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  1. Cookies
    i dont like the new trailer.  And that guy saying the "you ugly son of a"  is the worst acting EVER!  OMG that was so bad.  With that anger you dont say it slow like that... it just doesnt go well and doesnt seem real.
  2. shadowhunter2000
      ;D   Does any one know of a link where i can download the trailer straight to my pc.  I am at work and cant watch quicktime in stream i need to download it.  I really dont want to wait till 7pm to watch it
  3. beeko
    im flying to the US to see avp in august i cant wait till september in sydney , can anyone tell me the best theatre with the bigest screen in the LA area
  4. ajustin67
    They basing it on the general comic storyline that Aliens are now being bred so that Predators can use for hunting both for fun and as a Ritual into Adulthood. Unfortunatly humans get in the way and a bunch of stuff happens, but usually, Predator fight Alien, Predator injured by Aliens, Human save Predator, Predator follows code of honour help Human, Human and Predator fight Alien, Human survives, Predator kills itself to save Human...but theres always an egg left. fade to black - possible and most likely a squel will follow
  5. Hell Alien
    riddick=so so. avp traila= ( comic guy from the simpsons ) BEST TRAILA EVA!!!!!   so cool.   About the different tehc level of the preds clan, I`m with that. Could be, look at humans, why not preds??  as for the blow of death, ( cool eh ), think this, there were 3 preds on the pyramid. blow of death = 3 times the blow. we dont know how many preds are activating it, 1-2-3?? all at the sme time?= giga blow.  Could be. as for the vision thing, I dont know about the fact that preds could see through hosts and detect embryos. Maybe could work. But about the vision, have you saw how improoved it was from the others movie?????? How cool is that. I love it.
  6. Galmorzu
    They did that image flip because they thought it would be a cool effect.  That's all.     :D    I don't think it worked, so many people just think they screwed something up.
  7. cookies
    You guys notice that at 17 sec into the trailer that leader pred, for some reason everything on him flips to the opposite side?  Look at his staff on his back and everything.  The image flips.  Strange.
  8. Sandworm
    Or with the Preds more like a more experienced hunter packing less gear and such to prove how bad-ass he is.  Plus the pred self destruct in the trailer could be a 'things have gone horribly wrong' grade nuke as opposed to a 'keep the monkey's off my gear' nuke :)
  9. TheStorm
    One the self-destruct is powerful, but you could avoid it, Dutch jumped behind a root of a tree and most likley burrowed himself close to the ground.  Two it has to do with clans not technology, some of these predators, especially from the first one had the least technology/weapons, most likley he was a lower class in the social status, a poorer hunter. While these others may have something much greater. Just look at the difference of the Middle Eastern people's technology and ours.
  10. mars396
    So what is the deal with the Pred's self destruct ? At the end of the Pyramid scene, it looks like the Self Destruct thingee takes out the entire Mayan civilization.  Dutch was WAY inside that blast radius in the first Predator film, and that took place thousands of years AFTER the events portrayed in the Pyramid scene.  Has Predator self destruct technology gotten LESS ADVANCED in a couple thousand years ??!?!??!?!?!
    hey guys whats up i went to go see riddick and it was really good everyone here should see it  they should make one more to complete everything,and the avp trailer is on the riddick previews .From watching the avp full length trailer i can now say that avp it going to be the best alien and predator movie out, i think PAUL ANDERSON woke up and desided that he was going to do a good job on this project than what he did in the past like soldier and resident evil PAUL ANDERSON did it people! you see it in the trailer that he knew what he was going avp.GO SEE RIDDICK ITS COOL.   ;D  
  12. hewhoserves the queen
    is it just me or am i the only one who is nervous at how far the technology will jump will it make the other movies weapons eg pulse riflle / smartguns etc  look like stone age tools. i love the weaponary from aliens it is wot the military of today is experimenting with.
  13. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Interesting point Galmorzu. The Predator's vision could probably show if someone is carrying an Alien embryo in him (so that the person was facehugged). I wonder if they will show this. Would be cool... :)
  14. Galmorzu
    Side-note:  seems our good-guy pred is maskless by the end of the film.  This just lends more possibility to my prediction that he may have been hugged (awww, pred hugs!  Everyone join in!) at some point and could burst after Lex leaves, leaving a cute lil' predalien burster to bring on the credits.    Of course, I'm prolly looking way too much into this.
