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AvP Trailer Finally Online

Yes, Apple have finally posted the final trailer for Alien vs Predator.

20040616 AvP Trailer Finally Online

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Some screenshots on the next page.
Thanks to Jeff, HopeOfTheFuture, Yarah, Vincent and Xenoforge.

Update: Over at AvPWorld, Corpral Hicks has posted about 100 high quality screenshots from the Alien vs Predator trailer. Well worth checking out but the page will take some loading for 56K users.

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  1. predmike
      ;D   wuz up i agree with luker about the 1904 thing but we will all see in august and i am sure we will see another trailer or some tv spots
  2. Lurker
    SPOILERS??  I think that the 'splosion happens in 1904 because in the brief clips that we see the 2004 expedition walking through the whaling station,  the buildings are dilapitated (sic?).   Whereas, just as the building is going boom, the buildings are relatively intact.  Probably the results of the Preds clearing out the whalers out of their ritual area in 1904.
  3. Bringer of Death
    I thought the whaling station is in the same area as the pyramid so if the pred are going to the pyramid they may as well take a few human skull tropheys since there right there.Also I thought the explosion we see at the whaling station takes place in the present time not back in 1904, I thought thats the scene they talked about in the features or interviews were the explosion occurs and a pred just gazzes at it like a reptile would.Yopu may be right though Hypnoz but we'll see
  4. Hypnoz
    OK obviously you guy's aren't THAT observant. The Big self-destruct thing at the end of the trailer, that's also a flashback. Why and how do i know? It is because look at the SKY! Yes, the SKY. If they were 1000 ft below ice you wouldnt see a red and black sky like that. So obviously someone tells them what happened before.
  5. TheOutcast
    Ok, I have looked and only a few articles mention any actual details about the 1904 'incident'. I think it is likely that a 1904 scene will occur but because of the lack of detail (e.g. "This introduces the credits which leads towards an undefinied scene at a Whaling station within the Arctic Circle in 1904"), I don't know any details to why there is a scene. Also just because the predators appear in 1904 does not mean they are coming for the 1,000 year ritual. It could be some other matter to do with humans not aliens. So Paul Anderson may not go against his words. If indeed when the film comes, you are correct Hell Alien and Prv Hudson about 1904, then I stand corrected however the scene as I said may not break the 1,000 year rule.
  6. Hell Alien
    But about the 1904 thing, if they say it in the mags and articles, there is alot o chance that it will be. I saw the articles and even if they are just slightly saying it, its there no doubt. So..., 1904 seems good to me. Hey Hudson, good call on this one man. You were the first to say it but I wanted to verify the thing before saying anything. But seem like its 1904 in Hell!!   ;D     8)  
  7. TheOutcast
    We shall see if you are right Pvt Hudson, we shall see. I am undecided on the matter myself and think it is very strange.Time will tell sooner or later, Time will tell as Hell Alien rightly says.
  8. Hell Alien
    What we are goin to see is maybe just a glimpse of tha pred, just hi hand or parts of his body but not that much. For tha whaling station thing, we dont know anything on this so I say that we dont start arguing on it. we ll see in the movie whats are the pred motive for the atk. but for now, we could say too many things on it. Anyway, the movie will give so many answers to all of our deepest questions. Not all but alot.
  9. Cetanu
    According to the timeline in the film, Paul Anderson said the attack on the Whaling Station is the first scene. However, he constantly keeps reitterating of how much he wants to hold true to the style of the first two Alien films and the first Predator. In all those movies, you never caught a full glimpse of the creature into well into the film, to help enhance the fear and build - up. In that scene under debate, if it is indeed the Whaling Station with the guy backing away, then we've already seen a Predator right at the beginning completely contradicting all that Paul has said. Also, what in the world would cause a Predator to attack a Whaling Station? That kind of defies all logic dont you think...
  10. TheOutcast
    Interesting, Darkness you two may be right. However I looked everywhere and I noticed that 1904 is only mentioned superficially in articles and reports about AVP, like the one you quoted Darkness It could be a rumour or gossip who knows? I just don't see why Paul Anderson would go against what he said.
  11. Darkness
    I haven\'t read all of this argument but I was just skipping through a set report at JoBlo\'s Movie Emporium and I quote:  \"Many different locales & time periods - Whaling station -1904 & present day...\"  I\'m not sure about the other things Pvt Hudson mentioned but there\'s a scene that takes place in 1904.
  12. TheOutcast
    oh by the way, Pvt Hudson. Denim has only existed for around 150 years and was only beginning to be worn around the 1930s and WWII. The only people who wore them before that were gold miners. I still stand my ground on this point and how do you know he isn't wearing modern boots to protect his feet from the cold?
  13. Bringer of Death
