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  1. alien hunter
    These pictures are LAME.Couldnt you advertise yourselves BETTER!!! I mean common.Hey you wanna find out some cool things about xenomorphic species go to  OK!!! See YOU later...   :-\     :-\     ;D     ???     :D  
  2. Series600
    Ok, I am really upset here.  I just came back from the movie theatre.  I bought my ticket for Riddick, got a drink, sat down, and waited for the previews to start.  It started 10 minutes late with "Bod Brand" collogne, then it started on car advertisement, then the film melted.  They gave everyone in the theater, who waited, two free passes.  So I will go see it tonight at 4:15(it is 2:40 right now, my time).  So far, my day is just going very poorly.  I woke up early because of my dog barking at my neighbor.  Couldn't fall back asleep, so I wanted to relax at a movie, then that crap happened.  What a day.
  3. newbornsux89
    I think it is part of the final trailer too.  It had the look, feel, and music that a trailer would have.  It's not the whole thing though, I'm seeing Riddick either tonight or tomorrow with some friends, and I'm praying the trailer is with it   ;D  
  4. WonderBrick
    I imagine this might be the final trailer.  If it is, i would not be disappointed.  I just can't wait to see it in higher quality.  :)
  5. Saint Sinner
    I thought the lines coming from "Lex" in the Access Hollywood version were very convincing (about being caught in the middle of a war) I sure hope the rest of her acting is believable.
    i belive this movie will be a thousand times better than alien resserection !! a thousand times!!   :did you see how much slime was coming off the aliens in AR it was rediculouse! and brown? why the hell would an alien be brow they dont facehugg crap...huff well thats what happens when you hire a dutchy to make an alien film!    >:D     ;D     ;)  
  7. Legend Killer
    After seeing this stuff i really don't think the movie could possibly be bad. On the other hand though i love most movies people think are bad anyway
  8. Series600
    I was unable to watch Access Hollywood earlier tonight, but a rerun will be on in an hour and a half.  Where in the show is the footage?  From the pictures above, it looks to be at the end, during the credits, is that correct?
  9. TheStorm
    I thought it was great, I do hate people that bash movies that they have not scene, and the things they bash them for are small and insignificant.  But everything I saw was grand, and even better then I could of hoped.
  10. Hell Alien
    Well this is better, got on the other forum and everyone was complaining about the damn cg. We saw the thing on tv, not in cimnemas and there all complaining!!! Anyway, this rock and now I`m grigning my fingers for august. This is not what I call excitement, I call this TORTURE!!!
  11. Me
    MTV Pre Show clip...............Omfg. This shiz is gonna blow shit out of the water, as good a preview that was.. teamed with a 2 hour movie and actual characters we care about oMfG.
  12. DeaconRage
    this one sucks, MTV version is better  i dont see how people are saying the aliens look like shit, they look like how they look from alien and aliens. there obviously not CG. there animatronics
  13. Bringer of Death
    I wish they had the picture for the part in the preview were the Pred is getting ripped up by like 3 or 4 aliens.Now alot of you prob didnt even notice this scene but I did when I watched it a few time in slow mo.Cool stuff and for the pyramid scene, man it looked good on my 27 inch flat screen so Im not sure why some of you r saying other wise, most of the shot looked like they were real preds in costume infront of a blue screen for the sky and the swarm crawling up to them.But as soon as the shot starts you see the one Pred holding up his spear then smoking 2 aliens as the fall of the pyramid, that all looked as if they were the real preds ( in costume not all cgi rendered) with added cgi to add the huge army of aliens comming for them.I dont know I'm impresed and dont have any complaints that i can finf in it and I've watched it about 10 times now.
  14. Me
    MTV Pre Show clip...............Omfg. This shiz is gonna blow shit out of the water, as good a preview that was.. teamed with a 2 hour movie and actual characters we care about oMfG.
  15. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    Yeah I'm sure the movie will rock, I'm still in shock! don't get me wrong!! I'm very excited by this movie!  AvP galaxy RULES!!
  16. Predgirl
    I just saw some footage on the Mtv post show moments ago and its rocks big time baby OH YEAH   ;D   One thing that bothered me is that don't be to hard on the CGI scene because if you think of it it was only a few seconds to see so you can't really tell if it is bad or not.  But at least the movie is going to be awesome.
  17. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    I just saw the trailer again on MTV...   They show the scene of the Alien face to face with the Predator as we already saw in the featurettes,  Then the 3 predators coming to some sort of an altar...  then we can see an egg opening and the Facehugger jumping out,  Right after that the predator holding a chestbuster  then flashes of the Queen, Predators, wristblades a cool kinda ninja star from the predators, some humans  also the Aliens, to be honest they look terrible....  The jumping Predator cloaking, looks so so...  A shoulder cannon, a predators net, then he throws a spear,  They show also an Alien ripping a predator's mask  A flying facehugger  Some shots of the queen  couple of explosions and then the scene  of the pyiramid that I commented earlier,  that one looks really cheap...I hope the  CGI isn't finished yet....   We'll see!  Saludos!
  18. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    I'm disappointed that the trailer is too goddamn short... and the last scene the CGI looks cheap...other than that it looks very exciting!!
  19. Galmorzu
    I have to say that the pyramid scene looked better than I thought it did from what the MTV movie awards showed.  The CGI looked pretty good.
  20. Bringer of Death
    Man I just taped the preview shown on the MTV awards and all I can say is HOLY FU@#ING SH!& this movie is going to be amazing.I allmost want to say just from seeing that quick preview that this movoe looks as if it will be the best from both franchises, I mean I was that impresed.I taped it then watched it in slow mo frm by frem and Paul Anderson is going to be famous as hell after this film, I have no dobt in mh mind that he did NOT screw up this film everything looked awesome.Now I'm litteraly fiending like a junkie for crack to see thid movie and August is way to far away I want it NOW.Man if they add anything else to this preview to be the final trailer it will easily be the BEST trailer from any movie I've ever seen.WOW   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  21. tribalcore
    i have never posted on here before but just to let you know they showed a short clip of AvP on the MTV movie awards pre-show. they showed the pyramid scene. looks sick showed alot of stuff we havent scene yet. i was kinda worried but i saw that short footage and gave me goose bumps. finally stuff we havent seen yet!!! oh and im jim from good ol NJ Shore
  22. Rusty Nails
    I'm afraid it's too big to send through E-mail, I'm sorry. :/  Well what's to say, it's awesome! Too bad the quality sucks balls. "You ugly son of a ..." Says one of the team members to the predator. :)  -Rusty Nails
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