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New AvP Production Still

The official AvP-Movie Website has been updated with a new screenshot of Lex and Sebastian looking at a marking on the floor in the pyramid. Strangely enough, this screenshot replaces the shot of Lex walking into the are where there are two people cocooned on the wall.

20040503 New AvP Production Still

PlanetAvP thinks the cocoon shot was replaced because it was deemed too scary but your guess is as good as mine. Thanks to PlanetAvP.

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  1. brianjrmav24
    Whassup everybody. Hey! I made a great discovery today. Listen up, I know that many of your are under the impression that when you watch Featurette # 2 that there are two different Predators in there. Its true, one does have a distinguishing mark on his helmet, but, I believe that the Predator with the symbol on his helmet and the one you see climbing the staircase to defend itself against Weyland is the same one. Those of you who have the read the comics know that when a Yautja does successfuly survive and kill a Xenomorph that the blood of an Alien is used to burn the clan symbol into that Yautja's forehead. Since this main Predator, whom all of you have named Scar, appears logically to be the best of all five, would probably be the first to get a kill. Maybe the scene with Weyland takes place before he kills an Alien, but later on he claims a kill, and the Elder who is off doing his own thing I'll bet appears to burn the clan symbol into Scar's helmet after his kill, then the remainder of the movie he's the Predator you see with the symbol in his helmet!
  2. Series600
    Getting back to the hybrid- I never knew anything about the comics, so I'm just going off logical thought.  I have read that some people don't like the idea that the Predalien will be fighting the Aliens.  It is simple, they are different species.  From different species of hosts, the Aliens produced will have different DNA structures.  Think about it like..... people at war.  Both sides are comprised of humans, but still killing one another.  Even if they are both technically Aliens, they are on different sides of the battle field.  Sure it will attack both Aliens and Predators- they are both considered enemies.  Only if the dog-alien in Alien 3 had been around human-aliens, and the two kinds worked together, would the Predalien in AVP be on the Alien's side, because that would be proof of how the species function together.  What Anderson will make of his Predalien will be our proof.
    hey no problem- ill get on to him today at some stage if i can.  hey Vito- yeah your dead right- the promotion if the trailer was attached to the day after tomorrow would be huge. lets hope they do the right thing- im really excited about seeing everything finished because some of the scenes when i watched the movie werent even complete. i cant wait!!  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.... -real pred
  4. Vito
    hey Real Predator, welcome back! yes it would make sense to have the trailer attached to The Day After Tomorrow, i just fear that cuz its an R rated movie, with a trailer probably containing gruesome images.. that they won't show it before TDAT which is PG-13    ???    but if fox don't show it, they'll blow their last chance of giving AvP some REAL promoting before it hits the theaters.
  5. brianjrmav24
    Thanks again Real Pred for offering to help grant such an extreme favor as that. Just whenever you get to it, just when its convenient buddy. I'm asking a lot, I know, so if it doesn't work out, its cool, I'm in debted to you for at least trying. Thanks!
    hello all- my deepest apologies that ive not been writing- women trouble- they are only good for breaking hearts.  i was told the trailer will most likely be out with the day after tomorrow- i cant be sure however, it does make sense to bring it out with this movie though right?- i havent seen the final cut of the movie- ive only seen the rough cut of it. i dont know how long the final cut will be.  Brianjrmav24- i dont know, ill ask them if you want - i doubt they will come in direct contact with him although my cousin has met him twice- ill see, and ill let you know when i can pal  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.............- real pred
  7. brianjrmav24
    Sorry in his exact words, what Kane says about the Hive in the first one when he's being lowered down is "I dont know, but its like the goddamn tropics in here." So...I hope that helps to confirm that all Hives, not just the one built on the heating/cooling reactors are always warm.
  8. brianjrmav24
    LOL, naaaah, it would be quite impossible for me to analyze that stuff, your right, its just info off several sites that seemed very knowledgable so...that's all. Anyhow, about Kane's descension into the chamber with eggs, it was hot in there already, because Kane himself said "It's hot as a jungle in here". It's a very neat theory you have about how the complex affected to Hive, but I truly believe that the Aliens create a Hive that is always warm so as to ensure the survival of the eggs, they need warmth for incubation, and I'm sure not all of their nests are built in heating/cooling reactors, but in all kinds of environments on foreign planets, so, I believe that the Hive is constructed to always be warm.
