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Predator 3 On Its Way?

Over at Dark Horizons, they’ve posted an interesting paragraph about Predator 3 and actor Sonny Landham, who of course played Billy in Predator, hinted that Predator 3 is on the horizons:

“‘Nosey Dwarf’ caught up with the one and only Sonny Landham, best known for supporting roles in the likes of “48 Hrs.”, “Predator”, “Lock Up” and “Action Jackson”. The guy still works on occasion and confirmed he’s “doing a new film called “Whispers of the Innocence”, a Mel Martins flick about a sherriff that’s the prime suspect in a murder case. The big goss though, he said Fox may be doing a “Predator 3”. The word is good on AVP apparently, so they’re pushing for this soon. I asked him if Robert Rodriguez is the writer, as rumored years ago, and he said “no not that I’m aware of…but it’s coming”.”

Thanks to Gabe from the forums for this news.

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