    Thanks for the props the REAL PREDATOR, also I thought I read or watched in a featturette anderson tells that the preds are the one that dig the ice tunnel, mabey they send a devise down like the machines they send in the books to populate the planets with alien eggs to dig out the tunnel before they arrive and when they do they slaughter the ground crew thats gaurding above ground.can anyone back this up for me?
  14. TheOutcast
    Our debate is not going anywhere Pvt Hudson. We can only speculate.You still haven not answered how and why (if it is) the date is 1904. Why has it changed from 1,000 years to 100 years? I am actually inclined to believe Paul Anderson rather then you, Pvt Hudson.
    when i say "the true circle"- i merely refer to all who are giving this movie a chance instead of bashing it based on the trailer. however, ive been posting here for about a year, i know many who come and go, but what i do know is that one who ahs been here as long as me is........Z.......... and is also a true AvP fan, as is Hell Alien, PvT Hudson, Bringer of Death and one who hast appeared in a long long time, ALias. i mean not to offend anyone by not mentioning them.....  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat................-real pred    ;)  
  16. Pvt Hudson
    hes not wearing sneakers, hes wearing black boots, and look at the furniture around them, old crackety wood and old silver metal plates?  and i hope you know denim has existed for almost 250 years?
  17. Hell Alien
    That was a good job cetanu. very complete, i like it.  it was of curse obvious that they were gods to the civilians there, I mean the preds were gods, and that the civilians made the 1 pyramid. But about the heat bloom, you brought up something interesting there cetanu. Could the preds activates a device that defroze evrything, remember in the trailer where we see a map of what seem to be the pyramid and the corridors on the map all suden got orange( heat bloom). Maybe the preds from space had activate device to defroze the aliens in there, or something like that. And then the queen is defroze too by accident then hell broke loose.
  18. Punisher
    i must say that that trailer nearly made me cry with sheer pleasure. but in the trailer when the pred "ran accross thin air" it did look pretty shitty but overall this movie is shaping up to kick quite alot of ass.    :D  
  19. ismguy
    cetanu i very much agree with you.  i love reading discussion boards but i dont normally post because i dont want to argue with some asshole with a half ass theory that is totally bunk but i definitely agree with what you are saying.  plus people really really need to accept its sci fi and you can write whatever you want in sci fi.  and you never know either.  if there was a jesus he could have been an alien?
  20. TheOutcast
    Why do you think its 1904?  Also look at that guy who is backing away at 1:04,  why is he wearing modern day shoes and jeans if it is 1904?
  21. Pvt Hudson
    It Changed! you are the one who is incorrect! if you watch the featurette on the creatures, you actually see a scene from 1904 where we see the preds blades extend and we see a guy back away!
  22. Pvt Hudson
    good job, just one thing though, its not every 1000 years, its every 100 years, the film opens up with an attack on a whaling station in 1904
  23. Cetanu
    Alright, time to finish this. As I was saying, the Yautja more than likely held the coming of age ritual inside if a pyramid on purpose so as to seal in the Xenomorphs and prevent them from escaping into and infesting the main body of the city should things get out of hand. All of a sudden though, the ritual doesn't go quite according to plan. The Aliens bust out of the pyramid and immobilize the entire city's population to be used for hosts. Lets say five Predators had been hunting the Aliens, two have been killed, leaving three left who have escaped to the top of the Pyramid. With nearly thousands of people exposed to the facehuggers, this in turn results in thousands of obviously pissed off Aliens swarming up all sides of the Pyramid to get to the remaining Preds. Realizing that they have no chance, the two Preds still alive ( the third is dead after getting impaled by an Alien tail ) activate their self destruct and KA - BOOM! The Aztecs are effectively wiped out along with all the Aliens!  With that training ground gone, the Preds must find another spot on Earth so that the ritual can continue. I must credit Adam JZ for this brillitant theory, but the Preds then pick Antarctica, the harshest environment on Earth, isolated from all the rest of the world. This isolation is crucial, and the Preds know this is important because they dont want the Aliens escaping to infest the rest of the world and spread out of their control again; like what happened in S. America. The Preds then construct the ritual Pyramid out of their own technology with the help of their surviving worshippers. At the 1,000 year mark several humans are sacrificed leaving behind the eerie skeletons and such that you see when the team enters the Pyramid. Now, 1,000 years later, its time for the ritual to begin again. Now someone mentioned of just how convenient the Pyramid was in a hollowed out cavern when the team finally is able to drill that deep. In one of the featurettes you hear Weyland say "7 days ago one of my satellites discovered a sudden heat plume over Antarctica". My guess is, you have to remember now, this Pyramid is mostly Predator technology, so, perhaps the Preds planned for the fact that in a 1,000 years of idleness their pyramid would be buried underneath layers of ice, so they built in some form of device that heats up the outside of the pyramid, melting the immediate ice around it, creating that cavern making it at least somewhat accessible. Is anything I'm saying making any sense, I hope so, my fingers will be pissed if I they knew they typed so long only to have their hard work backfire.