  15. Galmorzu
    Yeah, I would have figured that the trailer would be online today, after leaving it with Riddick for the weekend.  Quicktime's site only puts up new stuff 90% of the time on Thursdays and Fridays, but I'd hate to think we'll be waiting until then for this to be up.  I wonder what they're waiting for?  I keep getting this nagging feeling that they put up that Apple Exclusive Preview just to tide us over because the trailer won't be up for a while.     :-\  
  16. Galmorzu
    My thoughts exactly.  A lot of people won't want to consider this movie official, but it would explain why the company was in such a big rush to collect this alien species which, we originally presumed, they knew nothing about.  Heck, the space jockey could have been transporting miniature space hamsters for all WY knew, so why would they want those in the bioweapons division?     :D    They definitely knew beforehand what the aliens were like.  Heck, even in Aliens, Burke was in a big rush to get the aliens back into the bioweapons division without really knowing that much about their capabilities, but if they had a record of the aliens life-cycle and lethal characteristics already, they'd know full well what they were capable of.  So all-in-all, I would like to consider AvP part of the storyline.  When I was watching the movie earlier, that line from Ripley in the beginning about if just one of those things reaches earth we're all screwed speech is chilling.  Aliens have already been a major part of your own world's history and you don't even know it!  I just love the idea, but of course I know others don't.     :)  
  17. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Still no trailer online, I'm going crazy. Damn it. We should mail the avp site for the trailer. I mean, Riddick does not appear in theatres here in the Netherlands before August 12th 2004, so I'm not gonna see this trailer soon, except if they put it on the net. And you guys are talking about it, and it sounds so lovely, and I just can't see it :(  The avp site doesn't list an email address (or I can't find it), so it sucks.
  18. Yarah
    Makes the Alien Storyline make sense abit more, in regards to mother saying, PIck up alien lifeform, all other proirities are expendable.  Bourke also knew about it, but played dump, we could tell that.... the company Knew of this organism
  19. Galmorzu
    I was just curious, but who is going to consider the storyline from AvP to be canon for the alien and predator franchises? And don't feel hesitant to give an answer either way, I personally don't really mind if people do or don't. I ask because I'm watching Aliens right now and it's rather interesting to imagine that the company knew about the aliens before this movie.
  20. TheStorm
    Does that mean the theatre? Jeeze tell that guy that yes we know it's out on that Riddick movie, it has been for 4 days now we want the damn thing online like all others.
  21. Galmorzu
    I think he was hinting at the Movie Theater ;-)   Now if that's what he's doing, does that mean the theater is the only place we can see the trailer? Does that mean it won't be released online! Dun dun DUNNNNN!     8)  
  22. >>AGENT GLENN<<
    Apple just told me a hint of when the trailer will be out:   -It's bigger then a bread box, and smells like fresh popcorn.  I mean what the f**k does that mean!!!? Any ideas!? Or was he taking the piss outta me?
  23. >>AGENT GLENN<<
    I sent an e-mail to apple. And they told me that they are not aware of when the trailer will be online... I'm starting to get very impatient!!!!   >:D  
  24. Big Guy
      ;D  Stop it, seeing all this awesome stuff, man I can't wait tell this comes out! I crazed the aliens movie's, the pred. ones too, and have the comic's, aswell as the reading the books.Kick ass, who ever came up  with the idea, you kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Galmorzu
    Yeah, this is getting annoying.  I hope it's up today at some point.  My worry is that maybe they put that Apple Exclusive Preview up the day before to tide us over because the normal trailer won't be up for a while.     ???    I doubt it, it's probably just taking a while.  We'll see tonight.
  26. TheStorm
    When the hell is Apple going to release the new trailer online? I figured they would do it by Monday, this is bull, 95% of trailers that come out attatched to a movie, the same day or the next they release it online.   Darkness have you gotten any word?
  27. Galmorzu
    I think I just realized what the next featurette could be if they ever do another one.  I don't know if they will or not, but the only thing left to talk about the making of would be the Visual Effects.  This would be most of the CGI and technical effects, like pred cloaking, plasma casters, pyramid scene, and cg aliens.  I'd be really interested in hearing from them about this.  I hope they do it eventually.     8)  
  28. Hell Alien
    Well the only way I could describe the new queen waist is, a 36-24-36 kinda girl and put some ant with scorpion kinda stuff in it. I know this is not really clear but its the best i can do for now
  29. Galmorzu
    Well I checked those extras and saw a ton of pre-production concept art for the Queen, and besides a couple horrendous ideas for her, the rest were basically exactly what we got in the movie itself, so Anderson is either referring to those awful original queen ideas (which I doubt he was), or we haven't seen the images he's talking about.
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