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AvP – A New World Vision

A new behind-the-scenes featurette entitled: “AvP – A New World Vision” has been posted on as an exclusive and there’s chats with Sanaa Lathan and Lance Henriksen as Richard Bridgland, production designer, talks about the sets and the pyramid.

20040714_01 AvP - A New World Vision

The featurette can be streamed in either Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or QuickTime but there is a higher quality version for paid members. There’s another 26 screenshots on the next page.

Download: A New World Vision (5.7MB) (Right click and save target as)

Thanks to The Drone for the news.

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  1. Los Angeles Artist
    Lurker | 17 Jul 2004 12:25 am  LA Artist, one more question....   Is Tom Woodruff the right person to be in the Alien suit?   Hey Lurker, I don't think he's right for the part but he is part owner of the EFX shop. Like I said "Hollywood is very political and there is extreme amounts of nepotism here. He has gained some wait in the mid section so the suit "stretches a little". Hope that's hidden in the shadows. But if you had the option to get paid maybe a few thousand dollars a day + or - a few bucks  (educated guess) besides the money from the gig, to hop around in a laytex suit. a free trip with perdiem to Prague wouldn't you take the offer?  Regicidal_Maniac | 16 Jul 2004 03:35 pm   Hey RM,  This business is evolving and you need to be flexible and versatile. Film efx vary on each project so the more you know the more you can stay employed. If you only do creatures and the next film doesn't have any then...Bye, Bye $$$ and on to unemployment. I personally am trying to stay on top of each aspect of the efx processes so that I can stay employed through out their creation. The gold mine is going to set where the extra money is paid. And you need experience and an uncanny ability to think on the fly. Something may not work and needs fixing or the paint job may not look as good the way it's lit so you have to pull out the airbrush. I still have heard only one horror story about AVP so far and that was that ADI didn't send one of the crates with some of the efx on time or something to that extant and it didn't make it to Prague before shooting started and the Prague crew had to Jerry Rig parts of the costume until the pieces arrived.   Best
  2. Bringer of Death
    Good Point there Lurker, I personaly dont care to much for woodruffs alien performances.Even though he couldnt see what he was doing in resurection and mabey part 3 he dosnt seem to feel for the part, imean he dosnt seem alien enough to me but the people playing them in aliens were great very creepy and flexible, like the part were ripley is saving newt and an alien comes at her jumping from wall to wall sideways was very well done and has always stuck in my head as a part of the movie i think of when i think or hear about the aliens movie.But what makes me mad is that woodruff was probably the one who wanted the resurection shity alien design to be in this one and thats a shame because i cant stand that design,   ???  .And the dont even credit Giger as the original alien design in this one they credi Dan o bannon and Ron shusett who wrot the original alien story but didnt make the infampus design.Oh well no more complaining from me but that will always piss me off.
  3. Lurker
    LA Artist, one more question....  Is Tom Woodruff the right person to be in the Alien suit?  Surely it can't be hard too find some lithe, athletic gymnasts/acrobats that can fit the bill.  Instead, we've got a managing partner of an FX house doning the costume for three Alien movies since 1992.  IIRC,  they used gymnasts in Aliens, which was used to great effect in the crashing ceiling tiles scene.
