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Predator 3 On Its Way?

Over at Dark Horizons, they’ve posted an interesting paragraph about Predator 3 and actor Sonny Landham, who of course played Billy in Predator, hinted that Predator 3 is on the horizons:

“‘Nosey Dwarf’ caught up with the one and only Sonny Landham, best known for supporting roles in the likes of “48 Hrs.”, “Predator”, “Lock Up” and “Action Jackson”. The guy still works on occasion and confirmed he’s “doing a new film called “Whispers of the Innocence”, a Mel Martins flick about a sherriff that’s the prime suspect in a murder case. The big goss though, he said Fox may be doing a “Predator 3”. The word is good on AVP apparently, so they’re pushing for this soon. I asked him if Robert Rodriguez is the writer, as rumored years ago, and he said “no not that I’m aware of…but it’s coming”.”

Thanks to Gabe from the forums for this news.

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  1. Fransisco "Pancho" Villa
    The Predator 3 will be an amazing movie provided they do it right.  I liked the thought of setting the movie in different time periods, I personally think that the movie should begin by showing the Predator in early South East Asia During the Chinese occupation of Vietnam.  The Predator could be known to the Vietnamese and Chinese people as some sort of legend or myth.  Either way the actual story line should be set during the American war in Vietnam, probably around 1968, this way the Predators will not loose their image by being defeated by ancient warriors and they will be fighting fully equipped American grunts and special forces in Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam.  Where ever the movie couls be set I believe that the only place for it to be set is in a jungle, AVP is troubling me since I have read and heard that the Predators are drawn to the hunt by heat and conflict.... wel there ain't a whole lot of heat in Antartica.  So I am a little dissapointed with that, but I hope that AVP is amazing and that Predator 3 actually happens.
  2. Hell Alien
    Hey Alien emp. your tha man. But this is a Pred 3 so... well wait till our day as finally comes.  And Roadkill, your right, actions are louder than sound but, that kind a movie will be damn hard to do the right way.
  3. Alien Emperor
    How about a group marines, hunting for preds, just like aliens but then with preds? I dont think the preds would hunt again in the big city's after what the pred in pred2 have bin to. There are too many people, they could be discovered.
  4. Hell Alien
    In Alien 3, they should have made it in area 51 or something, would have been a big success. AS for the pred, thinking about it, no female for me either. Why?? dont seem like the preds are accepting females in their hunts. otherwise Im sure that pred 2 would have been with a female. " you saw what the male could do to a commando squad, Now see what the female will do to an entire city" kind of stuff.  So no female will be great.   And Im not that enthousiast about the pred in medival either. They could do a pred 3 with flashbacks of medieval, pirates where you see the flint gun. Also in farwest, then during the wars; ww1, ww2, vietnam, cold war. And ya know what, they should do the movie on tha elder we saw in P2. looking a bit of his hystory. Like the rock or who ever it would be, could get in the preds ship inconito while the pred was hunting. Then accessing a computer and seeing these flashbacks. Or in a controversial way, the pred could talk about it to the who ever will be there, and while we hear the pred, we see the flashback. Anyway, I dont want to see a war humans vs preds on earth. Like independance day pred version. Would be very hard to do the right way.
  5. Variable
    Your right CoNTRoL. We would be f**ked. Godd knows what would happen. They would ship it off to "Area 51" or some shit, we wouldnt hear about it for years, then the preds would come looking for their buddy. Personaly I dont want to see their damn military. Its scary just thinking about it.
  6. CoNTRoL
    ever consider what would have happened if gary busey had caught the predator. do you know how f**ked we would be. we've only encountered predators with hunting weapons. we havent seen predators with full f**king military technology.
  7. CoNTRoL
    PREDATOR should be renamed to WHEN PREDATORS LOSE.  i love classic western movies, but i think humans should be fighting predators with more advanced weaponry. cuz if we go back 300 years in our history the predators are going to be less advanced as well. i mean its just gonna ruin the predator image if one is tooled by a cowboy with a little gun.  its not gonna be interesting if we humans dont have a chance. and it aint gonna look cool if the predators are complete cherrypickers. we have to consider the image of the predator in this as well...but i think we shouldnt have anymore character tie ins. like no brother of dutch. NO dolph lungdren, no DUTCH. predator 2 was cool when dutch's encounter was spoken about but thats it...and no female predators!!! geez.
