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Cinemablend Issues Statement

CinemaBlend, who published the first negative AvP Review about the screening in Long Beach, has responded to all the criticism they’re getting by issuing a statement from the review’s author, NotSoSecretAgent. Most people in the PlanetAvP Forums have been criticising the reviewer and a member published the admin’s email address (mistakingly thinking it was the reviewer’s) for everybody to spam it and has led the website to issue the statement:

“First off, let’s start off with the most frequent piece of criticism: whether or not I even saw it. The people questioning whether or not I saw it are ironically the people who are hotly anticipating Alien vs. Predator the most. The fanboys. Because it’s a negative review, they are quick to jump the gun and say, “He didn’t see it! He lies!” Well, like it or not, I saw Alien vs. Predator on Monday, June 28th, 2004…”

The author even says that he’s seen all the previous alien/predator films prior to seeing AvP even though he refers to the Queen as the “gigantic alien”. I suppose I’m not questioning whether he saw the film or not but rather his intelligence. You all read the review by now and I’m sure you’ve all made your own minds up about it. You can read the author’s long statement at CinemaBlend. As a side-note, I also looked in their forum and noticed a link to a thread in the AvPGalaxy Forums and I believe the administrator’s words were “More fanboy stupidity…”

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