  4. Regicidal_Maniac
    Hey Los Angeles Artist very nice stuff thanks a bunch.  I noticed that the AVP Alien sculpt is lazily similar to the Resurrection sculpt, which is a damn shame. As lovely as ADI's work is, and it is lovely, the Alien has become too 'creaturey' and is straying too far from the biomechanical designs of Hans Rudi Giger which the wonderful sculptors at SOTA (for Palisades) have got down pat in their Alien busts.  I'd really like to see a return to the purposeful 'designedness' of the Necronom biomech paintings. There was a lost civilisation/ancient technology run amok look to the Alien at first that has diminished with each new picture in favour of a standard arthropod turned space-bug look that is just so ordinary looking and is becoming less 'alien' and just kind of boringly familiar instead.  I'm a Sydney (Australia of course) based writer/artist/sculptor and filmmaker specialising in make-up and effects myself and I'm actually interested in what you consider to be your strengths as an artist, ie: creature, props, make-up design etc. You know your main specialty.  Oh and by the way to those that think differently, Van Helsing stunk out loud. Seriously. If you enjoyed it more power to ya but it was a truly horrendous film, and not in a good way. Almost everything about it is woeful from conception to execution. Lame script, uneven acting, unforgivably bad CGI, overuse of said CGI. However the creature designs were interesting and Hugh's costume was pretty cool but production design alone does not a good movie make. Just ask Tarsem Singh. Heads should not roll but they should be hanging in shame.   However Van Helsing's suckitude is not what we're here to discuss.  We're here to discuss AVP's rockitude.  Which as long as it lives up to its title/premise will be without question.
  5. Super Alien
    What the f__k is the deal with that new bladed weapon!?! The Predators are just fine with their regular weapons. And I really wish they didn't change the Predator mask. It looks crappy. I know for a fact that if this movie sucks like Alien: Resurrection, Alien 3, and Predator 2 their will be absolutely NO Alien 5, Predator 3, or Alien vs. Predator 2 movies. If this movie sucks it will COMPLETELY KILL the Alien and Predator franchise! THERE WILL BE NO MORE OF ALIENS OR PREDATOR IF THUS MOVIE SUCKS!!! NO MORE GAMES, MOVIES, OR PROBABLY EVEN BOOKS/COMICS!!! And I'm a HUGE AvP fan so I don't want to see that happen!!!
  6. RyanPoli
    Yea I understand.  People need to make money, why else would they make movies.  If the big wig thinks the movie will make more money with choice (a) rather than choice (b) then choice a will be taken.  Of course thats annoying to me, mr joe schmoe just waiting to see the movie.  But for the people working on the movie im sure its even worse, trying to make the decision on what the public will like more.  And how do the big wigs feel when van helsing happens?  When around the world in.... happens?  Im tired, kinda cranky, and sick, so im calling it a night.  I just hope one of these mornings when I wake up and check my regular list of movie news sites Ill finally hear some credable bit of *good* news for this film.  *sigh* night.
  7. Los Angeles Artist
    Sorry for the long post. There is a lot to talk about and discuss. After all it's Hollywood. There is A LOT of poiltics and a lot of Bullshit. It's always surprising to see that a flim ever gets made when you see all the crap that goes on. Most of the creative artists just want to make a COOL film, have fun doing it and be true to the genre and franchise. Then you have the business side and the money people and the marketing, producers and Blah blah blah. But one thing to keep in mind is the "BUSINESS" in Show Business.  All the Best,  Los Angeles Artist
  8. Los Angeles Artist
    Lurker | 15 Jul 2004 06:33 am  Hey Los Angeles Artist,  assuming you work/worked for ADI, here's a few Q's   1) Do all the Pred's have the same inner jaw structure as seen in the previous Fangoria mag (top gums filled with teeth)?  2) Did one guy (Ian Whyte) play all the preds?  3) Is ADI a shoe-in for AVP2?  4) Could you tell just from working on your bit on the film how the end product will end up? ie. are we gonna get an Aliens, or are we gonna get Congo?  