  8. Bringer of Death
    I was thinking of some other cool time periods would be pretty interesting to see a pred in, mabey civil war erra or mabey a braveheart time period or even knights like king arther shilt that would be cool because they would all be in there armour so mabey the preds would take them as a more serious threat and a worthyable advisary.And as for the female preds, im not sexis or nothing but i realy dont go by the ideas of writers making the female preds these huge preds that are way stronger than the males and alll that nonsence plus i dont think it would be a good move to just throw them into the franchise to mabey add female fans into the picture to make more money and all that crap.Personaly the preds  dont seem like they would have females in there hunting clans, they seem to macho and all that , i think that they only allow there top hunters and strongest of the males to be appart of there hunt.I think anderson also proves this by having/showing this passage to man hood thing with the preds in this movie.
  9. Variable
    You guys arnt real into western stuff are you. Thats cool. If you have ever seen Tombstone or a similar movie I think you would have a bit more respect for it. Please no female preds.
  10. Hell Alien
    Preds in farwest???, dont know about this. I never really loved farwest. Its boring. They only had 6 shot lil caliber guns. Well, they were not lil caliber at all but i love good olds machines gun. I know that its in that time that the first mini gun was made but. was not that impressive. The pred would go there to have fun, not to have prides and trophys. Or just practice in wait of real bad ass preys. like aliens and commandos   ;)    As for the desert, well would be cool too se a kind of war between americans and iraqians where the pred would takes some lifes in every sides. like the iraquians would preparing to lunch a nuclear bomb but then the pred come, kill everybody and without knowing it, saves the country. woul be cool  And about the female pred, I dunno. I dunno if I really want to see her in a movie. wuold maybe be cool but I dunno.
  11. Variable
    Alien Emperor, if you read my posts you would know that in the old west, where I said they should be, is hot and has higher murder rates then modern day LA or New York. Predators, as said in P2, are attracted to an area by heat and conflict. The old west had both of those. There is the humans to go after. I now this for a fact. If you dont agree with me ok. But if the preds land in LA then I am sure they would go on the hunt in the old west.
  12. CoNTRoL
    well in predator 2 we get that sort of dual cheer factor. the predator kills the bad guys and we are sorta for the predator, when the pred is after the good guys naturally we are rooting for Arnold or Glover.  so them killing al queda, idk, i'm honestly sick of hearing the name alqueda, and a movie with that shit would probally bore me. but i would like to see a more modern setting. and lets not go 7 years in the future like in Predator2.  i dont like wesley snipes. he is down there with van damne. i know i wouldnt see it if Snipes was in it.  and all this yautja crap. can there be any mystery left. part of the reason i love Predator so much is the unknown factor; the gaps i can fill in myself.  and NO female predator PLEASE!!!
  13. Alien Emperor
    Variable, what would the preds want in the deserts, do they wanna hunt voor little lizards? There is no shit in the desert en preds wanna come back with trophy's don't you think?   ;)  
  14. Cetanu
    Wait! Even better! Write a script that will go along with everyone's feeling towards the war in Iraq. This time, instead of making it a blooded male Yautja, make it a female! Have her go in there with all the weaponry, cloaking, and armor that any male would have, and make it where she hunts and slices some heads off those insurgent/suicide bombing bastards. This may not be the right time to say this, but, you know how the footage looks like when the insurgents have a hostage kneeling in front of. In the movie, show them standing around a hostage, then in seconds they all get mowed down and the Yautja frees the innocent person and leaves. That wouldn't be too bad!
  15. Cetanu
    I've got it! Listen, the Yautja have a unique fighting style right. According to the books the Elder yautja came to Earth to hunt early oomans, these oomans being Kung Fu masters and Samurai warriors. Completely underestimating them, several Yautja die at the hands of these guys. So, amazed at how they did this, the Yautja go to learn the fighting style these oomans used. It would be great to show a Yautja hunting in a Samurai setting like you saw in 'The Last Samurai' dont you think?
  16. Lazzars
    The desert, hm.., well there's an idea. i would like to think that there would be some element of the urban fighting featured in pred2 but then again i also like the idea of the past settings (1900 etc). i presonally thikn that the idea of the preds helping to start a civil war in some middle eastern country so that they could kill peploe and hunt without being suspisious. man wouldn't that be cool, a whole bunch of preds killing al kieda or some other bunch without any hope of being stopped. But of corse there would have to be an ending where to GOOD GUYs win so there could be some involvment of UN forces camped in the area trying to stop the civil war in progress allaround them. Man that would effin rock!!!!!
