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R Rating for Alien vs Predator?

This is probably nothing but I thought I’d report it. I was tipped off that Yahoo and MSN have Alien vs Predator down as an ‘R’ rating. While the official AvP website still says ‘not yet rated’ this does give us some hope. So does Yahoo and MSN know something we don’t or is it just another presumption? I’m sure we’ll soon find out.

Thanks to Abdul for the news.

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  1. Nidza
    Somebody sadi something if he saw a pred he would run like hel    ;D   Naaah I think you would amdire it and feel kinda cool cause you saw a pred    ;D   You might even offer it a candy    ;D   I am from yuolslavia ,bombs fell les than 500 meters from me every day (I leave close the bigest radar center in Balkans),and to whole bombing I spent one night in shelter.But I run few times like hell(the first night to the shelter),everybody run no matter if they were man or woman.Later I didn not care if I was to get killed,just to get some sleep cause i was goin to the shelter every 10 minutes and back....After that man gets used to it,and that was the only time I went to shelter.  PG 13 ???? Thats the thing I was most afraid about AVP,you know what hapened to Betman 3 and 4? Looks more like Power Rangers...A hope its R. Not because of gore and that,but becuase than I would know the film is much more heavier and tense. Dont wanna see a human who is doing scenes from matrix and while others are screaming and crying only.It is hard to continue this old legacy,people who did other A&P movies havent been under such presure except A4.  Crap....I might be in Army already when it comes here.
  2. PredHead
    Let's all make a huge petition to FOX to make it R rated. Anyone got their address?  I can't wait for the full traile to hit us. If the teasers were that bad-ass, then we've not seen anything yet...
  3. Phoenix_Pred
    I agree with Chikitychina    :D   really, who cares about the rating? anyway, whoever want to watch it, they're gonna do it, sooner or later...    ;)     I believe in Women's rights    8)   BUT really, I don't like the woman for avp!   >:D 

    My birthday is on august 12th, I hope dont be disappointed after watching the movie   ???   ... I want it as my birthday gift!   :D   BUT, I live in Mexico... Will it be showing on teathers here??
  4. the BRidE
    wow this movie looks really stupid. the predators and too bulky and look so fake. predator 1 and 2 Special effects looked so much better. dont waste ur money on this flick kids.
  5. 666
    There is an AVP movie script going around, its the only one i can find. By the looks of the start it is an R rating. If this is the script, and i think it is, it's gona be one Kick-As$ movie   :)  
  6. ripley's baby
    Alien3 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVP will be R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop being sexist!!!!!!!! female action heroins are (on average) better than male ones!!!!!!!!1
  7. izzet
    To growler, i think it's on the Alien3 features disc in the quadrilogy, Micheal beihn who plays Hicks said he wanted to return to Alien3 to reprise his role, but he was killed off by Siggy weaver who was co-producer for A3 because she beleive ripley is a loaner in the films and if he came back it would probaly take the limelight away from her. Same thing happened to the Newt character. AVP R-rating   ;D  
  8. Killer_Kakashi
    Just because i'm 16, slime, Doesn't mean I can't see R films. I've watched the alien films and pred films since I was six. All I need is someone over 17 to go with me. Not a big deal. And the big reason I want it rated R is so fanatics you can't see past the rating with shut up. It gets really hard reading these forums, looking for good info, when people are screaming their balls off about the rating. I really don't give a crap what it's rated, just as long as it's got everything it needs to kick ass, then i'm fine.
  9. Phoenix_Pred
    Well, I agree with Killer_kakashi about women tough , BUT for AvP I desagree  2nd. I agree with Kysger about Ripley, she shows as a hard woman   >:D   who doesn't scare easyly ,with enough pans to face an Alien even a Pred. what do you think?   :-\   (I'd liked she were that woman in AvP, but she is "dead")    3rd. About Alien 3 SE, I haven't watched yet   ???  ,  I think Alien 2 is my fav. dont know why, but I think because I played the pc game, also I played the arcade game which is more approached to the movie...   I always have liked Alien movies and Predator too   :)  , when I played the arcade game I thought about a movie, how could it be, nowdays that "dream" is coming true!   :D   (thanks a real fan of Alien & Predator, as I understand)....  A last question, Alien 3 SE, is it included in Quadrilogy?