Hey Lurker and Bringer of Death,  I'll try to answer your questions. First thing: I did NOT go to Prague for the filming. Only Tom, Alec (who also make cameos as scientists) and 5 other KEY people went to set (as far as I know). Two: Just because I or any other artist that worked at ADI was in the shop( on Plummer and Winnetka Streets in Chatsworth near the Northridge Mall ) doesn't mean that we are priviliged to be told or know any or everything that goes on there. It's work, although quite rewarding not always priviliged. Kind of like "A need to know basis and we didn't need to know much." Not many people even got to read the script. Third: There is an artbook being published by ADI called AVP: The Creature Effects of ADI. It comes out around the same time as the film. It will answer MANY of your questions. The cover is a more rendered version of the US release white poster. The Predator dreads have been filled in and the Alien was retouched further. Fourth: The Alien IS the IDENTICAL Alien from AR. Same molds with modified hands, feet, tail tip and paint job. They tried sculpting the protruding spine on the back like the original but the head kept hitting it and restricted movement. Don't believe me? You guys are the best judges. You'll see when more pictures are made available.  Fifth: Stan Winston's UNDER BID the project! ADI was awarded the film because : (GOSSIP) Tom or Alec was good friends with one of the producers. So my GUESS is that they ARE a shoe in for AVP 2 unless they piss someone off or the producers change.  Jaw Structure: Only ONE new predator head was sculpted for this show while I worked there. The elder Predators have appliances added to that ONE head. Scars, wrinkles, tusks. Things are changed and modified ON SET based on the needs during the filming process. For example: The queen head was borrowed from Bob Burns, clay added to that for the new design, cast, painted and then sent to the set in pristine condition. During filming as far as I know, the idea was to cut away at it to take it through the phases that were designed for her scarring.  Ian Whyte: When he first came in to the studio for a fitting he almost passed out from the weight and heat of the costume. HE was the only one fitted properly for the suit. Everything else was modified on set to the other actors and stunt men. The skin was sculpted to his body cast BUT the body cast was repositioned to sculpt on because the guys in Prague that did the life cast didn't pose him in the best position for suit work. So from what I was told there was A LOT of duct tape and Zip Ties holding the Predators armor together. It was flying all over. Hence a one piece sculpt would have been IDEAL.  ALIENS or CONGO? To be really honest I DON'T KNOW. I know a few things though.I liked the trailer. It's exciting to see your work on the internet and on screen!  Most everyone that worked on the practical effects is a fan of BOTH franchises. They did their best to make the sculptures, models, weapons and armor, the helmets and paint jobs, the mechanical and the foam running the best they could with the budget and TIME to do it. You'd be surprised to hear how many of us were upset that they DIDN'T sculpt a NEW Alien. Or that they sculpted the Predator skin separate from the armor. (The original Predator was almost all one piece of foam. This explains the BULKY Predators. Early on we were told that there were scenes where the Predators did not have their armor on. So  instead of sculpting TWO separate Predators ie. One with armor and one without it was decided to save on money and sculpt the armor separately. The painters were only given ONE day to paint the ENTIRE Predator skin! Can you believe that. But one thing for sure is that the film LOOKS like it COULD be pretty cool. I'm not much of a Paul W.S. Anderson fan, but I am an ALIEN and PREDATOR fan and I'm sure it will be fun.   Remember this though, this is my opinion and you can take from my comments whatever you like. Some is from gossip some info from my very own eyes and ears. I know what I saw and most of what I saw was really cool in the shop. It does look a hell of a lot better with the lighting, DP and Cinematographers touches. It's all up to what you WANT to believe. Paul Anderson may have done a great job. We won't know until the 13th of August. But if you don't go in the movie expecting the comic books or ALIEN or ALIENS or PREDATOR you will probably like it more than if you go into it wishing it to be a certain film that it's not.   I sent a jpeg of the embroidered logo on our crew shirt (ADI AVP) with the Alien head hovering over the Predator to the Submit News address of AVP Galaxy so that you could verify that I wasn't bull shitting you.
