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Ain’t It Cool News have posted four reviews which have been sent in by people who attended the AvP screening on Long Beach. Three of them are negative while the other being quite positive:

“This is not an epic film at all but more like a smaller horror flick, as we might expect from Anderson. Some of you might have been disappointed to hear that since we all want a AVP set on some huge planet with massive war scenes and stuff. Well we don’t get that here but we do get some effective little set pieces involving dark corridors.. It’s a classic horror type film and I think it works better for it. Maybe they can focus on a war aspect in AVP2 which I am sure there will be.”

Judging by what AICN have posted in the past, I wouldn’t take these reviews too seriously but the one above seems believable enough.

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  1. Hell Alien
    J, Amen. aicn should get the f******** and leave. Aint it f**ked up news should be gone by now, Anyway agood advice to everyone, dont ever go there again.  They are liars, PA haters, AVP haters for the most so they are our wrost enemy. And Aliens and Predators HATES enemies right. So lets all ally in this and for AVP sake, lets raise a big honor finger to those fags.    Sorry, but it had to get out.
  2. J
    O yeah, AICN site is CACK ....  ...RUBBISH....  The comments sound as if it came out their own backsides!!   (now thats a site that should pack up and leave)
  3. J
    The thing here is because of Paul Anderson's other movies not doing well ( I thought his handle on resident evil weren't to bad, and Event Horizon was have to say prety good) you will all go in to the cinema thinking ' Paul Anderson movie' as oppose to thinking ' Alien vs Predator movie' .  The reason that Alien provided that scare factor was because of human meets something unknown, NOW we have seen many versions of this and so we become less scared because we know what 2 expect.  *PLUS* now that we add the predator in to the mix the humans don't become the victim, the conflict is between these to creatures so the fear factor will disapear leaving just the hardcore, adrenilin action between these to freaks!  THIS is what we've been waiting for ....  THIS is what were going 2 see ....  THIS is ging to be the ultimate show down!!!!
  4. Jonatron
    OK, I got my confidence back. U're right, seeing Aliens and Predators beating the crap out of each other will be great! I mean who gave a shit about the actors in Freddy vs Jason?
  5. Variable
    lol yea they are Mother F*****s. They got no idea what they is talking about so I hope the public doesnt go beliving them. No matter what the movie those damn worms have always go a problem with it. If the money that movies made was baced of of cridic reviews, then very little money would be made at all.
  6. Hell Alien
    Well again Im not up with aint it cool news stukk. They are loosers and sorry for the coarse language, but they are also mother F******   so I dont take anything that those guys are saying. Silver aliens, lame pred costume. we know them for bad posting on avp so...      But if it is true that the 2 guys said that then cool this will be a summer hit.
  7. Predgirl
    Hey there Bringer of Death I just read that same review and was happy with the result.  To me for those who saw this screening I think they  hated the movie becasue they are probably not into either Alien or Predator.  Especially that one guy who didn' t reconize that gigaintic Alien was the Alien Queen.  Thats when it hinted me that he never seen an Alien movie before.  To me they were more like haters becasue they were seeing a free screening.  Anyway I don't know why their complaining on a screening movie its not the final version hello.  Some of the movie is not even done yet for editing it was just a screening.  Well for me I don't care if the movie will be good or bad or whatever.  I'm still going to see it because I get to see kick a$$ action between an Alien and a Predator baby.   Boy I'm going nuts here well thats my opinion and like the fact they have a movie even coming out.
  8. Bringer of Death
    Now I just read all 5 reviews at aint it cool news from the people who saw the screening, now 3 were very negative and seemed to just bash the movie due to the fact of there hate for paul anderson and couldnt get past that fact alone so everything else sucked because of it.But there were 2 good reviews, 1 the guy was really impressed and gave a good description of what was really shown in the preview wich sounded awesome to me.Like he sais though this movie isnt going to up fro an acadamy award for the acting but it set out to deliver the action and the goods of the 2 monsters and it did just that very well.He said the fight sequences were very well done and then described some prewtty graphic parts of the film that kinda proves this must be an R rating but he also brought up a couple of the goofyer parts like Lex and Scar running side by side in slo mo and some people in the crowd got a few laughs out of that and 1 part were some scxientists r surrounded by a group of aliens and just when u think there going to get torn to shreds the scene cuts away to another as to say ' while this is happining lets see what the other people r up to' type of thing.But from everything this guy alone wrote I'm pretty impressed and am less woried due to the fact of these P anderson haters dislikeing the movie for that reason alone and writing these bad reviews.Although the movie still had unfinished scenes and lack of the music and stuff everything sounds great, there are a few parts I'm dying to see from what he has said.So do yourself a favor and read this one guys review alone and it will restore some confidence back into this movie that the rest of these jabronis have taken away with there biast reviews.Thanks Bringer of Death    ;)  
  9. Yarah
    If paul has done Mortal Kombat Annilahation, i'd kick his butt. Cause really There really wasn't anything wrong with MK.   And Resident Evil as a movie is a very hard concept, that to make a Block Buster. It would have been Mere impossible. The whole aspect of the game that made it so good was the suspense of playing as the character, tense about what was round the corner.   I think RE2 would be easier to pull off, But still won't be a block Buster, i'm looking forward to it but...  I feel he will be loyal to the series'. Nothing could be as bad as AR? Right? the only thing that made AR remotely cool was Ron Pearlman (The dude that plays Hell Boy)
  10. Shaneus
    Guys and girls Lets back off for a second and leave PA alone although all his movies have flaws i loved them all except Resi Evil ( He really cut me deep with that) but mortal combat was good because we got to c scorpion and sub zero and goro on the big screen what more could u want. I have already adamently stated storyline wise this will suck hard and acting well besides lancey what can you expect from a bunch of no namers playing see through characters with steryotypical personalities. but people we get to c an alien and a predator on the same screen. we have all put to much emotion into this and lets not judge till we see the final product. I know PA is not the greatest but please dont lose faith THIS MOVIE WILL ROCK !!!!!!!!
  11. dachande
    people in the industry are pathetic now.  there isn't any real emotion behind scenes and the actual thought of "film" being an art is extinct.  Fox should have kept to the original plot set down by darkhorse comics.  The public would much rather see something done with years of thought before than to just rush into a pathetic excuse of a story.  Anderson reminds me of a child that has a brilliant idea but falls short on the production of the vision.
  12. batman
    "Whoever built this pyramid believed in ritual sacrifice"  I had to cringe a bit then.

