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PlanetAvP Hosts AvPGalaxy

Yes, here I am hosted under PlanetAvP/Gamespy. I’d like to thank PlanetAvP’s site director, David Shipley, for making all this happen. At one point, I really didn’t see a future for AvPGalaxy but with a bit of patience everything has turned out great. As you can see, a lot of changes have been made to the homepage – the rotation banner has been placed at the top but at least there’s no spyware or popup ads on Gamespy. The biggest changes come in the comments sections:

-Each comment is now numbered.
Comments Pagination – Each dynamic page has 100 comments under each news item. You click Next to view further comment pages.
Remember Me – Whenever you enter a name or email/website, the form remembers your data so you don’t have to repeat your info every time.
UBB Code – Bold, Italic, Underline implemented. There’s also a Quote and Spoiler buttons added but don’t abuse this feature.
Refresh Page Fixed – You can now refresh the page after you’ve posted a comment and the same one will not be duplicated.
-Hyperlink Problems however have not been fixed.

All the pages have been updated so if you find any broken links, let me know. Being part of Gamespy means that now I will be able to upload downloadable files via FilePlanet – however, a Gamespy ID is required to download them – most of you will have them for PlanetAvP anyway.

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Comments: 32
  1. Hell Alien
    COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! awsome good to see this lil baby back online and well doin. Great, thanx to Mr. Shipley for this. Its great. Nice job Darkness, your masterpiece is not out yet. This is great.    
    QuoteEnter Text
    AWSOME !! - Hell Alien    Hey by the way , about that special on fox. It will be mostly at 8pm. When fox makes lil things like that its always at 8pm.
  2. J
    This definately looks better, ( although there was nothing bad about how it looked before)  am just glade this site didn't disapear permantely.     ;D  
  3. AdamJZ
    Ok, I love these new fetures so much that, I will test them, (not in vain Darkness)  I have read the book, my favorite parts of the AVP movie are when...
    Lex tries to free sebastion from the alien resin, but sebastion says its too late for him and points at a dead facehugger at his feet, still Lex tries to free sebastion but the predator stops her, she gets pissed off at the predator, and then Sebastion convinces her to just take him out of his misery, lex uses the desert eagle to blow sebastion's brains out, then after he is dead the chestburster pops out, the predator catches it and easily snaps its neck. (other part) when lex and scar predator, attach the supply carrier crate to the repel cable and activate the emergencey accend swich, they speed up the ice tunnel while the queen and all of her warriors scurry up the tunnel after them with the Grid alien in the lead.
    Awesome, but super cheesy quote  
    Quote'Lex' "Consider Yourself Exterminated!"
    i know darkness is drunk and partyed out now that his great site is staying for the long run!!!!!!!!! darkness live it up man because this is the life YEAH!
  5. Variable
    Well Im back from my vacation and all kinds of shit has changed. Look at all of this stuff that has been changed and fixed. It is impresive. I have a few things to say. The new feturete Featurette is very interesting. This is GREAT. Look at this  
    Enter Text
    QuoteEnter Text
    This new stuff kicks ass. Thanks to all those people that made this possible. I think it has changed for the better. Hello and im back baby. YEA.
  6. Bringer of Death
    wow im pretty impressed in what im seeing here now, there may be allot of advertising but its good avp advertising and it all goes well with your site Darkness, Props go out to Planet AVP and Gamespy for there help in saving this great site.
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