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  1. sandmanxx
    leeroy jetson.....I c ur point many ppl are getting confused with many version of the but the predator arent hunting for humanz they hunting the alien or better known as "The coming of agr rituals" the humans get in between the the alien and predator....
  2. leeroy jetson
    i still dont understand why predators would be hunting humans...isnt an alien like the big fish in the hunt, and arent the predators supposed to be trying to survive some sort of coming of age ritual by being left with aliens. like turn on your cloak and human threat ends. makes no sense yoz
  3. The Papertang
      8)   I would like to know sum more info on the new movie i only know that its got one or more predators vs a bunch off aliens .. yer so tell me more . Predgirl just wantin to know where is it u live    8)  
  4. sandmanxx
    hey guys just wanna  say wuz up im new on this site . and well about the pic the pic look pretty like i read be4 on a few postupz it lookzlike it iz just a production pic.. not that bad..
  5. Commander Kruge
    The first predator had some predator sandels on as you can clearly see them in plain view when you see full body shots, etc. etc...., the second predator I always thought was barefoot, maybe not.  Picture does look pretty good.
  6. Vito
    hmm he's jacket has another colour than the one sebastian wears, but i guess its just the lightning... anyways maybe this means that he won't get killed by the Alien, as we've seen clearly footage of an Alien just about to bite him..   so he has to escape from one of 'em, i'm looking forward to see how.    ;D 
  7. flonge
    Nice picture! It can't be the final version of this scene though... FOX should advertise this movie alot more than every other movie on this planet!"!!!!!!!!!
    I'm confused.  Is this an offical pic from the movie or is it just an on set picture. Either Way, IT LOOKS F**kIN AWESOME.  P.S. why arent Fox advertising this movie alot. It is suspose to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year.   >:D  
  9. Surt
    I like the pic, any new pics with preds in it and im cool.    :D   He looks cool with that armor...compared to the weakling human. Hm, yeah, preds were barefooted as far as I recall, this certainly is a change, but hey, its armored version in this one.    ;D   Good work, also is it certain that AvP trailer will be in the Day After Tomorrow? Cuz if it is, i am going to watch Day no matter what...   8)  
  10. shadowpred
    i don't what they are for guess they finally realized they needed footwear  NIKE anyone   welcome to foot locker PRED:FOOTLOCKER?

    is it just me or is it that the pred is wearing too much armor like they are ready that no acid touches them aliens aRE gonna lose this one
  11. ajustin67_lvlake_lvle_screalvlooo0000
    The picture looks alot like the scene from the first predator, when the pred had arnold by the throat against a tree...Also, i thought the pred's were, bare foot, look's like he is wearing some Old Ass Timberlands.....????????
  12. cookies
    becuase when lifting a guy like that the body doesnt bend backwards, it bends fowards toward the pred.  And those preds are really strong to life him like that with extended arm.. man what the hell can touch a pred with that strength!
  13. TheStorm
    Well the fact of it is, I bet a billion dollars that is a close up shot, and that is some one with a camera, same thing with T3 you could tell it was wire work when the T-850 grabbed John by the throat and lifted him up, but in the movie it was a bunch of close up shots. I'm sure this is the same thing, I bet you won't see his lower half of his body.  But I hope the new trailer is out this week. It better be or it's safe to say Fox has become the dumbest company in the world with advertising.
    Guys! This site is about the alien v predator movie! not about makeing fun of each other. And for thous of you who think that pic sucks should watch what they say. It may not be the greatist shot in the world but its still better than any of us nerds could do!    P.s. I think the pic is sweet! THE MOVIE IS GOING TO KICK F***ING A$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ;D  
  15. SaFiRE*^))))))
    MOVIE looks AmaZing !  f** th negative peps, they dont want to be happy. lol, That PIC looks CRAZYYY!!!  wow that predator is a BIG mtf.

    as for the PREDATOR  might be Victorious but there will always be more  ALieNs coming for them. sort of a Win, losee situation. Aliens will aventually ware the hulking warriors stamina doWN.   ;D     :)     :)     :) 
  16. Predgirl
    I think the picture rocks and what with the wire deal so whoopde do.  How would you look if someone lifted you from the neck.  If you don't like the picture then don't look at it thats all.  I just wondering which Predator is holding Sebastian by the neck.  It looks to me as the main Predator, but I could be worng because I can't tell.
  17. shadowpred
    seriousley you people which complain should just get out of here man and tell it to people who actually care     the pic IS COOL    wire work??  WTF
  18. BobCat
    I can complain all I want. Just because I don't like the picture doesn't mean the movie will suck ass. AdamJZ, you can't really be talking , or typing for that matter, because weren't you the one complaining hard-core about this movie just the other day? Hypocrite.
  19. AdamJZ
    Amen man, all of you guys are making up evrey posible reason that this movie will suck, I think that this picture looks cool, and this is a production photo not a screenshot.  look on the bright side, this movie was originally going to be directed by the guy who did Batman Forever, now that would be worthy of suicide,  anyway the pic looks great. so dont complain.
  20. Gorman
    a lot of you that post on this site are pretty whiney and overly critical about every detail. Why does this pic look bad? looks pretty cool to me. wire work? you remind me of the comic-book-store guy from the simpsons: "..worst episode ever!"
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