  9. Bringer of Death
    Your probably right about the budget theory there Los Angeles Artist, but are also saying you worked on this avp film or are you just stating in general that the artists on the avp movie had alimited budget thus sticking with all the same armor designs?.Im not putting down the designs guys im just saying i wish they were all alittle more diverse and unique with the armor designing in the movie for the preds thats all, so before you come up with all these pointless defence remarks twards my comment realize you defending absolutly nothing, I mean your getting the wrong idea.I didnt say the armor sucks or that i hate it or shilt like that im just saying they shouldnt have stoped at the helmets to distinguish one from the other thats all.And Saint Sinner when i posted my comment I just finished watching the end scene in pred 2 in the space ship with all the preds and your wrong almost all of them had different armor from the other, sure they all had shoulder pads, chest guards/body armor, gauntlets and leg armor but they were all pretty differently disigned especialy there helmets, I can honestly say almost everyone of em had a different mask design.But you do make an interesting point on the armor mabey being serimonial so they have a certain design for what they are to wear to the man hood ritual, or Los Angeles Artist could be right in that its as simple as them not having enough money to go all out and make totaly different casts for each preds armor.I guess Anderson is the only one who can answer this one guys, so if you guys have downloaded the are infact able to ask anderson questions every monday than mabey this topic should be brought up because its an interesting question to be asked as well as the rating, why he used the Resurection alien design when he blatenly said hes using the giger/scott design as a big influence( wich is not the case unless you use , painting the alien black like the original does the answer justice, i dont think it does) , how long is the film, and is there a sequel in mind?
  10. Lurker
    Hey Los Angeles Artist, assuming you work/worked for ADI, here's a few Q's  1) Do all the Pred's have the same inner jaw structure as seen in the previous Fangoria mag (top gums filled with teeth)? 2) Did one guy (Ian Whyte) play all the preds? 3) Is ADI a shoe-in for AVP2? 4) Could you tell just from working on your bit on the film how the end product will end up?  ie. are we gonna get an Aliens, or are we gonna get Congo?
    the truth is that i dont give a f___k if paul has the guts to do this movie,i dont care is paul is doing this movie for the fans,IT NEEDS to be a well done film like the others and it needs to be good enough for the fans,Paul has taken this project in his hands and has put himself in a postion where his efforsts need to mesure up to the past films and people need to wake UP! and see that paul f**ked up resident evil and f**ked up soldier 2 very great stories that where larger and better than what we saw with our own two eyes, I give paul credit for doing mortal kombat that was a good film i give credit for paul for doing event herizon that was a great scary film,but paul can not afford to mess up this film.Paul has put alot of pressure onto himself for taken on this project and needs to live up in what he said he was going to do, what pisses me off about paul is that hes TALented and very smart he always has the right idea,but he make careless small mistakes that costs the film big time! small mistakes can be very dangerous to a film, my problem is that paul needs to stop working on big! important projects like avp and resident evil ect, because of those small mistakes he makes on his films, he has the right idea always but sometimes he doesnt use  all of the tools to do the best possible job. From what i saw in the trailers the movie looks F---king great,but alot of dir want you to think that to fool you into going to see a bad movie to take your money,people hollywood is not what you think it is, i got my diploma at the NYC film acdy for 4 years as student film maker,i met some big time people that work in hoolywoods action films like lord of the rings,and people you need to understand that alot of guys like FOX entertainment dont give a f---k about the fans and they will force the dir to change curtain things that alot of the fans really really want to see,and sometime the dir himself turn into the same type of person where they just "want to make money", its there job to make you want to see a bad or good film that they did, the movie looks good,the aliens look great,the preds look differrent and better, that doesnt mean shit!, Paul will make you want to see his film,hes going to say its a great movie,hes going to say al of those things you want to hear,they might be true the book might be true but people you needs to realize that hollywood is a business,alot of people think is a world of art /talent, its not like that is just ends up being that because the right people and the right crews have money to give to the art and to the dir. I love avp game i loved the movies and i really want avp to be great but realize that dir and producers still are guys that want to make money just remember that dont be so fast on defending paul guys. Dont get me wrong pauls not a bad person but he wants you to see his all costs even your as a great loving avp. DO not think you know it all people....hollywood doesnt give F__k about the fans they care about making money and alot of dirs and producers are the same,but its only the good dir that know how to do both,both for the fan for the art and for money. dont be fooled thats all guys   8)  
  13. Los Angeles Artist
    Hey Bringer of Death, as an artist that worked on the film you have to understand one thing about design and fabrication for multiple characters... a BUDGET. I hope that you understand that PA has no real control, the production company does. THey hold the wallet full of money. Directors of his caliber don't really have much control say like STEVEN SPIELBERG. You know?
