, let it go bro,  Aim all that hostility at ALL the haters ( especially that bullshit site, AICN, I still haven't forgotten that site and what it tried to do)  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  5. G-Dog
    AAAAHH!!!! FUC_ING RETARDS!!!  (some person and sentinel!!!!!)   I NEVER SAID THAT I WANTED OR WANT THIS MOVIE TO BE A PG-13 MOVIE DUMB ASSES!!!!!   I asked simple questions too see who cared about the rating. THAT IS ALL. For the 3rd time, that is all I am asking. Let me break it down to you barney style sentinel and some fuc__ing person: Maybe I should of just left the damn questions instead of typing in the rest but anyway...... PG-13 or R, regardless of rate, I am still watching this movie. The movie is going to be good. period. Is this too much for you two to take in? or do I have to break it down even more?? Lets see, I don't care what rating it gets. (this means that I-DO-NOT-CARE-WHAT-RATING-IT-GETS. Does this mean that I WANT it to be PG-13 or that I would like it to be PG-13????       NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I DON"T CARE what it gets, although I personally think that this movie should fall under the R RATING!!! due to the same shit you keep bringing up stupid!!!  some one else, what the FU_K are you talking about judging a movie without seeing it?????  sentinel, not only are you annoying with that dumb little story, script post that you think every one wants to read, you're just playing a total idiot.   The rating does not make a movie people. And I hope that if it gets a PG-13, that it doesn't stop you from going to see the movie. I know there are people out there like this. If you are one of these people, you know what you have to do. Get your ass kicked into the theater......
  6. papercrouton
    QuoteIf avp is pg 13 there will be no blood at all. I cant remember the last time I saw a pg 13 movie that was bloody.  
    Are you kidding?  Why do you think they made a PG-13 rating in the first place?
  7. SaNdMaNxX
    man FOX iz starting to piss me off with hold the rating shit back i hope fox reads our post .............pg13  R pg13 R pg13 wuz the f**king they just put it up and thats it .... thast the way i c it    >:D  
  8. Punisher
    I heard somewhere that this movie is rated R but it is a soft R.  It will be like Terminator 3.  After hearing that I heard a rating that really rang true.  I heard PG-13 for Intense Sci-fi Violence, and brief language.  I don't know weather the two rumors are true or not.
    THANK you for saying that,anything else g-dog,or do you need some time to think about it? like i said and another person just said the samething to you! DONT call yourself a AVP fan when you want it to be pg-13,if anyone here wants it to be pg-13 give us a simple yes  no   :-\  ,so we can divide the pokemon lovers,and the AVP lovers,then again dont say yes if you want it pg-13 because where just going to  crush you with the truth and send you crying back home to play with your alien and predator toys ok.SO whos the first victim/stupid ass to say yes?!
  10. some person
    G-Dog | 19 Jul 2004 21:5453 Who here will not watch AVP if it gets a PG-13 rating? (if yes, slap yourself until you knock some f**king sense into yourself, please......)   Who here gives a shit if it gets a PG-13 rating? (if yes, WHY? then proceed to slap yourself stupid)   Who here thinks that if AVP gets a PG-13 rating, that its going to suck? (if yes, to any of these ............don't call yourself a fan of these franchises, and ........yes...........begin to slap yourself).   you're gonna be shitting your patns with such curiosity you wont be able to resist if its PG-13.  sure it'll be better R, but you can still make a real good violent movie a PG-13. all I wanna see is the aliens and preds go at it. If I cared about what happens to teh humans i wouldnt waste my time cuz i can just watch um get killed in teh other alien and pred movies. I wanna see teh two aliens rip each other aprt. luckily we know humans get chestbursted, and get impaled and stabbed. ur the stupid one for not even seeing a move but judging it.
  11. Ermac
    Regardig the "catching the chestburster scene - in the novel, it does say it comes out of Sebastian, so I believe it was digitally "cleaned" for the trailer. Trailers usually don't show gore or swearing so in the movie I thin k it will be covered in blood.
  12. G-Dog
    ? ? ? ?  So I take it that Preds and Aliens will blaze up and have a bong fight to the death!? Weed, beer and chicks have to do what with AVP again?   And beeko, WHAT THE HELL are we going to do about an AVP ad that came on LAST NIGHT in SYDNEY???????? thanks anyway though..........
