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PG-13 Certificate for AvP?

I don’t like to be the one to bring bad news but this doesn’t look very promising. According to PlanetAvP, an editor of Empire Magazine says AvP is aiming for an PG-13 rating. They found out via the executive producer for AvP, Thomas Hammel:

“We want a ‘PG-13.’ It’s horror, it’s thrills, it’s gore, but it’s not blood splattering on the walls. Ratings have changed. I’m not sure Alien would be an 18 now.”

Dark Horizons also had somethng to say on the film’s certificate yesterday:
“I kept deliberately asking what the rating would be and everytime they said they’re shooting for an ‘R’ complete with gore. Anderson seemed almost offended by the idea of something ‘PG-13.”

Considering both Alien and Predator were originally R-rated, this doesn’t look good for AvP. If it does turn out to be a PG-13 movie, I can guarantee there will be a lot of angry fans out there.

Update: I’ve now found the whole paragraph in Empire Magazine where it explains about the rating.

Here’s another quote from Paul Anderson from last December:

“We’re not making any specific rated movie. We’re making the movie that we’re making and it’ll get the rating that it gets. There’s so much unpleasantness in this movie. I mean, it’s pretty gruesome.”

Update: I’ve now found the paragraph in Empire Magazine that says this:

“After a year in which R-Rated films – T3 , the matrix movies and bad boys II redefined what was a possible at the box office you`d expect Fox`s Alien vs Predator to be chockfull of nasty, wall to wall violence and gore, right? Wrong, “we want a PG-13,” executive producer Thomas Hammel told the insider on the prague set. Which means the film is likely to be a 12A/15 over here. “its horror, its gore, but its not blood spalttering the walls, Ratings have changed, im not sure Alien would be an 18 now”. its a decision that will upset the fanboys, but couls kickstart a sucessful franchise – leading lady – and token human – Sanaa Lathan told us that shes signed for atleast one more film. The original Alien queen, Sigourney Weaver however is not so convinced about the film, “hmmm, Aliens and Predators?” she laughed at the Empire awards “thats why i wanted to die in Alien 3”

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  1. GiJoe79905
    An AVP movie to be pg-13 is about the stupidiest thing I have ever seen.  There is going to be a 1000 aliens and then one predator then all of a sudden they are going to break into a song and dance number? Hell no!  What are they thinking,  the whole idea of the Aliens and predator is a bloody and violent history.  Granted this is the first time they are going to meet why would it all of a sudden change,  just to let little kitties in.     >:D  
  2. Jonathan Teasdle
    :   :-\   I want this film to have ,blood,guts,fights,weapons and plenty of death. By rating this film anything other than a 18`certificate would put people off just by its own. Please Please Please ! make this a great film because you already have the best ingredients that a film needs -an Alien and a Predator
  3. Growler
    One thing I got to comment on.  Any one notice that it's only Empire Magazine that's talking about AVP being PG-13?  No other movie site is claiming it.