  14. Saint Sinner
    What if the armor is purely ceremonial? Then the lack of differences wouldn't matter; they're armored because they're going against Aliens. I doubt this similar armor is worn normally by them. Hell, even the Elder is wearing nearly identical armor. They have those sandals and everything, perfect attire for the situation at hand. What differences there are in decorations (like skulls and stuff) the masks don't need to be the same as the armor, because they merely distinguish who's who. Like knights going into battle. "We're in the middle of a war."  Hell, even the "regular" Predators in the second movie at the end, on the spaceship, had most of the same stuff on -- but again, some of the masks are the differentiating factor. The Elder is the exception since they piled lots of stuff on him, but the others on the spaceship have about the same limits as the Predators in this movie, the armor just makes these one's stand out more.
  15. Nidza
    I dont have sound in this one... All other trailers that i downloaded have sound.  I am opening it with quicktime(what else). Any hint what might it be?
  16. Cetanu
    Bringer, like I said, they dont care about armor, but helmets aren't armor man, they're totally different in purpose and function. Besides, the Preds aren't choosing the way the look, Paul Anderson is doing that for them but, I'm just defending his decision to give them nearly identical armor, but hell I'm glad they have different helmets, cause all of em' look great!
  17. Bringer of death
    Cetanu, now please dont tell me your getting your  'blooded' info from the books cause comon thats not realy reliable stuff, and for the preds not caring about haveing different armor than why the hell would they have different helmets then smarty   ;)   that pretty much contradicts everything you just said.Now i know anderson made the maskd differ so there distinguishable between each other but he should have done it head to toe, they would have looked so much cooler thatn they already do, I dont know I pick out things like this because im an artist and like all artist we nitpick over little things like that.I know when i draw a group of preds i try and give them as different and and a wide diversity of armor to distinguish one from the other, because face it we dont all wear the same outfit right? , so why should they..Also whos to say all the preds at the end of Pred 2 were your so called 'blooded' anyway, I didnt see any distinguished( man i like this word ) markings ( scars lightning bolt) on any of there helmets..True most had unique designs worked into the helmets but  nothing like scars markings, so that ruins your blooded theory of all of them .   ;D   Also , welcome to this kick ass site there admiral max, and to add to Centanus answer another differenc between the 2s masks is that the 'Celtic' pred in avp has a smooth top of the helmet but the one in pred 2 has grooves and some design of the top of his.
  18. Cetanu
    Welcome 'admiral max' absolutely love it when a 'fan' shows up to post. And yes, you're right about Celtic looking a lot alike one of the Yautja in the Predator Clan at the end of Predator 2. The only difference in the mask is, in Predator 2, that Yautja's snout motif was pointed more forward than Celtic's mask, his are pointed nearly straight down. Can you kind've visualize that bud, or did I just suck at that description. Nevermind, anyhow, welcome to the site, believe me, you wont find a better quality site for AvP than this one!