    Let's talk bout Anderson then. I haven't seen Shopping but i admit the concept sounded cool, he wrote that as well. Mortal Kombat i kinda liked in a childish way {i was only 13 at the time}, doubt i could watch it now tho. Event Horizon i did like and an excellent idea, but i felt it could have been pushed a little further. Soldier i haven't seen but i hear it's widely reguarded as a terrible film and that Kurt Russell wishes he'd never done it. When i heard he was doing Resident Evil i was initially pleased but by god what an awful film! A movie in it's own right i cud forgive, but why call it Resident Evil? Take out a few references to Umbrella and T-Virus what did it have whatsoever to do with the series? What a wasted license!  This is definitely his last chance.
  13. J
    THATS RIGHT PEOPLE !!! all AICN can do is cuss Paul Anderons materials, labeling the mans films as  ' failures',  Lets say if the people  didn't know who directed went into see the film I wonder if they would be so judgment had if it been a any1 else ??   They really don't want this man to do well at all !!
  14. Venenoso
    its funny that this crappy AICN site is the one to post the 4 fan reviews, would be nice if some fans from this site would have attended, so we wouldn't have to worry about, if AICN made these reviews up themself (don't think so though), as it seems they're trying to do everything they can to put PA & AvP down..until i see a belieable review from or here, i won't consider it facts :)  About the acting being bad, i kinda doubt Sanaa, Lance, Colin, Bremmer will act bad, but ok if the dialogs in the script are bad/corny..PA isn't exactly known for having memorable quotes in this movies.
  15. J
    Boy, AICN weren't exactly jumping for joy to hear Paul Anderson would be directing the movie so the knives were already out for him.  I LIKE TO POINT OUT, that wasn't it the same site that also said that the predator costumes were to big and lame and also that the aliens themselves were 'silver' looking, I swear its like they are out on a personal crusade to hurt this guy.  WHATS WRONG WITH THEM ? ARE THEY HATERS OR WHAT ????    >:D  
  16. Jonatron
    I'm glad to hear it's not an epic! But what worries me is: another(believable seeming) review sais "the acting is not better then in JasonX(exept Lance, of course)".
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