  17. Variable
    You realy think that they dont belong in the desert. You dont have much faith in Predators do you. If they are experienced enough they can hunt with out the cover of trees. In AVP2 in some pred levels all you do is run down them damn hallways and I made out just fine. Preds dont need trees to hunt. They have skill and cloaking. The desert is barren. So is Antarctica. The whole AVP movie happens in Antarctica. If they can hunt there they can hunt in the desert.    ;D  
  18. Alien Emperor
    hmmm... Desert do u really think a pred can hunt well in a desert? A pred got nothing to do in the deserts. The pred want stealth and sneakie things and there's no trees or buildings. So it's a stupid i.d. pred belong in the jungles.
  19. Variable
    Cetanu, Hollywood says the pred has to die. In every monster movie there is not one where the killer or monster lives. I still think it would be cool to see a squad of preds land in the old west with the cowboys. I dont know if you guys know but the old west had higher murder rates than modern dy New York or LA. And it was hot. It was just unavoidable. It would make sense and be cool.
  20. Alien Emperor
    Predator 3. I really think it would be cool and good if it is in the early 19th century, in the jungle and at the middle of the movie on the Yautja's planet.   ;D  
  21. Variable
    That it would but if that was the plot I would not know who to root for. The preds probably. But, as we know Hollywood the pred would die at the end making those NATO killing bastards the winners.
  22. stalker666
    now, i think the dessert would be cool, like middle east. i think that would be really cool to see a pred slash apart those al quaeda or what ever.i think that would be a cool movie
  23. Variable
    We dont know any plot line for this yet. Though I would like to see CJ book in movie form. Or I would like to see the preds come down in the old west. You know right after the civil war when the cowboys came out. That would be good.
  24. Richard B. Riddick
    Actor: Wesley Snipes- Not as a Blade type character but more like rising sun or U.S. Marshals. Director: McTiernan or Anderson Writer:  Paul Anderson Predator designer: Stan Winston  Also I do believe having Dutches Brother would be cool if they used the Predator: CJ story(book not game)  or something to tie all movies together!
  25. Alien Emperor
    I dont like the i.d. that the brother of Dutch should be involved, that's a shitty i.d. there's nothing believable about it. yeah, like is brother has the same problem as his brother Dutch. That's a coinsidence!   ;)  
  26. Grim_Clawlaughter
    I think for a P3 movie they should have gone in the direction based on novel "Concrete Jungle"  before cosidering a possible Cold War based one. where as that gives a better into to Dutches brother Schafer, and for a good fiting role for that char i think would be Dolf Lundrun. Since he resembles the char from the comics, has good build, plus has enough of  an accent to portrays Dutches brother. Only prob is Fox had already made a movie about preds in a city doing their thing there. Still  i thnk a good idea for Fox is to introduce Dutches brother Schafer anyway, and still have  Dolph Lundren play him regardless. Would be alot better then the rock to be a beliveable brother, and plus the rock acting has to much comic relif in it i find and doesnt mix well with this sort of franchise.
  27. ~-~M~at~u~s~e~k~-~
    u cant  jus put arnie back into the predator franchise and if u did they;d better make a twist in the movie like he dies in the middle but then suimone else catches on u know what im getting at?
  28. Alien Emperor
    The pred 3 movie should be given a bit more story attention insted of all good-looking, but Special FX is very important too! But the story makes the movie great, and the spec. FX gives believabler and cooler. Example the first alien and 2nd alien movie has no super dupper Spec FX ithe aliens are all puppets, But the excitment and the believable, the story makes it good. That's why Alien1 and Aliens are classics! and Alien res. bad movie, but great FX for that time. But is NOT a movie that will be speak of of 20-30 years later. So good story overall and then teh FX. Who agree's with me?
  29. DimensionW
    You raise an interesting side note on the whole action hero thing. Yes it would expected and realistic, rather than a fanboy route, to have someone like the Rock in Pred 3, but then again, is thnat a good way to go? This is a confusing and delicate matter. Instead of getting all hyper and suggesting "who'd be great" I have to admit I'm totally clueless as to what direction Pred 3 should go in, actor wise and setting wise.. I ain't Producing or Directing so I have no say in the matter. lol! But if ever I was.. hmm... I suppose many of my ideas for breaking the conventional route were already used up in AVP. Anderson has done a terrific job in bringing in any of the things that were already featured in the other Predator films, Action Hero, etc. I was totally flabergasted and impressed with the route Anderson took, if I'd been in his shoes, with tons of soul searching I suppose I would have done the same things he had. AVP has a good original formula for a Pred movie.. I have to admit thanks to AVP, Pred 3 has become a lot harder to envision!