  19. admiral max
      :)  hi im new cant bloody wait for this film.nice informative feature as well.if this film turns out to be crap i will still like it alien and predators fighting in a pyramid sounds cool to me.also that predator who looks like hes the guy in charge was in predator 2 if you remember at the end when those predators decloak at the end one of them looks exactly like the mask hes wairing.please give me a comment
  20. Cetanu
    Well said Pvt Hudson, bravo buddy! Anything you hear is nothing but a load of BS until it shows up on the official site or you hear it from Paul Anderson himself. Also, all you critical bastards, insulting the music, jeez, how low can you go. All of you dont have a clue, take a look at the freakin title, its AvP "Alien vs Predator", not "The Acting Needs to be Oscar Worthy" or how close to Beethoven quality is the music. No! This is all about the Aliens and the Predators! Nothing else! Who gives a ____ if the lines are cheesy, the only thing the actors need to do is look convincingly scared out of their minds, I mean c'mon, that's the only reason humans are in this thing, to make good hosts, scream their heads off and fire blindly only to hit nothing. This is all about Alien and Predator thrown downs people, nothing more. The only reason Paul Anderson is devoting at least the opening 45 minutes to the human expedition team is because he's doing the right and respectful thing, paying a tribute of his own to the three greatest sci - fi films of all time Predator, Alien and Aliens by doing his best to try a recreate their style and overall mood and incorperate that into AvP. All of you punks who dare to try and insult AvP or Paul Anderson better do your damn homework before you post anything bad again, or you're just gonna get embarassed by me, I'll send you home crying. This is a fan site, you got something negative to say, get outta here on your own or I'm sending you elsewhere with your tail between your legs! Go AvP! Way to go Paul Anderson for having the guts and a great vision to finally put our 'dream' movie on the big screen!

    C'mon Bringer of Death. I'm not denying that each Predator in those movies was completely unique and independent from the other in terms of armor and equipment, but, all of those Predators were blooded, only the 'blooded' Yautja care about looking distinguished, but the teen Yautja in this movie are just trying to fight for their lives, so I doubt that they will want to worry about stylish body armor and wrist gauntlets, they're just wanting to make it back home in one piece with an Alien skull.
  21. Pvt Hudson
    hey guys if u go frame by frame when we get a good face shot of the alien snarling in some blue smoke, just go frame by frame, and there is litterally like 1 frame of the alien rushing a guy on his knees, its a bit blurry but its right b4 it cuts to lex and sebastien! take a look and tell me waht you think?
  23. LyricalPharaoh
    nope it doesnt kick my ass. the music at the end of the spiderman 2 trailer, lacrimosa by some industrial group, kicked my ass. the soundtrack to Predator 1 & 2 by Alan Silvestri kicked my ass. the soundtrack by James Horner in ALIENS kicked my ass. James Horner alwasy kicks ass. and...  ...that opera music still sucks!
  24. dude
    i saw the featurette and it really wasn't anything special.just some snippets of sets and stuff.not really missing anything if you didn't see it.
  26. Cetanu
    Terhou, of course it was boring. This featurette was meant to be informative, not another action packed trailer. What I did like about it was how we all got to see even more conceptual art. I do agree with a lot of you in the fact that no matter how well this movie turns out it will never beat the classics ( Alien, Aliens and Predator ), but I have a respect for Paul Anderson that goes deeper than anyone here can fathom, due to the fact that he's doing his darndst to try and recreate the feel of those three blockbuster hit movies. The whole claustrophobic feel from Alien is what this whole Pyramid environment is trying to recreate, give a hand to Paul for this ingenius idea. Also, who cares if the Aliens do look a bit like the AR aliens, hell at least they're black this time instead of green and brown   ???  . Also, someone was really critical of how the Predators have only one distinction, their helmets and hated the fact that their body armor was designed the same. Quit trying to pull things out of your arse, that was the dumbest thing so far that's been insulted about this movie. Its a freaking coming of age hunt, I doubt the Preds could care less about how pretty they look, when they're praying to God that they just make it out alive. It'd be like softball girls dressing up for Prom just before a championship game. Now, for this coming of age ritual, listen up, when they go in there, they're 'nobodys', they're all considered equals on a level playing field 'not one being better than the other' until they kill an Alien, once they're blooded then they can worry about going home to start designing their own custom hunting armor, but until they succeed hell they're gonna throw on as much armor as possible, not giving a crap of how similar they look to their comrades. Also, I know that ever since the Xtreme Desktop for AvP was released that Paul Anderson has answered a first round of questions. If anyone asked him something and got a response, please post your question and PA's response as soon as possible. I'd also like to add, does anyone have a clue yet as to a decisive rating on this movie, it just keeps bouncing around from R back to PG - 13 then back to R. Well my fellow AvP fanatics, I take my leave, and I leave you with one simple fact "AvP Will Be Great!"    8)  
  27. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    Terhou you're the one who suck! man this was very interesting,  all the details of productions are cool, storyboards, sketches and then seein the real deal! Thats great!  As I said, reade the novel and then watch this featurette, you WILL BE excited!  Saludos
  28. Ermac
    The only parts of the featurette I raised an eyebrow to was when that guy walks into those pans   ???   and that sweeping shot of the eggs coming up out of the floor (last picture). But eh, other than that, it was an okay featurette.