  9. Bringer of Death
    Um......brianjrmav2r......I dont know were you came up with all of that but do you do scientific analysis's in alien hives and do autopsies on alien bodies to get there body heat information and the temp inside of the hive? of coarse you don't because there not real and it's pretty funny  to read these proclamations and hypothesis's about this stuff.But you saying that the heat in the hive affects the infared heat vision of the Preds is your only legit statement iff infact the hive itself is indeed hot.The only reason it was in Aliens was because the hive was built on and in the heating/cooling reacters section of the complex thus causing it to be like and incubated breeding ground.Now in the first Alien when Kane went down into the ship where all the eggs were it looked pretty cold causing all the mist and steam given off by the warmth of the eggs possibly to be visible.But hay you could be right since everyone has there own opinion but I just dont really aggree with you on those topics and I'm not trying to dis you or nothin like that so dont take what i said the wrong way.
  10. brianjrmav24
    LOL, good question buddy, but sorry to say I do have an answer for it. Once again, when a xenomorph inpregnates a human being, it will steal the genes from that host. Humans, unlike the Predators, aren't born with a gene that instinctually makes them want to track down and kill aliens which is why a xenomorph that hatches from a human does not behave in that way. Besides, Predators and Aliens have a shared evolution. Both races have evolved to try and counter the other, for example, the majority of the Predators hunt with an IR helmet vision, to counter this, the Alien hive has a temperature of 98 degrees Farenheit while the core body of the Alien is 46.6 degrees Farenheit, with all of the heat swirling around in the hive, it would definately obscure an IR vision filter and make it harder for them to detect the cold bodied aliens. Predators were born to kill Aliens, which would make an alien that resides inside of it have a better chance of integrating that gene.
  11. Legend Killer
    I think we all get what he means by it but based on that why don't the human ones like the marines from aliens want to kill aliens too. Basically why is it only like that for a predator
  12. brianjrmav24
    Hey guys, since there appears to be a huge debate going on over Anderson's decision to make the Hybrid neutral, I am here to defend that decision by him, not only is it a stroke of genius on Anderson's part, but scientifically it is very logical and justified. When a Facehugger inpregnates the Predator with the Xenomorph embryo, its been stated on more than one occassion that the embryo will absorb and implement some its hosts own DNA into its structure so as to diguise its foreign tissue from being destroyed by the hosts immune system. Think about it, when the xenomorph does this, it will obtain the same instincts of a Predator, which include the natural urge to want to hunt and kill Aliens. However, of course its own natural DNA will be dominant, but with the instinct of a Predator making up its genetic structure, it will naturally make it want to hunt and kill both Aliens and other Predators. If this explanation wasn't detailed enough for ya'll, just let me know and I'll tell you more!
  13. Bringer of Death
    Huh, all righty then, I'm not pissed of or nothin i was just curious why they got smaller that s all.So keep up the good work on this site.I send my stuff to you guys first anyways but i also send it to ther site 2 because your sites have the best fan art sections.
  14. Darkness
    I made them smaller because I prefer to link to images held on someone else\'s server. In this case, I\'m sure you\'ve submitted them to PlanetAvP, and when they put them up, I\'ll link to those images on their server. Although I\'m sure the PlanetAvP versions will be the same size as the ones I did. It just cleans up the directory by not having unnecessary high file-size files in there.
  15. Bringer of Death
    To anyone out there that likes to look at the fan art section, I sub,mited about4 or 5 or somthin that you guys should like.So if you like peoples artwork go check  these bad boys out here...  Although the to newer ones on the bottom are way to small, I wish they used the larger sizes i sent in because it takes away ALOT of details i worked pretty hard on making but none the less go check em outskees.    ;)  
  16. Bringer of Death
    @ Lengend Killa,I know killer, but ya you should wait until this little jem comes out.I already have Pred 1 but I will deff be picking up this one to.As i have both alien boxsets 2.Also have you ever seenTHE  ALIEN SAGA.?Its a documentary of all 4 films and has tons! of NEVER BEFORE seen crap on it with outtakes from all 4.Anyone who can find it I suggest you add it to your collection it is well worth the $25 i paid in canadian,wich is were i live but you guys may find it cheaper somwhere.Its also 1 hour and 10 min long, filled with awesome stuff I've never scene before and I am a die hard Alien/Pred fan.   ;)  
  17. Legend Killer
    Bringer of Death, thanks bud. I saw the dvd yesterday for like $10 and i almost caved but i figured one would be comin out close to avp so i held off.
  18. Legend Killer
    Dude that game looks friggin SICK. I will def be pickin that up.Anyone know if the original predator dvd is gonna be re-released close to when avp comes out, as like a special edition?