  30. Alien Emperor
    In wich time-period should the movie be. I think in hte 1890's or 1910, 1920 or something like that. That would be cool. The story must be like this or something. Its 1910 or 20's a few english archeoligists go to smoe primitive guys, u know habalubaba guys and one of those english The Rock is one of those primitive but studied in england, but he is kind of a tolk, u know. And those primitive guys seys there is a god hunting them (pred). Then the rocj is being abducted to the preds planet. COOL
  31. Hell Alien
    Ah good to be home on galaxy of curse, but yeah Vin will be too,....well...uh too ya know sorry but too wus for this. He is with pitch black, these creatures are killable with a single lil knife when the pred takes 300 times more damage than that. And imagine him against an alien, melting in tha snow la la la la. Ahaha no chance in Hell.  The rock would be better,  and yarah, your right chan vs the pred, Banderas vs the pred man so many holywoodians getting killed. Ahaha skinned alive!! nah but the pred would be like what the Hell??? I taught you were a oomans but look like your a monky jumping everywhere like that. Eheh. nah really, Hanna and Dutch= Rock, sounds good for a start and add a lil pred revenge in this and a skinned alive Glover and Man we hav a block busta
  32. Henry408
    I would like to see vin diesel as the badass to replace arnie as a toughguy in predator 3 cause for sure i dont want the rock to be in it.
  33. CoNTRoL
    i think i would have been skeptical about the original film Predator if i wasnt 4 years old when it came out. big names tend to drive me away from movies, like if you told me arnold, a wrestler and a pornstar were in predator and i saw the trailer i would have been like thats gonna suck. personally i dont like seeing trailers, maybe thats y i like seeing movies a few years after they come out, it gives me time to forget what i saw in previews and just watch the movie as one experiance and not know what to really expect. my problem is after i watch a trailer then go see the movie i feel like the movie is fragmented and i hate watching stuff that ive already seen.   after watching "Pumping Iron" a documentary about bodybuilding i totally respect arnold and think he is one smart guy. before i saw pumping iron i just thought arnold as another stallone, vandammne, lungren but he isnt.
  34. Bringer of Death
    tribalcore |, I know that is a comic i have it but i said the idea of preds being in a war torn eviroment would be cool to see on the big screen or even do an older one showing the pred elder get his flintlock pistol in pred 2.Whats going on there hell alien, work much or what   ;)   havent seen ya online in awhile.Also the jerk you sound kind of hipicritical, you say you wouldnt watch avp if the rock was in it because hes a wrestler, well arnald was a body builder for petes sake before movies and his first movie: Herculys go to america or somewere like that was probably one of the worst films ever made, they didnt even use arnalds voice they had some american do voice overs.So you would have to say I wouldnt watch anything arnalds in because all he is is a guy with a big body from bodybuilding.Hey he may have never have become the american success story he is if he didnt get the movie opertunities he got so you never know, like hell alien said you could see a different side of the rock if he is put in the right role and the right movie.
  35. Hell Alien
    ALOT of avp stuff!!!!! the games movies collectables!! drooling. But P3 could be damn good. The rock could do something great in this, just dont want to see him doin suplexes and other wrestling moves to the pred tho!! lol lol lol . But he could get out of the shadows, a more serious role where we could see a different side of him. THE HORROR SIDE!!! ahahahah. nah seriously, we could see arnold get killed in this. like the pred could be the bro or father or clan member thats is coming back to get honnor back to his famylly or clan. We coud see Glovers getting killed too in this !! Ah, sweet revenge, glover gettin skinned. I would pay big to see that.   ;)   But Cameron is with aliens not with preds   >:D     >:D     ;)    I would love to see Tarantino on the movie    ;D   imagine a pulp fiction pred kind of movie!!!!!!!!! ahahahaahah. Anyway this have alot of potential but you need som good things in this. New weapons, some falsh back like Bringer said. Stan winston on this etc. PoTENTIAl in this!!
  36. The__Jerk
    Deacon Rage: What movies besides Junior/Jingle all the Way/The 6th Day sucked ass? Im a total Arnold fan and think all of them are great even the three I mentioned were not his best performances...Arnold is an Action Star...The Rock isnt...If someone is going to be an actor.. you dont carry your wrestling name into the movies, it makes me think hes going to be a wrestler in every movie he does, which he basically has..If "The Rock" was in AvP, i wouldnt even watch it bc it wouldnt catch my attention even as much as I am a AvP fan just to see poor choices in actors just bc of their size..  Ehhh enough my ranting...AvP PWNZ!!!
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