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AICN AvP Reviews Fake?

As expected, it appears that most of the reviews (if not all) submitted to Ain’t It Cool News were in fact fake. Reported on both The Scorched Planet and Hollywood BitchSlap, they say that a few people at Scorched Planet submitted their own, fake reviews to AICN and of course, they posted them on the frontpage.

“Knowing full well that AICN will publish just about any old thing, a few of the rascals over at Scorched Planet floated a few of their own early reviews for the upcoming Alien vs. Predator. These articles came from guys who did NOT see the movie in question, but were fairly positive that AICN would publish the reviews anyway. Fact-checking and accountability is just for those old farts at the Wall Street Journal! And since the Planeteers also knew of Mr. AICN’s outspoken disdain for the director of Alien vs. Predator, they were smart enough to pen mostly negative (fake) reviews.”

It also looks like AICN have removed the reviews article in question – the word “pathetic” comes to mind when I think of AICN. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for these links.

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