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AvP Predator Weapons Article

This is an article I wrote a few weeks ago on the Predator Weapons & Equipment in Alien vs Predator and I was waiting until I moved over to Gamespy to post it so here it is. It covers all their weaponry and equipment that’s been shown in the teaser trailer, theatrical trailer and featurettes so it’s worth a read for anyone wanting to refresh their memory on them.

20040720_01 AvP Predator Weapons Article

Let me know if I’ve missed anything out – it was ages since I last read it through properly.

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  1. sean
    and o yeah the net gun doesnt pin u to a wall like in predator 2 it wraps around u like in alien versus predator 2 game  and then the pred kills u with his spear that acid blood also melts along with wirst blades and all the weapons the preds have
  2. J
    The Predator style Discs ( in 2 ) are its best assets, I hope they haven't change them to much.   THEIR JUST THE MOST UNSTOPPABLE BLADES EVER!!!   8)  
  3. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    euh, guys, Darkness made this article about the weaponry in AvP. I think it's unknown if  all the weapons from the previous movies (like Skull buffing equipment, Spear tips, etc.) are all present in the movie....
  4. Growler
    damn, I failed to mention Skull buffing equipment.  1st Predator movie it was portable, Pred 2 is was at his trophy case.  As I mentioned, I'll inform you if i see this in the movie.  You know, come to think of it.  By the time it reaches the UK, wouldn't the movie be able to be downloaded?  I still don't get why FOX is making you guys wait till Oct.  Doesn't make a damn bit of sense.
  5. Growler
    A couple "I wonders"....  Med Kits?  "Spear tips" (as the one annalized in Predator 2)?  The "detachable blades" as featured on the McFarlane figures?  Those are just wonders, I don't expect solid answers for them.  However, for Darkness, if I see these items featured in the U.S. release of the movie, I'll let you know.  Also, you did leave out the Armor.  Not sure of it's effectiveness against acid blood, but the fact that the Predators are wearing more armor for an AvP hunt, should deserve a little of your commentary.
  6. Variable
    I thought it was pretty well put together. Some nice pics and all had good explinations. You got everything that we have seen so far accept the original throwing disk. And what are those sword things on the pred action figures? Anyone know?
  7. G-Dog
    There is an article somewhere stating that the Pred's throwing disc or disks (in this movie) had a major make over. So yeah, I think they are in this movie as well but a better version of them.
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