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No AVP Trailer With TDAT

Rumours have been circulating for some time that the trailer for AVP may have been attached to The Day After Tomorrow which premiered earlier today in the US but sadly, for the americans that saw the film, there was no AVP trailer.

So the big question is, when can we expect the final theatrical trailer? Since we’ve had no official word from Fox, it makes you wonder what’s going on. The big films that premiere in June are “The Chronicals of Riddick” (June 11th) and “Spiderman 2” (June 30th) – both of which happen to have PG-13 certificates. The next big-budget Fox Film is “I, Robot” which premieres on 16th July but whenever the trailer arrives, it’s bound to be online before it reaches cinemas.

Update: I just emailed Apple to enquire about the trailer and they said: “We don’t have a release date or new information at this time on a new AvP trailer. We can neither confirm nor deny having information about any trailer in advance of its release. We make a point of not releasing any
info in advance of our studio partners.”

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Comments: 21
  1. AustrAlien
    Screw TDAT, bring on the trailer to AVP, it would be better worth paying $8 to see the AVP trailer rather than waste your time watching some tryhard deep impact!!!!!
  2. Shadow of FUS
    I just emailed the quicktime site.

    Perhaps FOX is having problems with putting the trailer up.Some bugs or not last minute tweeking perhaps?
  3. Pvt Hudson
    darkness says he e-mailed to find out when the avp trailer will be online! and they gave f**k all! i say we all e-mail apple and overwhelm them so they are forced to release the trailer? what do you say?  darkness whats the e-mail addresse!
  4. AdamJZ
    All I know is that it will be released before june 30th. Fox would be idiots not to.  EVERYONE WILL SEE spiderman 2, so fox will not miss the opportunity to advertise there. HOPEFULLY it will be on June 11th with Riddick Which IS PG-13, I saw a TV add for it.
  5. Nyder
    I live in Australia and I saw a trailer before day after tomorrow.  Although it was more like a teaser - it just showed bits of alien and predator and then the title.
  6. El Diablo
    The first trailer for the MATRIX sequels was shown with STAR WARS while prints of LORD OF THE RINGS had the trailers for both JASON X and BLADE II attached to them. I don't think attaching an R rated trailer to a PG movie will be too difficult to do, especially if it's with a high profile sci-fi flick like RIDDICK or I, ROBOT.
  7. TheStorm
    Well you never know, it does not have to be a Fox movie that it is connected to. And I, Robot is way too late, no way would they do that. I mean with out a dobut it will be early June, or it's going to be marketing suicide, if nothing shows early June I will have to say first graders could do a better marketing job then Fox.  Chronicals of Riddick is a very high probabilty, just because it's PG-13 does not mean they don't show trailers for R movies, they don't show gore in trailers, they have been made for all audiances. Since COR is a sci-fi movie possibly. And I'm sure since everyone and their grandmother will be seeing Spider-Man 2 *me included* I bet they will ALSO show it for that as well on there. Letting MILLIONS see it.   But I would hope in the next week and a half we hear something.
  8. Predgirl
    Whats with Fox anyway they are already advertising movies made by their company so why not show AVP to.  I don't understand it at all.  Like I said in a previous post somewhere that they already shown Catwoman already and thats toward the end of July, not rated either and even on tv.  Why is Fox not promoting AVP movie which will be big.  I know I'm complaining, but their not showing any good use for the movie we all are hoping to see. Maybe it might come out with The Chronicals Of Riddick maybe since wasn't the first rated R or something I believe this one might be to. This is just a guess or my theory so I hope it doesn't come out to late like july.
  9. Vito
    thats one of my theories as well AdamJZ, although i somehow doubt that Walter Hill & Joel Silver would aim for PG-13, but that Thomas Hammel guy.. Maybe its a producer vs producer conflict heh..  but but.. Van Helsing trailer was out months before it got rating, in fact it didn't have a mpaa rating till few days before premiere..
  10. AdamJZ
    Guys Guys, Settle down. lets take a movie like Troy or Colateral for example, they are big movies, yet the trailers got released about a month before the movie, my theroy (which I hope is not true) is that they have to put the MPAA rating with the trailer, and the producers are conflicting against the director as to what the rating should be, the producers want it to be PG-13, but paul wants an R rating.  lets hope paul pulls through.
  11. Vito
    hey Erez, theres no way its coming out with I, Robot, thats less than a month before AvP's premiere, its nonsense! Then it will be one the worst adversited (of big movies) ever!  They already showed a 3 - 4 min preview on "NATO" which according to the reporter was awsome, so why on earth are they waiting so long with us   ???  
  12. SaNdMaNxx
    wah aload of shit i went to see day after 2morrow (witch was really kool) hoping to see an AVP trailer i dont inderstand  i mean they showed a trialor of ocean 12  that dont come out till DECEMBER but o well we gatta wait longer .....    >:D  
  13. Shadow of FUS
    Well I keep checking quicktime every few hours waiting for it to pop up.It'll come....we just gotta be patient.But I hope they dont release it to little too late.
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