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Predator SE R1 DVD Artwork

DVDAnswers have reported that 20th Century Fox have finally released the artwork of the region 1 Predator Special Edition DVD Set or “Collector’s Edition” as it’s been released in America. The release date is still unknown but it’s rumoured to be around the time of August – just after the release of AvP. You can check out the artwork on the next page or have a look at My Review of the UK edition which was released nearly two years ago.

20040419 Predator SE R1 DVD Artwork

Update 26th April: have posted a small article on what special features will be in the Predator: CE DVD. It’s pretty much the same as the UK edition but with the added bonus of “Alien vs Predator sneek peaks”. Also, the retail will go for $26.95 in America.

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  1. Pvt Hudson
    I always assumed, that in predator 1 the jungle is sweeeeeeeeeeeltering hot and the trees keep the heat in which is why it was all red and the mask helped distinguish between air heat and body heat while in the 2nd it was hot but it was open so it wasnt aaaaaaaaaas hot!
  2. shakermakerman
    hey im like predator 2 toooooooo,, but one thing i dont get in it, when his mask comes off he still sees in infored in the first one the preds mask comes off and all he see's is red,, now can any one explain that to me??? i have one therey in pred 2 when his mask comes off he can still see heat but only glover cus in a cold place(fridge) same gos to the pred ship. if any one els can tell please do
  3. Aliminator
    HEY GUYS! I LOVE PREDATOR 2 TOO!!!!!  oh, and maybe predators are like native americans, men are warrrior and worker, and female stay home and nursing children!!!   :D  
  4. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    Well people, I'm also a big fan of pred 2, I mean, I do like the first one better but I really liked the second one, it's cool to see some more predators, new guns, the ship, and overall a Predator Fest, the actors were like extras to me....Snipes would be a great contender for the Pred, I like that idea,!! Hopefully for Pred 3 or AvP 2!! Let's promote that!! And I don't think there will be a femal Predator, I mean, there are some things that work for comic books but when you transfer that to the big screen, doesn't seem to work, I think this iis one of those cases...
  5. Vekin
    I agree the story of Predator 2 was kind of iffy, but it showed us lots of new concepts about the predator, such as some of their rules about hunting the weak, the cleaning process he puts King Willy's head through and of course the famous alien scull on the ship.
    that mive predator,when you realy get into it and turn all the lights off,MAN ITS REALY F___KED movie, i would think this film would be any spec forces members worst nightmare to fight a ghost in the darkness that kill and leave with no traces or evidence that it wass even there,man what a movie!
  7. Growler
    Wesley Snipes would be a better opponent than Glover, but the movie's been done years ago.  You can't "restore" it by swapping out one actor.
  8. Bringer of Death
    To PREDBOY,I think we are a dying breed who actually like Predator 2.I thought this movie was pretty sweet I mean it introduced us to alot of kick ass weapons and if it weren't for that infamous scene of the Alien skull on the Pred trophy wall, AVP may have never of been made.Even though there were a few cheesy moments in it and it stared of all people Danny Glover it brought some intersting ideas to the table.Like all the diff. Pred armor/masks diff sives and the Pred elder/leader himself.I know all these things are in the comics but this movie showed them on the big screen and made them fact in the Predator universe.Now that i've had a few days to look at the Pred designs of the Mcfarlane tous there starting to grow on me I think except the extreamely large plasma casters, I would preffer that they brought the Pred guns into the movie instead but thats just me.Also it seems that the Preds don't have enough armor on to protect themselves from large amounts of acid blood spray/splatter from those huge blades if they are infact in the movie but regardless the should be wearing full armour like in the orig. avp comic they looked sweet   ;D  
  9. thinkugotachance
    hey, maybe they can "restore" (or completely remake) Predator 2 so us pred fans wont have something to shame over....just a thought...and screw the glove-man, lets put someone like bill cosby in there. okay that may be a horrible idea, but anyone except glover.
  10. cookies
    Oh im just decapointed that they didnt restore the picture since its really bad picture quality to be on a special edition DVD.  I personally dont find it acceptable and at least do some work to the picture.
  11. cookies
    Of course this will come out before avp not after.  Fans will want it before avp not after, and poeple that never seen predator before will rely on avp to decide if they should buy it so if it does bad then only pred fans will buy it while attecapation of avp will make people buy it becuase they think its cool.  And if avp does good then its a bonus.  But releasing before onl hurts sales.
  12. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    WoW, this couple of years have been the years of Alien-Predator they should do something like the chinese calendar, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Predator,or Alien... hehe...lame... but just for a quick recall:  Aliens vs Predator-Extinction Alien Quadrilogy Aliens vs. Predator (McFarlane boxed set, the best!) Alien and Predator (Movie Maniacs 6...poor quality, great characters) Palisades Sculptures and Busts of Alien and Predator (the Predaotr Triumphant is incredible!) AvP Movie!!! (can't wait) PredatorSE (DVD Region 1 at last!!) AvP Action Figures ('ll wait and see, they look great but knowing McFarlane quality "standards"...I don't expect much) Palisades AvP sculputres (look awesome, specially the Queen) and of course the best site!!  AvP GALAXY!! thanks Darkness!! and the movie has't opened yet!! Man I'm so excited about all this happening!  oh and a comment  for Aliminator, you're right there's a lot of comments about the design of the charactes I personally loved the Predators, I'm not so sure about the Alien but regarding the storyline, my concern is that they suggest about an Aztec Pyramid, for starters, that's a huge error, the Aztecs never built a Pyramid, the tribe that arrived to central Mexico weren't aztecs any longer, they are called Mexicas, how they got to Antartica?? that's gonna be interesting, and another thing that I'm concerned is why they represent Aztecs with Mayan motifs? I love the concept of an acient culture involved with the predators and aliens, it's something great since there's a lot of ancient cultures with drawings and murals or artwork with some wierd creatures.... Anyway I'm sure the movie will be action packed!! and the story as far as we know at least for me sounds very interesting, and to be honest I really don't care about the archaeological accuracy because this is Sci-Fi...anything can happen!! it's like the stupid comment on Star Wars that the sounds of battles and ships couldn't happen because in space there's no sound...who cares!!!...hehe  This Movie will Rock!!!!  Saludos Everyone!
    ? its the whole package. the new starwars has great artowrk but lousy story. excpet i think episode 3 will be good story wise, hopefully. i thought alien and aliens delivered both in great design and great stories and characters.
  14. izzet
    I love it!!! Ive got the region2 version, but the region 1 cover looks dark and menacing, it almost does'nt look like it is a sci-fi movie but some pyscological thriller.
  15. shakermakerman
    if its like the region 2 SE there is nothing special about it only that the first uk release had alll the gore cut out so fox rereleased it as S E.. the only good thing is they got rid of the mistakes like the back of carl weathers arm and when u could blaitently see jassys real chest  when it was saposed to be blow out
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