  24. Cetanu
    Hey guys, I know all of you are probably sick of discussing why the main body of the story is being set in Antarctica, but I am here to defend the plot Anderson has written, I know its utter genius and I want to prove that to all of you once and for all.  For those who want to know how this starts. In the beginning Anderson is basing his story off of theories from some famous guy named Eric/Erik von Danikken ( doubt I just spelled his name right...ohhh well ) , this guy firmly believed that such a primitive and savage people like the Aztecs or the Incas, whoever is being used couldn't have possible constructed their elaborate cities and pyramids on their own. He theorized that they constructed the pyramids with alien help. These aliens that arrived to help them became their Gods, they began to idolize and worship them due to the seemingly limitless technology they possessed that enabled them to build their cities. The Gods they worshipped 'came down from the sky in giant ships' and of course we all know that the Predators had mastered space travel, even that long ago. Now we know that the Gods they worhsip are Predators, so you know that when you worship something that you're willing to do whatever it takes to appease them. The Predators definately used this to their advantage. They pretty much said "Okay, now that we built your city, you get to do us a pretty little favor, you get to be used as hosts for the Xenomorph facehuggers. Now this ties in perfectly with the fact that these ancient civilizations practiced human sacrifice, except in this story its facehuggers not a knife through the chest. Now this is all to be done of course in a special ritual pyramid, because I'm sure that Yautja knew, even then about the Aliens notorious ability to infest and spread. Part I is done fellas, my fingers hurt, I'll finish the rest later on, feel free to praise or criticize ( if you dare ) what I've written so far.
    HELL ALIEN! glad your back- and so is complete the circle of the TRUE AvP Fans...  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat....................-real pred
  26. Bringer of Death
    Cetanu, I was just on and the novel came out on June 8th it says there and has a 2-3 day delivery date.So if you want major spoilers and cant wait for the movie get the book, thats if it is a actualy scene for scene type of movie book.I personaly am waiting for the movie in August baby!!!!!!!!!!!!   ;D  
  27. Cetanu
    Does anyone here happen to know when the novel for this film is coming out? Also, I wanted to remind everyone here of a question that was asked earlier on, how long is this movie?
  28. Hell Alien
    I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`v worked 50 hours in 3 days, this is insane. This is not a joke. Thats why I did not came on galaxy for a while. Yes I know you all miss me. There alot o things that need to be said here.  Fisrt, thanx pvt hudson for the good words. thanx bud. Now, for the pyramid thing. know what I think?  1- the pyramid was built like in mexico, then brought up to antartica. Why??, well we all saw that aliens HATE! cold. So that could have been a way to prevent the aliens from getting out of the pyramid. That could be the reason why they put it like 2000 feets under too. And it could have been harder for the ceremony. I also think that the searchers will find a kind of secret entrance to the temple. otherwise the preds should have to dig 2000 feets all the time??  Or the pyramid was build there like 1000 years ago and got forgotten and thats why its so deep. As for the cold in the pyramid, ya maybe dont know but even if its ice, it can be real hot in there, ever got into a igloo?. I did and you get warm after like 30 mins in there and you need to get some off or its like in damn summer. ( an igloo is an Inuit construction made of ice just in case ya dont know    ;)  )  Next, the franchise indeed needs a boost after 3 awful movies in a row. I found P2 was great but it only made like 30 millions . not enough.  and we dont know for sure that there is no disc in this. PA is keeping some surprises ya know. Even if the elder is the only one to have one, its at least that. As for the weapons in general, they look awsome, I just want to see a pred use that ceremonial dagger to get a head off !! So cool. As for that G-36 thing, I think thats its one, I saw a good pic of it on avpworld, and its like it.   As for the jockeys that have created the aliens, look in the comic dstroying angels of the aliens series. there a passage where they mentioned the aliens jockey relation. BUT its a comic so its bullshit, no facts!!!!!!!! just fun.   Well , I`ll begin by this and happy to be back, By the way, Z you rock . I love your kind of answers and your great. Again, pvt hudson, thanx for the good words.  See ya all later
  29. Barreth
    No, ur not... my job is so utterly boring... I sit in front of the comp all day... but I get paid for it... so no complaints... but no, I spend a good portion of my day on here... chatting it up in the forum
  30. Terhou
    That Queen on the eggsack looks the same as AvP:Extinction 5th marine mission briefing screen artwork   ???  Cool Predator cloaking!   ;D  .Didn`t know that Yautja could throw an Alien just like that!   ???   That orange vision mode is Electromagnetic i think!dontcha 2?   ???  
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