  10. slimey apples
    why would you want an R rating? ur only 16!! but ur right it should be R. i kinda wish they would come up with a different rating name for R, RESTRICTED sounds like something for prono or snuff films.  ok i problem with terminator 3 is that its jsut a recycled T1 and T2. i wish they could have jumped to the future and have chases there.after the nukes and stuff. im sure thats what T4 is gonna be. also i dont like T3's direction. james cameron makes great characters. and because he wasnt there for T3 there is none of that. maybe if they did something new like send multiple terminators to the past to hunt connor that would be tense.   i havent seen the special edition of A3, is it completely different or something. it isnt jsut added and deleted scenes is it. i heard abotu the dog not being implanted and ripley doesnt explode.  my problem is that these series are taken too far. they are run dry. i think we should be left with some of the movie up to our imaginations. not be told everything. ridley scott's idea of showing us where the space jockey is from and the origin of the alien is something i dont want to see. what makes the jockey and the stuff surrounding it so interesting is that we dont know very little about.  ok hack and slash is improper for terminator. its jsut more blowing shit up for money.  lol and dont tell i dont respect woman, when woman blow stuff up and go into combat they shouldnt act like men. they are different and should handle and react differently. a woman fighting a predator c'mon. a female scientist vs a predator. it aint gonna happen unless the predator is stupid as f**k and she has some damn good weapon or luck. hell arnold was almost wiped out by the predator uno. of course there are the Vasquezs of the world and i thoguht that chick was badass cool. but she was a military chick not a scientist.   most girls arent the fighting types if you havent noticed. and i think its mostly guys who are into aliens and predator and terminator movies. maybe you are the kinda guys who get a rise off of seeing a chick fight a predator or alien or something.
  11. Winston Rothschild
    @Killer_Kakashi, i thing your point of view on girls is actually the way everyone should think. and to everyone else, do u ever wonder what girls think of us guys?  i think that i should be rated R, but if its not its not. im stil going to see it over and over.  And yes Alien3 was the better of the four.
  12. Winston Rothschild
    @Killer_Kakashi, i thing your point of view on girls is actually the way everyone should think. and to everyone else, do u ever wonder what girls think of us guys?  i think that i should be rated R, but if its not its not. im stil going to see it over and over.  And yes Alien3 was the better of the four.
  13. ghost_face_killah
    i was on and there sayin it is goin 2 be a pg-13 but i cant c it be.for me i dont like paul Anderson doing this movie coz i dont think he has made a real good movie i think john thomas and john mcternan they both wrote and directed predator 1 John Mcternan has done some good movies like die hard 1 and 2 and perdator wot use think?
  14. Growler
    I think Hicks and Newt died in A3 simply because they couldn't get those same to people casted for the flick lol.  You got to think Hollywood here.
  15. Killer_Kakashi
    I must say slime that was a wicked funny statement "killer kakashi i think you are chick in guy's clothing" cause I'm like the least likely person to be. See the thing is, I've just learned to respect the opposite sex for who they are. It takes that to have a world that's better and more equal. Bashing Girls isn't right in any way, shape, or form. Got it? I'm 16 and I got this. Can't you? When i say can't you I'm mainly talking to the previous posters  Anyway, Alien3. Have you watched the special edition? If you haven't then, well, I can't help you. If you have then you obviously noticed.... The wondeful new technique of camera postioning a totally different angle from the other films. the music was much more beautiful and saddening than the other films. Yes there is the whole delimma of an alien inside of you. The ending scene, uncut, is very very good. The music great, the acting, the twist that Bishop there is realy a droid. (I'm still having trouble seeing why people don't get this fact.) 85 says just before hitting something along the lines of "you stupid droid!" Then Bishop screams "I'm not a droid!" It's pretty damned obvious he's lying and thent he credits. If he was human he would be credited as the full name of the character, instead he's called BishopII.    anyway, back to the movie, I love the chestbuster scene for the ox alien co-ensiding with the cremation of hicks, and newts bodies. And People really should get over the fact that they died at the begining of the film. I mean, yah it kinda sucks, we'll never know what could have occured with those characters in the story, But I think it can help the film in some ways. for one, If they had survived, we would have had something along the lines of Aliens part2. I personally like how this film brings it back to what it was in the original. This is why I like the film. This is why it's my fav. I left alot of stuff out for if i didn't I would have to make this post three pages longer.  Oh and, Let's all pray for a R rating.   8)  
  16. CrackedTuskPred
    YES!!!! I too hope that it is truly an R rating!  I mean whats a Pred an Alien film without blood and gore.  I mean each creature kills in a manner that is unique and really gory, and i luv em for that!!!  Oh man i cant wait to see a bunch of Pred's and Alien's just go at it! Its gonna be so sweet!    ;D  
  17. izzet
    I think avp will be r-rated because PA is a fan and feels the same way about the movie as all of us, he has already stated he would be horrified if the movie was a PG-13. On the subject of Alien3, i agree it's a good movie, but isnt as good as the first too. It's to moody and downbeat and killing off newt an hicks was criminal.
