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Spawn Figure Feature Live

Over at, their Online Figure Feature has gone live this evening – it’s sort of a mini-site that covers the upcoming line of new Alien vs Predator action figures. The five figures including the Grid Alien, Celtic, Elder and Scar Predator will be released in line with the AvP movie in August.

20040717 Spawn Figure Feature Live

“In the new feature, you’ll have access to all the latest information on this series, including additional figure photography, specs, in-package artwork, QuickTime VRs and much more.”

It looks like they’ve gone to a lot of trouble to create this nice-looking website so it’s definitely worth checking out. Thanks to GL for the news.

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Comments: 33
  1. Hell Alien
    Thanx Growler, I knew i heard that somewhere. And yes i might have enough in my lil alien bank. Eh eh. It will be a Hell of a collection there. Hope there will be more eventualy, like a dutch figure, some marines like hudson and vasquez ripley too, Hicks is out so... Anyway some ppl r not loving these collectables and not toys. Its a shame, they r so well done, of curse masters replicas r better but more expensive too. Anyway, we r all made different.
  2. Growler
    to Hell Alien:: is saying the figures hit the stores in July.  Well, only 2 weeks left in July.  Hope you got enough in your piggy bank.  I don't know if is releasing them world wide for the shear fact the movie isn't being opened world wide in August.  Don't quote me on it, but you guys on the other side of the Atlantic (and Pacific) might have to purchase them strictly out of the U.S.  Unless the merchants in your part of the world aren't going to wait till the release of the movie in your local area to start putting these figures on the shelves.  You might want to check with and ask them via e-mail or whatever and see if the figures will be on sale in your areas this July/August.
  3. Hell Alien
    J, man i feel very sorry for you bud. Its a shame that you have to wait that long. But its life, and if ya want i will make ya a special post when i see the movie to answer every ones of ya questions.   ;)    And something i wanna know about the figures, I heard that they were coming in July!!?? I taught it was august. Wich is it now. Im bit confused.
  4. Terhou
    Damn i can`t find em in Finland.The Scar Predator would be nice on top of my computer or the battle Alien.

    The Elder and Scar Predator rox!
  5. Hell Alien
    Great stuff !! cool. And about that hicks figure, I think it looked great. True dont seem to have alot of articulation but eh , alot of accesories on that. The shotgun in the back and seem removable and all. The motion tracker, the pulse rifle. This look great. I will buy it. My room is all avp, ALL of it. I even painted my walls with avp fight, 1 pred, 1 alien. Its look greats. And Im sure they will be around 15 - 20 $ max. Mostly like the other macfarlane avp toys.
  6. Growler
    to Saint Sinner::  The helmets come with the Predators as detachable.  Like one of the Predator 2 figures.    Unfortunately I see a design flaw in Scar's figure.  Look at the pic with him wearing the mask, and compare left "cheek" to the right "cheek."  One side bigger than the other?  to GridAlien:: the facial dfferences of Scar between the figure and the trailer is something you are right on about.  I compared them the first time i saw the trailer.  The movie Scar has a longer face than the figure Scar.  Not only that, the figure Scar's cheeks (without the mask) lack as much "dark spots" as the movie Scar has.  I'm still happy and not really complaining too much.  Can't make the figures totally perfect.  Plus the figures we probably designed from the final production drawings (before the creatures were actually sculpted and painted for the film).  Hense why the facial features are different.  The introduction to these figures came out in late April or early May.  The process of designing and sculpting the toys takes a great deal of time, especially with the detail McFarlane puts into it.  So it wouldn't surprise me if my guess is right as to the characters being desined from the character drawings.
  7. ur mom
    notice how the celtic pred's head is smaller compared to the preds from preveious version. the reason in my opinion is that  the masks r not removable but rather sculpted onto the face. dude that sux   >:D   it even says on FIGURE SPECS that "predator has masked head" wtf?

