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AvP – The Running Time

The AvP running time on MSN Entertainment is listed as 1 hour 27 minutes while a similar report on lists the running time as 1 hour 34 minutes. Paul Anderson did specifically say a while ago that AvP was no 90 minutes film so the two reports are no doubt incorrect. MSN still lists AvP with a R-rating while has got the release date wrong too.

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  1. izzet
    Pvt Hudson, you are a legend man. f**k what them reveiwers said, it's hardly concrete information when it does'nt say fackin AVP on the pissin ticket. Us fans will love this movie, and even if it is PG-13, Anderson as a fan, has made it for us. So lets stop the NEGATIVITY right now and get behind our man, and f**k what the critics say, let's wait till we've seen the movie. That trailer was an indication of what's to come, expect the best.
  2. Pvt Hudson
    LISTEN LISTEN AND LISTEN!  SHANE SALERNO wrote the script with some ideas from Paul Anderson, SHANE is a very unique  writer and has written two really good summer blockbusters, successfull as well (armageddon and SHAFT) 2ndly, the preds and aliens make their appearance 45 minutes into the movie, and it is confirmed by the book as well, i hiiiiiiighly doubt, that we are gonna get 30 min of pred and alien action with a 1hour and 27 minute running time. give us a break man, the MPAA hasnt released their rating yet, thats why its not yet rated. i guarantee you guys that this movie will be at least around 2 hours and will be rated R, with all the material it has to go through, 2 hours at least! story about preds coming to earth building pyramids, story about human sacrifices, story about how the aliens went out of control and preds went boom, Whaling station 1904, Weyland starting up the expedition! the expedition, the entrance into the pyramid, the decifiring and discovery of rooms and hieroglyphs, the predators arrive and kill everyone up at the surface, the predators enter, the predators release the aliens, the aliens "arrive", innitial attack, seperation, trying to get back together, people die here and there throughout, alien vs predator fights a few of them, plus a bunch of other shit, then the queen and pred fight, etc etc! as you can see im pretty sure you guys can all confirm these scenes through the general knowledge that we already know about! take it easy guys! i think we should just take a deep breath and wait for what the MPAA has to say about this, im waiting for an official MPAA rating, not a rating that that guy who gives the movie a shitty review when he didnt even see it. all he did was e-mail msn and that other website with his"knowledge". its all bull! and how would a theatre employee know how badly the fans are reacting to the movie, when the movie is still playing and hes in the bathroom pissing? and if he did hear negative reviews, well if it was a secret screening, well its kinda hard to take someones opinion seriously if they are not into that kind of movie or if they know nothing of the alien and pred mythology. let alone the fact the movie is still playing.   Guys trust me, this movie Shall and indeed WILL ROCK!
  3. J
    I appriate the back up Variable.  I know he'll deliever the goods he just needs all you good folks just to watch the movie knowing and understanding what we fans expect to see, looking from our point of view    HELL, of course they maybe the odd mistake but so what .... this is the film we have all been waiting 4 years and now its about 2 happen!
  4. Variable
    These people need to get their facts strate. I dont know what to think. This could easly be two hours as it could an hour & 1/2. I am with J. Anderson is a fan and will take this movie to the lengths it needs to go. I hope its R and PA even said it wont be 90 minutes. I think that the people needs to get their facts strate because if they dont when the movies final results are in they will feel pretty stupid.
  5. batman
    As for the gore i think we always knew deep down there was going to be very little. No skinned bodies, no ugly motherf**ker, no close-ups of plasma cannon injuries.  There have been hardly any 18 rated films at all over the last year. Best we can hope for is a decapitation scene and a chestbursting scene in my opinion. {Remember Paul Anderson said Res Evil was loaded the gore but i couldn't find any!}
  6. tribalcore
    and didnt Paul Anderson say it was gonna be 1hr 30min and not a long movie like braveheart (even though that would be cool) he said approx. 2 hrs correct me if im wrong. but im sure he said that in a early interview
  7. tribalcore
    well its obvious that since they're still debating about the rating that its not gonna be gory. one reason because if it was it would already have been rated R by now. even if it becomes an R rating its not gonna be gory like the originals just becuz they already took this long to decide. not F words not alot of cursing. hopefully you guys know what im talking about. i dunno im actually getting relly pissed off. i mean the only thing that can actually change this me watchingthe movie itself. but hot damn if im not worried...alot. yeah the previews looked cool. but i need some spinal rips gore the stuff that made it good i nthe first place ( as well as the cool myths and backround of both creatures) i dunno im really scared and depressed
  8. batman
    Forget the running time. Some people have said it ran for just over 2 hours and the guys who hated it as much as they said they did, wud have commented if it really was a pathetic running time such as 1h 27min.  The people who went to see this version may have seen the other films but its obvious no-one 'in the know' about AVP like the people on this site went. Plus the workprint will obviously have alternate shots and sequences missing, perhaps adding to the overall negative reaction and shortened running time.
  9. ianyarnell
    I have to agree with izzet, I want the r-rating. It'll be annoying 'cos I won't be able to go and see it at the cinema if it is, but I'll just wait it for to be out on dvd. If its pg13, they'll just be cutting out bits all the time - but then the dvd will have all the cut bits on it if it has had cuts on it.
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