  29. J
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, ITS JUST A FEATURETTE !!!   Obivousily they are GOING 2 say uplefting things about their movie, what the hell do you think their will say, that its CACK? RUBBISH? CRAP? ' O, well 2 be frank this movie will suck grapes so viewers please do your selves a favour and don't see the movie!! '  BULLSHIT!!!  America and Canada will be the 1st to see the film so it will be interesting 2 hear THEIR reaction.  STILL , SAYING THAT I'M MY OWN CRITIC AND NO ONE CAN SWAY ME ON HOW A MOVIE IS GOOD OR BAD, (as some of you should b)
  30. izzet
    Hell Alien if you're still wandering how i watched it, I just clicked on the ifilm link and watched it through 200k on Quicktime, I dont think you can download it unless someone says otherwise. And Terhou you want to watch it first, it gives a good inside on the devolopments of the pyramid, with cool new footage.
  31. LyricalPharaoh
    this featurette had nothing in it once again. another sell job filled with lots and lots of nothing. there was nothing the actors or production crew said that i couldn't have thought of by watching. no substance.  anderson says literally, because its a self conscious way of making something that sounds not that great better. i.e. he has been working on this production for literally a year.   a year doesnt sound like much. but maybe it is for a movie of THIS calibre.  am i the only one who thinks that opera music they keep playing is crap? cuz "literally" it is.

    well im positive AvP1 will be better than A3 and AR. but i really liked Predator 2. i had to watch it a few times to actually enjoy it, cuz the violence did seem over the top. there is alot wrong with Predator 2 but it added alot to the franchise. heck if there was no predator 2 there would be no AvP.
  32. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    It's great to see the development, the movie will rock, I don't expect it to be anywhere close to Alien, Aliens or Predator but definetly it's gonna be much better than A3, AR and Pred 2...I'm on chapter 16 of the novel and I  noticed a lot of details mentioned there in this featurette....and it's very interesting all the detials of the pyramid,that rocks!! I'm really excited!! hehe  Saludos!
  33. Hell Alien
    Of curese that the actors are gonna say that their movie wil be the best. It always been like that. And will ever be. You will never see someone complianing about his movie before its out. Its great that way.  Now, I dunno how to downlaod it either. But izzet, you seem like you saw the thing.  izzet | 14 Jul 2004 05:46 pm  That was a really good featurette, great new footage too.   whats up with that ?  Did ya saw the thing? And if yes how did ya download it ?  Anyway the more i hear about avp, the more i want to see the thing. 29 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   less than a month. We r gettin close my friends.
  34. Pvt Hudson
    somebody, read my comment again, i said that everyone always says good things about their movie whether or not its good, i said i cant imagine someone downplaying their movie by saying oh this movie is shit dont go see it!
  35. Gazz
    Ur Daddy.  Every actor will brag about a film that they have stared in whether it's bad or good. It in thier contract. And they aren't going to make any more money saying "Well I hate the film. Its crap. I wish I never made it". That way they would never get another film with the same distributors. eg Fox, Sony and so on.  The thing is Every actor will say thier film is great whether it be Jurrassic Park 3 or Saving Private Ryan.  Anyway. I can't get the footage to load but from those pics it still looks on the right path.
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