  13. Bringer of Death
    Now about the rating being on E! , to me this is reliable and , Pvt Hudson I take your word as a reliable sorce most the time so Im glad to hear that at least 1 person witnised them statting a  R rating.Now Growler, you made a very good point that in my eyes makes me think that this movie may infact be R rated.You brought up the fact that the mpaa took off the picture of the person cacooned in the hive due to its graphic nature, if there worried about that little thing then to m all signs point to R for extream violence, sci fi terror and gore, and coarse language.
  14. Jack244
    Did I mention that Montreal is one of the biggest pot smoking places in North America    ;D   Everyone smokes weed in Montreal. It's not legal but it's decriminalized here (I rolled a joint in front of Public Security and nothing happened), we even have a weed celebration day (not talking about 420 either). The leading weed place in North America is British Colombia however. Anyways come up to Montreal if you want to see alot of hot chicks,beer under the age of 21 and weed    :)  
  15. Pvt Hudson
    I live in ottawa, litterally 5 minutes away from Quebec and ive noticed something, I saw Event Horizon in Quebec and that was rated 13+ (thats what its called in quebec) and ive also noticed french girls are sluttier and easier to getin bed! so in the end the french of canada dont carea bout anything. Also, i also saw the E! show and it did confirm the R rating. this is the exact same bs that Freddy vs Jason went through and Dawn of the Dead went through and those omvies ended up being very heavy on gore! so im not worried seeing as this is pretty much the same rumour as the whole rock music in avp rumour! which was debunked with help from "yours truly" and other avp officiandos!
  16. Elf
    I don't know about this, i'm glad E! confirmed the rating but something tells me the asses at Fox will somehow do everything they can to get the PG-13, I seriously hope they don't.
  17. Oh
    Well unlike some I see, I believe that being hard edged film is just natural to the aliens and predator films thats why I want a R no less, cause if it isn't it wouldn't feel right.
  18. SCAR
    ok,but it won't miss out on any gore action or horror wright coes i wanna see ALIEN AND PRED guts flying every were and humain being skined maybe alien who know's ! I DON'T care if it's PG-13 aslong as the gore and action is still there in the movie but even if not they will have the director's cut most probebly if pg-13 in US! So i'll just watch it and then buy the DVD ween it comes out!
  19. G-Dog
    Who here will not watch AVP if it gets a PG-13 rating? (if yes, slap yourself until you knock some f**king sense into yourself, please......)  Who here gives a shit if it gets a PG-13 rating? (if yes, WHY? then proceed to slap yourself stupid)  Who here thinks that if AVP gets a PG-13 rating, that its going to suck? (if yes, to any of these ............don't call yourself a fan of these franchises, and ........yes...........begin to slap yourself).
  20. Jack244
    Thats right Scar. But don't let the rating confuse you because its not like they cut out anything. It's still the R-Rated version however it's rated PG-13 because we have extremly high standards to warrent an R-Rating.It's the same as the legal drinking age. 21 in the US, 18 in Montreal\Quebec and 19 elsewhere in Canada. Think of it this way, pretty much every violent film is PG-13 here, the even more violent ones like Once Upon A Time In Mexico are 16+. An R-Rating here is pretty much like an X-Rating. If AvP was for some reason PG-13 in the US then it would probably be G in Montreal    :D  
  21. SCAR
    What i don't get it that T3,HOUSE OF THE DEAD was RATED R in the US ,but In MONTREAL CANADA it was PG-13???so if AVP is RATED R in the US it meens that it will be PG-13 in MONTREAL???
  22. AdamJZ
    Only 24 days, 13 hours, and 34 minuites until the AVP release peole, I remember back in 2003 when I went to go see Alien: The Director's Cut and saw the AVP teaser for the first time, And then all of tose set reports, and then the first picture, and now, IT IS LESS THEN A MONTH AWAY!!! man, how time flies, and also Catwoman comes out this friday, that moavie is going to suck but its going to rock!!!
  23. J
    I really want this movie to be an R but until WE all see some hard proof it will just be a case of buttering us up.    BUTTOM LINE : If the movie ends up to be great then THAT in its self will be an achivement, not only to fans BUT to the directer himself ... Mr Paul Anderson.   8)  
  24. TheStorm
    Jeeze uhhhg this is T3 all over again, people Predator, Predator 2, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurecction, all rated R.   Anderson said it would be R. On E News on the TV not online I heard the guy say something about it, and afterwards they said something about rated R.  I just can't wait till this is confirmed R I will probably be unpleasent to all the naysayers.