  19. Bringer of Death
    Heres a way better 2 PAGE info on the Pred game I STRONGLY SUGGEST ANY OF YOU TO READ IT RIGHT AWAY!.It talks about how you kill guys and what the Pred can do.I guess you can kill guys drag them up onto billboards then hang them upside down and skin them! awsome.Also if you've played Manhunt i'm guessing from what i read there are stealth kills in kill zones meaning if you sneak up on a guy you can kill him 3 diff ways ...Popping his head/skull and brains and blood fly every were, slit his neck and break his neck.They also talked about how agile the Pred is in that he can jump from telephone poll to poll and snipe guys and jump from roof to roof with ease.This is only half the stuff they talk about so do your self a favor and go read it.  there u go so go read!   ;D  
  20. Bringer of Death
    @ Real Pred, about the 'scythe's I thought that each section  retracts in to the other, kind of like the combi stick.If thats what your describing sweet then if not could you explain a little more?also r u from Ireland? I'm half Irish/German so rock on and start bashin heads with your wee shillelagh.   ;)   I doubt many people will know what that is but you should.Oh Ya have you been confirmed that the trailer is comming out 4 sure on the 28th and with 'The day after tom.' ?
    BringerofDeath my friend, how be you!? i know the scene your talking about. there has never been an explaination given for this detail. i imagine the props for the movie were rendered to fit around arnies neck and the designers just hoped that no-one would notice it. there however no known explanation. i live in ireland, but i travel to the states quite alot. i have family members in fox, a cousin and an uncle, this is where i get my info, and im quite sure that some of the info im goving you will not be final,  but if it is, then well and good, but bare in mind the movie is being edited probably as we speak!!!!- however, what ive tild you will be on the DVD so either way, we'll see everything ive been banging on about for the past few weeks!!!! lol  the predators side (scythe) doesnt quite retract, it folds more than anything, its similar technology to the new death star, lightweight and VERY VERY sharp!!!!!!! lol  take care-  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat..........-real pred
  22. Bringer of Death
    @ Growler, thats exactly how I should have explained it an upside down kind of Y.Also your theory about them coming out farther than normal and thats why they widen sounds interesting, but im glad there are people who know what im talking about.It's not a big deal or anything i just though it looked kind of wierd so i brought it up.
  23. mars396
    Something I saw in Featurette 3 has me seriously concerned.  One of the actors playing a scientist said that the action will bring out "another side" of them when they start fighting. As Weylan is the world's foremost authority on robotics, will we find out that these security people are all androids ?????   God, I hope not.  IMO, AvP should have just "A"s and "P"s: no P/A hybrids and certainly no androids.  Is Anderson trying to jam too many things into this film ?
  24. Growler
    to Bringer of Death:: I'll have to watch the dvd again (fortunbatley i brought it with me) but i think that scene with Arnold that you'r talking about, the predator blades are extended beyond how they're normal fighting extension.  I'm going on an uncertain memory here, but i believe when the blades were around Arnold's head, the blades kind of form an upside down "Y" where the two blades meet to a unifying center extension.  I could be wrong, it's been a while since i've watched Pred 1, but you're more than welcome to wath it a 5th time and prove me wrong.
  25. Bringer of Death
    Also Real Pred are u an American boy or what, Im Canadian and Its only 10:50 here and 3:50 in the UK or where ever this site is from.
  26. Bringer of Death
    @ REAL PREDATOR, glad to see your answering questions again, but I was wondering how u get your info, are u connected to Fox or is a family member or do you work for them?.Also I thought I read that u said the side arm blades retract in and out like the wrist blades do but couldnt find it, Yes or No?.And in Predator 1 when Arnie jumps of the waterfall and come a shore and crawls up to and onto the log, the Pred is there and slams his wrist blades down traping his neck in between.In that scene the blades seem to bend out wards to fit around Arnies neck then when retracting they straighten back to normal.I was wondering if there will be any of this kind of stuff shown in AVP or if you know what I'm talking about and have an answer.I just got done watching that movie 4 the 50th time and always thought that looked strange.Mabey there blades r flexable or there are 2 sets inside the wrist gauntlet, a wide set and the normal straight pair.The straight ones seem to be set in just the right width to slide down the sides of the human preys spine without damaging the spine and to cut the ribs away at presicely against the sides of the vertibrae.Also Real Pred you have seen the Red Pred vision in action and can confirm this?
    this is the final poster as far as im aware, but you guys know the way fox works!  brianjrmav_24: the predator vision is the ruby red colour, dont worry. the only difference in the predator vision is the new helmet vision  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat..........-real pred
  28. brianjrmav_24
    Anderson is going to do everything right with this movie, he's modeling it off of the first two Alien films and the first Predator, its going to be a hit, just like those films were. Hmmm, for the Real Predator, I hope this isn't asking you to give too much away about the movie, but, when the Predators remove their helmets will their natural vision remain that ruby red Thermographic? Or is it going to be IR with the blue background? I hope not, that was one big screw up that Predator 2 made, not making a distinguishing difference from Helmet vision and natural vision.