  18. Saint Sinner
    Also Slimed Bowling Trophy, the whole premise of Terminator is that someone is being "chased" or "hunted" by the machine(s). So in essence, all 3 movies should be "chase fests" by what you're saying. I didn't think T3 was as good as T1 or T2, but neither movie, not even T3, was anywhere near the term "hack and slash" -- like I said, the first two films contained much more violence than the 3rd.  The fact that you've never seen Mortal Kombat is enough for me to say you may not like it one bit. Most people who enjoyed Mortal Kombat were fans of the game, it was a big phenomenon. I feel sorry for someone who may just pick that movie up and watch it nowadays with it being completely new to them. It's a pretty dated movie, and no movie Anderson has made shows any "excellence" -- a few of them are just good popcorn movies at most. If I were any of you people who haven't seen any of Anderson's movies, I would just wait till AVP without the distraction of prior bad films in mind.
  19. Saint Sinner
    @Slimed Bowling Trophy: Terminator 3 hack and slash? I don't know what movie you were watching! Terminator 2 was way more violent. Terminator 3 almost received this same PG-13 rating BS, the only real scene of violence was the T-X punching a hole through the driver of that car,  which still wasn't as bad as the T-1000 "needle through the eye" of the cop, and stabbing John's foster dad through the mouth. Give me a break.  I'm not asking for some "sex" scene or extreme violence, infact, one main reason I want the "R" rating for continuity purposes. A PG-13 rating does not fit this series. Maybe two or more of the Alien movies could have been PG-13 by todays standards, but certainly neither of the Predator films. They were gorey.  I hope they didn't film this movie with a PG-13 in mind either. That's like saying you're holding back on purpose, that you're filming for mediocrity. This isn't Mortal Kombat, it's Alien VS. Predator. Bloodshed is part of what makes either creature frightening. They're dangerous, they can be downright brutal. I can't imagine how a chestbursting scene, head-bite, or anything else could be in a PG-13 movie. All indications from set visits to interviews suggest this will be "R" rated, and I believe it. The moron who started the PG-13 talk seems to have no clue what he's talking about.  Someone asked if we could imagine the camera "pulling away" from the shot of some of the more violent scenes. I sure can't. I think that'd be terribly silly. It's ok to leave the audience guessing on a few kills that you don't see, but anything else is stupid. This is a "monster movie," science fiction horror. If you can't stomach it, can't see the movie because you're underage, or have some kind of moral dilemma, too bad.
  20. slimed bowling trophy
    y is it better though? what is enjoyable about the story? how is the direction better? its just more hack and slash. tell me why it is better. i know Alien3 is not a good continueation of the alien saga. but what is so fab about it if it is placed by itself. so some interesting things may happen, like the main character has to deal with having an alien inside of her. i dont understand ur view.  second. i think a woman should kick butt with grace. i mean matrix1 is a great example of that. neo the dude kills with guns and direct blowing shit up approach. Trinity uses grace and style, and ultimately has better moves than neo does. even though neo can later fly, dodge then stop bullets.  the rating.. well what more do you get with rated R?? what were aliens and predator movies rated. i mean i wouldnt call those movies RESTRICTED. but i wouldnt say PG-13. i mean lotr is PG-13 and that is farely mellow apart from some hideous orcs. really i dont care what the rating is as long as they dont throw in some stupid arctic sex scene, or have unneccesary gore. i mean i like gore with a purpose. i wish i was behind this movie but oh well. are there any good movies that Anderson has directed. i mean i dragged myself through the first 5 minutes of mortal kombat the movie which i downloaded briefly. obviously a low budget film. but the direction, visual flow, camera work perspectives and all were to shit so i dont know. i havent seen soldier or resident evil so i cant be all that certain. i mean i guy who likes Terminator 3 over the matrix films is nuts. terminator 3 is jsut another hack and slash chase fest. T2 was sweet though, and T1 although a B movie was wicked coo.