  25. J
    Hey peeps, I personally want to believe it but am just not sure. First we hear that the movie will be rated PG-13 ( and that FOX were already planning to do this from the start). Then now we hear it is in fact R rated.  Until we see something more contret, I say folks lets not get to excited.   :-\  
  26. Growler
    to Cookies::  Just to let you know, the reason why we're not shown any gore yet with all the featurettes and what not is simply because they are not permitted to show it.  The MPAA governs what can be shown to the public eye when it has to do with movies.  The fact is, anyone of any age has access to the featurrettes and all AVP publicity.  Which is why Darkness pointed out many months ago that a certain photo revealing dead bodies in an Alien hive was removed from the official AVP site.  They don't know who's watching, so they keep it clean just in case.  When the R rating is official (which obviously the theaters will help the MPAA in controlling who sees the content), then you bet your ass there'll be gore, my kind of language, and everything that will make this movie great.
  27. hudson
    hey ppl ive said this b4 but if its not r im not seeing it and its gunna b beta if its r cuz then there will be more scares, blood, swears, violence and gore so if its r i think it will make alot more money too
  29. avp fan
      ;D  i am watching espn, a big sports network here in the u.s., and tv advertising for the movie has begun. I mean every time there is a commercial u see a 15-20 second preview of avp. The film still says, not yet rated. Fox is definitely advertising though, and a lot.
  30. thebiggestpigme
    ive seen E! plenty of times and at first i aggreed that its too big and its above posting horse shit. But then I read the titan ScFi Channel recently staged a part fake documentary on M. Night shaymilon (I dont know how to spell his name) where supposidly that figured out some dark and hateful secreat he had bottled up and he even has had cronies steal coppies of the interview. But the day before it aried they said they lied and it was just a normal interview and the whole thing about "the buried secreat" was all a big stunt to get ratings. Although the r rating thing isnt quite as big, no big time progam is above diving into the unofficial and sometime the downright rong, just to fill the timeslot.
  31. Predgirl
    I checked the site that shakermaker psoted and its says rated R there.  To me it looks like a good site to trust and professional looking too.  Also has the other sites like the MPPA  thing on there, but I;m waitng until its offical on the main site.
  32. Growler
    INFORMATION::  E! is very relieable, I agree.  However, nothing's been confirmed on their website yet  The only thing mentioned about AvP was in article dated back July 15th 2002, the very article i stumbled upon that proved a dream come true... AVP the movie.  It was also the time when i had doubts in Anderson for this project.  Amazing how trailers, featurettes and Darkness's commitment to keep us informed on the movie's progress can change my attitude.  Especially the discovery of the fact Anderson is doing this out of passion and not profit and assembeling a production crew who are all Alien and Predator fans themselves.  Even the damn composer is a fan.   Anyways, the rated R information is coming from messege boards and forums on other sites.  So being that it's all word of mouth, it really can't be confirmed.  I'm not trying to soot down those people who said it was rated R, nor am I trying to shoot down our hopes.  I personally can't trust everything i read online, unless of course there's proof to back it up.  Keep your eyes open, AVP trailers with ratings are going to be popping up.  Maybe E! online will have an updated AvP article.  Maybe one of you loyal fans will find some confirmation somewhere.  If I ever do, you know I'll dish it out to you on a platinum platter... i'll even let you keep the platter.  Pvt Hudson:: you the man.
  33. Predgirl
    Hey I watched the Coming attractions too and no rating was mentioned on E!.  I remember when they had the guy hosting they used to have the ratings, but I guess not anymore.  Don't give up hope yet it should be shown soon on the main site anyway.  Anyway E! is a pretty reliable source for tv so don't give up hope just yet.
  34. avp fan
    Guys, last nite i stayed up till two in the morning and watched coming attractions on E!. They showed the trailer at the end of the show and then that was it. Te aldy said these are the cast members and it comes out august 13th. The hostess was named Kristin Veitch and she did not say anything at all about the rating, so this kinda worries me.
  35. Fallen_Guard
    lol i have to agree with you all that an R rating would be wicked kuz i love nothin more then seeing some poor guys intestines hangin out and i would really like to see a pred gut some guy like a fish or somethin lol.. but i'm only 17.. so you see my dilema    ???  
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