  29. Vito
    hey again Real Predator..  i guess you've seen the new poster of Alien vs Predator (white one), can you tell us, is this the final poster??
    hey guys, my comments have been deleted aswell, i answered many questons already: but ill answert em again!  the upcoming trailer is going to be roughly 3mins long and is as described by an iGN report. only thing that was mentioned in the report is that we will see the queen in action for a split second and we will see more of the first duel.  YaraH: the film remains true to the Alien franchise, there is no AR feeling to it whatsoever! the sounds remain faithful to the original alien and Aliens.  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.....-real pred
  31. Legend Killer
    Event Horizon was nasty, or at least i thought so. Resident evil was good, Soldier was ok. You should at least rent event horizon and resident evil.
  32. Darkness
    Did you really think I\'ve got time to delete 50 posts? As I said in the Lance Henriksen news item, the website was backed up by the host on Monday/Tuesday ready to move to a new server. Therefore any changes to the comments would have not been backed up. So that\'s why I lost a few days worth of comments. Even if I backed them up on my own computer, I still wouldn\'t have been able to upload them because the file-size is too big.
  33. Yarah
    Thanks for your Help up to date Real Pred.  Just a Couple of Q's  1. They mention in Featurette 2 of an 'Hero' Alien. Is that just the term for their hydrolyic Alien?   2. Are they planning on keeping the aliens2 sounds? or heading down the EVIL path of sounds from AR. ewww,,,, they sounded like creatures with blocked throats... hehe  3. The feel I seem to be getting is that Paul is giving it similar feel to Aliens. The way the Alien saga should be.. Would you say that is true?  4. Do the predators attempt to speak english again?
  34. Predgirl
    Your welcome there Legend Killer about the times here.  Yeah I still wonder why people are still upset about the director who cares just be happy about the movie.  I thought Mortal Kombat was cool and better than the second one. The other movies he did was Resident Evil, Soilder, and Event Horizon which all three I did not see so I'm not going to judge which some people do before they even see the movie.
  35. Legend Killer
    Yea personally i don't listen to anyone when they say stuff like that, i mean i'll read it but i don't put too much stock in it. If it all turn out to be true, yippie, i still won't believe them next time. I have to see it for myself
  36. Saint Sinner
    You guys aren't the only one's -- a bunch of mine are gone, like the one's stating why I thought "Real Predator" was pulling our chain. I brought up about 4 or 5 things that he called "false" that are actually seen on the website/read in interviews. I'd hate to see Darkness catoring to this guy, when he's claiming he's only allowed to say very little about the movie and dishes out a bunch of major spoilers. Assuming he's for real, which I still doubt.
  37. Legend Killer
    Well thanks for the explanation. Now why the hell is everyone tweakin out over the director, what other movies has he done besides Mortal Kombat, which i thought was cool.
  38. Aliminator
    maybe somebody hacked in and messing around the site??!!!  Whoever you are, l'm gonna rip your @$$ wide open and smash your head into a wall, so please F**K off!!!
  39. Predgirl
    Well Legend Killer I'm usually posting around 10 to 11 o'clock at night even though it says 4 in the morning.  Plus this site is hosted by Darkness who I believe lives in the UK and has a different timeline there than here in the US.  So that is why you keep seeing different times ok.   :)  
  40. Legend Killer
    Yea my question about Celtic Predator are gone, along with the answeres. And where the heck are you meople from where your postin at like 4 am. Am i the only one who sleeps
  41. Predgirl
    Don't feel bad guys some of my posts were removed to or well at least I can now here something good about the movie. Maybe darkness needs more space for the site or something.
  42. Bringer of Death
    Thats weird, mabey Darkness or whoever reads these posts didnt like what he read and took them of or something?Anyways I hope some new and good info on this movie surface sometime soon.
  43. Series600
    Yea, Bringer of Death, you're right.  I just recently started posting here, and all my previous posts are gone.  All from the 11th, too.
  44. Bringer of Death
    Is it just my computer or is there alot of MISSING comments on all of the comment topics/pages?Like the Pred game page seems to have lost about 3 days worth of comments as did the Lance interview page and the Ripley interview page and this one, it stops at my last entry on May 10 and starts again with Growlers on May 12..Any ways @ Growler I now that was one of the reasons I also think after he found that they kept cracking he eventualy liked the way they looked without it better and so do I.It gives it I more defined and mysterious look to it and also it makes it alot harder to make out what it looks like like the rest of the body.The smooth head to me makes you have no immagination to conjure up an idea of what the head actualy looks like.@Aliminator, i think all the aliens are from the civilizations that were there at the time( incas or what not) and that the remaining ones were wiped out from the Pred self destruct mechanism that followed that fateful scene.Now mabey like in this movie I think anyway, that the aliens multiply out of control and the Preds cant keep there numbers small enough so the aliens may have escaped the pyramid and took all the natives as host back to the queen for impregnating.This is only my theory so that probs aint right but ya never now.     ;)  Now if this Real Pred guy is lagite mabey he will answer this question.I personaly have faith in him 4 some reason.
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