  21. Saint Sinne"R"
    Here's some more reasons why I think this movie will not be PG-13, courtesy of the JoBlo described set visit:  Description #1: "The first scene gave us an opportunity to see a nice kill by the main predator himself. Picture him atop the upper walls of the Fight Chamber whipping one of his ceremonial spears at one of the security team members (no big secret here, you knew some of these guys were gonna die). I was most impressed by the sheer size of the predator MOFO. He
  22. Killer_Kakashi
    Let me just say this. Alien3 is a movie you must watch intently. Not as a movie go'er. Not as a pure Alien film fan. But watch it closely. Watch the Special Edition and you will see, it is much Much better than the others. I've watched each film over and over. Just recently I came to the conclusion that Alien3 (special edition) is the best of them.
  23. slime
    ok the only women worth bashing are the dyky feminist ones. i have no problem with a chick kicking butt, but no woman is Arnold. i dont think a woman should be taking on a predator HAND TO HAND, ripley was sweet in Alien and Aliens. im not being sexist, true many woman are tougher than alot of guys,but when it comes down to it woman cant be built like a Swarzenneger. and that chick in AvP doesnt look liek she could take on a Predator hand to hand, she may not have to in this movie. but i think its guys typing in this forum(?) and goign to see these movies not girls. i know a few badass chicks will see predator and alien movies on their own and not dragged in by their boyfriends, or something.  i dont see what is good about Alien3. like i hate how hicks and the newt died, and i felt sympathetic towards the synthetic bishop. alien3 really goes for a dark turn, but i dont really see hows its different from what we have already seen. i mean Alien and Aliens are very different from each other but are great and go together. besides the director for Alien3 came on late and wasnt into it. i can see why.  i dont accept Alien3 and Resurection. i take it as Aliens is the end of the saga. thats me, im not saying to think this too. alien was this discovery and alusive being stalking a virtually unarmed crew. alien had this incredible interest factor i found  in aliens we get great characters a great action director and badass weaponry  ok im done, i realize no point to this rant. but i will say that i wish this movie followed the premis of the comic book. more of the world of alien is introduced to predator not viceversus. ashghalkghadfh
  24. Killer_Kakashi
    I personally think, some of you guys are being way, WAY to sexiest. Girls can be tough too. I can't believe us men are all so damned sure of our selves. Women can be just as good, or better, then us Guys. I really hate it when people bash women. That should be in the past! please grow up and stop embarrasing your fellow man. I am totally ashamed. Plus, this is a discussion about AvP. This is an AvP site. Not lets just talk about AvP

    Oh and I think Alien3 is the best alien film. (special edition that is) It is a beautiful film. I think it blows the others away. I think the problem many have is that it isn't like the other two. It's different. But despite it being different i think it really is a great film. It's probably my favorite film of all time. call me crazy    ???   but that's just how I see it.
  25. kysger
    kysger  stop repeatin' ur crap.  ripley was the only ACTION heroine i have been able to stand. in the only legitamate alien movies; Alien and Aliens
  26. kysgr
    is it just me or does it look like Tom Woodruff's team's hydraulic alien look like his jaw shrunk? even the toung is smaller...hym... I wonder why the cross between alien, aliens, & alien ressurection? Ressurection's aliens just looked like a big poop monster.  hym...
  27. PWSAnderson
    In real life, the girls would be pissing in their pants like little babies. Sexist but true.   Why do all female action heroines have to be feminists who always kick guys in the balls for saying they look hot? They suck.  Characters like Ripley, Trinity, The Bride, etc just wouldn't exist in real life.
  28. PWSAnderson
    Here's my prediction:  Surivors: "Lex" Woods; Charles Weyland; One Predator.  Everyone/everything else will die in bloody brutal ways. I think Raoul Bova will be killed by an Alien, Ewen Bremner (Glasses guy) will have his own chest-buster scene, Colin Salmo0n will try to take on a Pred
  29. *Asterix*
    How can you have an Alien and Predator movie without the blood and gore? There's obviously gonna be at least one chestburster scene, with plenty of Predator slashing Alien action.   Paul Anderson did say on the Howard Stern interview that the movie wouldn't dissapoint.
  30. Cookies
    Its funny how no one mentioned anything about how gory the movie is.  I never seen one pic or one word come out of anyones mouth saying theres blood.  I have a bad feeling not one human gets his ass riped apart in the movie.
  31. Demonicus666
    I sure hope so too, becuase it has to be R rated.  If not how can they do the film justice if it is not rated R, and instead we get a kiddy movie.
  32. thinkugotachance
    yeah, but if the movie had potential for the pg-13 rating, we quite possibly won't have as much carnage that ensued in the previous films of these franchises. i sure as hell hope so though, bring on the mutilation!!
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