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New AvP Picture in Empire

I’ve finally got Empire Magazine today and saw the new AvP picture which everybody was telling me about. It shows an alien drooling over Lex and she appears to be holding some kind of spear. I’m going to scan it in, within the next couple of hours so check back soon.

Update: Well, it’s better late than never. I’ve included the new AvP picture here as well as a picture of the article.

20040531_02 New AvP Picture in Empire

20040531_01 New AvP Picture in Empire

And a note to people in other forums, you can’t directly link to these images.

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  1. Josh
    I'm not sure why so many people are missing this, but the Aliens in AVP are identical to the warriors from AR. None of the original design has been used. The only difference is that they have been re-painted in a black color. This is what makes the quote from Anderson so strange, as he simply recycled the AR design.
  2. Predgirl
    I see what your saying there Bringer of Death about her holding the spear and she porbably picked it up for protection.  About the person in the yellow coat I believe its Sebastion there.  Anyway this is just a guess because parts of the movies they are together trying to get away.
  3. Bringer of Death
    @ AVP overlord, NO Stan Winston. And if you actualy look at this picture you see that Lex is staring at the TONGUE/INNER JAWS of the alien and SHE is holding the spear , if you turn up the brightness on your computer alll the way up you can see her hand on the spear but there is deff. someone behind her in the yellow coat.I'm not sure why you guys think there is a Pred in this pic and that it is the one impaling the alien, theres not.It's all Lex and I doubt the alien is even being stabbed by her, shes just holding on to it for dear life to use as a weapon incase of an attack.So look claos people and you will see what I'm saying for yourselfs.   ;)  
  4. Captain Obvious
    I don't know about u guys, but I definately think that Lex is curled up in a corner, staying as far away as possible from a pred and a drone duking it out. That's where I think the spear is coming from; a pinned down pred. And if the drone was going for her, I think she'd be dead by then. Cuz let's face it ppl, Aliens are much more dangerous than those panzy-preds. They're sure to win.     ;D   Period. That's right pred fans.  Anyways, Captain Obvious, away!!!!
  5. Predgirl
    Cool pic, but to me Lex the character her eyes are looking somewhere else or it could be the angle.  Its cool and I can't wait.    ;D  
  6. Stryker
    All I can say is that this movie looks and seems pleasing.    ;D   As far as the alien goes, they should use acrobats like they used back when they made Aliens. I can see something going wrong, because u cant get the same movement out of a robot made alien then u will out of a person inside an alien costume moving around.    >:D   Also, if anyone is interested, there is a 3 minute clip of the makinf of the alien and the predator on the dvd stuck on you. it shows how they move and this and that. its worth viewing, even if its only 3 mins, so check it out.   :D   Oh, if anyone has been able to get a working trailer of avp from anywhere, can you please send it to me. I haven't been able to see on yet, and they wont download for me at all. Its really pissing me off.    ???     ???     ???     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D  . If you get one, send it to Ill really appreciate it. Thanx a lot. In the pic above i think the alien is getting speared.   ;D  
  7. Player_0
    Hmmm, it looks to me that she isnt looking at the drone, but looking at someone (or something    ???  ) else. Maybe a pred who is sticking that spear into the drone? Man, I cant wait till it comes out here in the Netherlands!! 28th of Octobre!! Step aside wesley and make room for the real Badasses!!!

    Or maybe she is surrounded by drones!! AAARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! And that spear is from a dead pred whos bodyparts are spread out on the floor there! AAARGGGHHHHHH!!! I think im gonna faint.....
  8. JTrebat85
    like the fact that Anderson went back to gigers design.  but what i don't like is when you keep changing the ALIEN around It just ruins the other films.  The double jointed legs for example.  In Sir Ridley Scott's ALIEN the creature took on the form from which it ruptured from but in Alien Resurection the alien walk like a raptor from jurassic park.  When you take away the orginal product by a far it kind of loses its feeling.  The hands are different too.  There are only three fingers now with huge hands.  in Ridleys ALIEN it had 5 fingers but they were long.   Cameron made a noticeable change to the ALIEN franchise but as people enjoyed the film they were not bothered.  But when Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff J.R keep altering the ALIEN its not going to end up as a good product.  I agree with Anderson that the Alien in Resurection looked to beastly it justed lost the horror in it.  Its all about staying with the orginal films.  Cameron followed the aspects of Ridleys Concept of space to a certain extent,  He made it so that fans of the first film would find it almost the same kind of feeling of watching ALIEN but just an action film.  But I wonder what they have done to the Queen?  I have seen Cameron drawings of the queen in concept but I thought it looked alot better with how it looked in ALIENS.  In order for these films to survive they have to stick to the basics and not lead off too much from the orginals.
  9. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Here's what I think about the pic:  Lex and Sebastian in the background, and a Predator (offscreen) saves them from an Alien as he pushes his spear into the Alien.
  10. Alien warrior
    i think the picture looks fine and i cant wait to see the Alien vs Predator and i hope its good with alot of great action scenes and good characters like the first 4 alien movies did and both predator movies.    ;D  
  11. brianjrmav24
    Hey, I have some input as to why all of you think the Alien in the photograph looks like that from Alien Resurrection. If you remember from Featurette 2, the Hydraulic Alien looked a whole lot different from the other Alien models, especially the jaw which is what ya'll seem to have a problem with. Anderson might have been using the Hydraulic in this shot which explains why it might look a little strange, but if you notice, once again in Featurette 2, when it shows the Alien and the Predator lying down on that table, that Alien shown laying there looks just like a carbon copy from Ridley Scott's design, so, no worries, I dont think Anderson is feeding us a line of BS when he tells us who he's modeling off of. For the Real Predator, and I'm not upset at all if you haven't gotten to it yet, but, is there any chance your source found a way to contact Paul Anderson yet?
  12. iceman
    maybe Lex has the spear, because she hates being drooled on   :D  .  seriously, these pictures keep getting better and better each time whenever a new one is posted   ;D  
  13. Killer_Kakashi
    I think its the chin and the figures that came out that make people think AR design. I personally think its close to Scott's design but the chin is more AR than anything else.
    this picture is fantastic- i dont think it really resembles the AR aliens- Sanaa lathan does some AMAZING acting in this movie.  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat......-real pred
  15. El Diablo
    Damn, I got goosebumps looking at that picture. I've been a fan of the Alien since my parents took me to see the sequel when I was a kid, any chance to see them on the big screen again is something I look forward to. Can't wait to see this!    ;D  
  16. Vamp
    HEY PPL DID U READ THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE IT SAYZ THEY R GOING BACK TO SUM OF CAMERONS ORIGINAL IDEAS SWEET    ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ???     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  17. Name/Nickname:
    I think that may be a Predator spear and it is actually stuck in the Alien.  The pic looks cool, but the comment from Anderson in the text doesn't make sense.  I don't think the design is close to the Alien in Ridley's movie at all.  It's much closer to Alien Resurrection.  Just my opinion though.
  18. Pvt Hudson
    whoa for a second i got scared there, because it says october 22nd and i remember fiew thats the uk release thank god i live in Canada!
  19. Erez
    Cool, Sanaa's face looks so distorted out of fear. It increases the credibility of the creatures, There are going to be some good actors in this film.
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