    on second thought, maybe the mask IS removable. hmm, we'll just have to wait and c. ps. the colonial marine hicks figure sux, it dont look very articulated and have like no accesories watsoever.
  8. Predalienstrike
    The figures look great!    ;D   I hope they will also make a figure of the queen hanging down on the cables. or that thwere will be a second line of figures.
  9. AdamJZ
    Well looks like they kept with the alien leg design from the first thee movie, the only thing i liked about the aliens in resurrection was the legs, kind of made the aliens 'Raptor' like, oh well, they still look kick ass. oh and hicks does look nothin like him, but still is cool. ya know, I heard since MM6 was the most succesful in the series, if AVP and hicks sell well, they will release a whole set of colonial marines, how cool would that be!
  10. CelticPredator
    i was gonna do this news but darkness said he dose not like avp toys stuff. so sad. i was so close to posting... owell who cares.
  11. Regicidal_Maniac
    I think the Celtic Predator may be the first predator figure that I find myself wanting to buy.  As usual I will buy all the Alien figures although I am a little steamed that as with the suits in the film the 'new' Alien figures are merely repaints of the AR figures with some minor resculpting here and there.  I really wish McFarlane would get some of the SOTA sculptors to work on his toyline. Then we'd see some magical looking toys.  The below is a reposted here for Los Angeles Artist to respond to in case he missed it in the other thread. -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --- Hey Los Angeles Artist very nice stuff thanks a bunch.   I noticed that the AVP Alien sculpt is lazily similar to the Resurrection sculpt, which is a damn shame. As lovely as ADI's work is, and it is lovely, the Alien has become too 'creaturey' and is straying too far from the biomechanical designs of Hans Rudi Giger which the wonderful sculptors at SOTA (for Palisades) have got down pat in their Alien busts.   I'd really like to see a return to the purposeful 'designedness' of the Necronom biomech paintings. There was a lost civilisation/ancient technology run amok look to the Alien at first that has diminished with each new picture in favour of a standard arthropod turned space-bug look that is just so ordinary looking and is becoming less 'alien' and just kind of boringly familiar instead.   I'm a Sydney (Australia of course) based writer/artist/sculptor and filmmaker specialising in make-up and effects myself and I'm actually interested in what you consider to be your strengths as an artist, ie: creature, props, make-up design etc. You know your main specialty.   Oh and by the way to those that think differently, Van Helsing stunk out loud. Seriously. If you enjoyed it more power to ya but it was a truly horrendous film, and not in a good way. Almost everything about it is woeful from conception to execution. Lame script, uneven acting, unforgivably bad CGI, overuse of said CGI. However the creature designs were interesting and Hugh's costume was pretty cool but production design alone does not a good movie make. Just ask Tarsem Singh. Heads should not roll but they should be hanging in shame.   However Van Helsing's suckitude is not what we're here to discuss.   We're here to discuss AVP's rockitude.   Which as long as it lives up to its title/premise will be without question.
  12. ElTiburon
    The action figures all look really good. I love the way the aliens look...their tubes are incredible, hands are perfect for grabbing people's heads, tails are long as hell...the only thing is: is it just me or do their heads look short; maybe im imagining things but i always thought their heads were longer and more "banana-like" not tapering off...  i remember when i had the old action figures...i had the marines, all the predators, and a few aliens...UNTIL i went away on summer vacation and my parents threw them all away! I was so distraught...haven't been able to buy another actionfigure since.
  13. Adrian
    Ok,this site is cool,but the new Predators are weird,like whats up with that?   >:D  ,their faces have been warped compared to the good o'l preds,and the Aliens are sooo skinny now!   ;)  like what the hell,the originals were bigger and kick a**,however,i like the new mask and armor for the preds,PREDATORS KILL!   8)  
  14. Bringer of Death
    I have a feeling fox is expecting this movie to be big  ! or else they wouldnt have these kick ass things like this spawn toyu deal with Mcfarlane and the xtream desk top, posters tee shirts, book.So I taking all of it as a sign of reasurance that fox has faith in there new avp poster boy anderson and that this may turn out as good as we all expect it to.Cause seriously if fox didnt have faith in this you think they would have such a wide variaty of merchandise already floating around and most of the stuff is well made with lots of hard work and time put into each of these web site things.( xtream desktop - spawntoys page).AVP FAN wich mask r u talking about the elser or the celtic, cause the elder has two little fang things comming down off his mask were the bottom of his lower mandables are wich looks cool.But on the celtic if you refering to him im not to sure what yout talking about on him.
  15. Saint Sinner
    Problem is, now "Scar" may not come with a removable mask. From what the site says, it seems there'll be a permanently masked Scar and a "possible" unmasked version. That sucks.
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