    Here's a fun tip.  Go do a search on "Alien vs Predator R P-13" and see how many sites put a PG-13 next to the AVP title.  I came across one article that talks about the majority of movies being made this year shooting for a PG-13 rating.  The most interesting part of the article is this:   "Anyone who watches movies knows that what passes for a PG-13 movie these days likely would have been rated R just a few years ago. Just as soon as the FTC clamped down on marketing R-rated movies, the PG-13 rating almost simultaneously expanded to allow for more violence and even a little more sex, studio executives say. Even with close-up battle scenes, each of the three "Lord of the Rings" movies was rated PG-13, and despite a barrage of double-entendres, every "Austin Powers" film was, as well. Although it, too, is rated PG-13, "Secret Window" includes a screwdriver jammed into (and extracted from) a human head, then stabbed into a leg."  Here's the rest of the Article.
  4. Demonicus666
    "We're not making any specific rated movie. We're making the movie that we're making and it'll get the rating that it gets. There's so much unpleasantness in this movie. I mean, it's pretty gruesome."  From what Pual Anderson said last December he really does not care for the fans. If he really was a true fan boy, then he would have the film rated R!!!, not PG-13!!  I had high hopes for Anderson, but now if he does not the film justice and makes it pg-13, then that is not fair to the fans that have been waiting 14+ years for this movie.  Instead we get a watered down, no blood splattering on the walls movie, made to get stupid kids and teenagers into the movie!!!  All I know is that if it does become pg-13 and does badly we all know, that both the franchises will go down the toilet.  I for one want a R rating!   >:D  
  5. The Godfather
    I agree,and was shocked as well, but it didn't make any sense. It was as if the Producers never seen the seperate Alien and Predator Films which won an R rating for each one. Predator 2 alone should have won a friggin "MA" rating for its blood,gore,violence,and sexual content, which most of us teens thrive on today as Entertainment. I gotta say if this movie is rated PG-13 there will be so much hatemail sticking out the Producers mailboxes and E-Mail addresses from Fans like us who have been Very patient.
  6. Mr Nose
    Ive gotta say i was shocked like hell when i found this out. There's two things bugging me; how they could make AVP a PG13 and why? Im not really too fused about what rating it gets because i know its gonna be amazing, but still i dont see how you can put aliens predators and humans in the same room and come up with no gore. Go R rating!!!
  7. MARK
  8. Cookies
    yes this topic is really stupid becuase theres no way in hell this movie could be rated pg13.  It doesnt make sense!  its impossibal.  News like this shouldnt have been posted becuase its nonsense and gets poeple freaked out. Thinking about it makes me sick.. Yet theres still alittle in me that gets a little feeling this is true.  BUT IT CANT
  9. Growler
    To Real Predator: I'm not sure how the UK works, maybe I'll figure it out when i pass through there going to and from the states, but fictional movies in the US doesn't mean it's an automatic R movie.  Beetlejuice was definately a fictional movie, it was PG-13. Ok, we need to change the subject on the movie rating.  It's going to R, no doubt.  So shall we move on?
  10. Predatorfan2004
    If it is rated pg13, consider wat the producer said. He said it is blood violence and gore. He also said that Alien wouldnt be considered R rated these days. So, it could be filmed in an Alien style way. Would seem like a traditional R rated alien or predator movie, just rated PG13.
  11. AdamJZ
    Remember my words...  AVP WILL BE AN 'R' RATING!!!!!!  Paul Anderson is one of the biggest fans of the franchise and he will not let some stupid money hungrey producer stop him from following in the footsteps of the amazing 'R' rated alien and predator films, paul will save this movie.
  12. Aliminator
    yeah guys, who cares about the rating, just long as it's GORY AND VIOLENCE!!!!!!!! maybe it rated pg-13 but still very gory.....also IN CANADA, EVEN A 15 YEARS OLD BOY, ME, WATCHED TERMINATOR 3, WHICH RATED R.... SO STOP FIGHTING, PEACE!!!!!!  PS: GO PAUL ANDERSON!!!!!!!!
    WOH!!!!! there aliminator. be careful in how you make parallells. the passion of the christ was deliberately made as violant as it is to bring a few home truths down to earth..... its meant to be emotionally and visually disturbing because of its religious content. drawing similarities between what christ went through physically and the bloodshed involved, really, in my opinion should not be reckoned with or might i add compared to a fictional pair of monster duking it out. i see what your trying to say but dont you think that the graphic content in the Passion was not so much the actual acts, but the general ambiance and idea that it was happening to the saviour of mankind?-taking of course that the people who read these comments believe in god.... however, i want nothing more than the original level of gore.... if a movie is TOO violent or TOO gorey, it can sometimes take away from the enjoyment of the film.-in taking your comparison to the passion, i didnt by any stretch of the imagination enjoy watching christ be beaten for over an hour and a half, and i certainly wont enjoy watching non sensical violence in regard to blatent killing if its in the form of AvP- BECAUSE the original films, while gorey and violent as they are, still seem to leave alot to the imagination of the audience, which in my opinion is more effective and artistic. also the reason the passion is rated R is because of its brutality.- the AvP movie is going to be rated R for different reasons, such as FICTIONAL content, not emotionally tentative subjects.... i hope you understand that this is by ni means me bashing you for your comment. i think your a nice guy, but i just feel to contrast the Passion with AvP was a bit OTT.  take care my friends...  by the way, thank you to those who took the time to answer my question about the rating system.. now that i have a clearly understanding of the censorship authorities i can safely say that AVP will indeed be either rated R or will cut an over 15's rating  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat........-real pred
  14. Aliminator
    Oh sh**!!!!!!!! this movie better be as gory as passion of the christ!!!!!! i mean there are lots of movies rated R today such as Passion of the Christ, The Girl next door, Matrix, and other violent and sexual movies........  damn! fox beTter hear us out or I WILL PERSONALLY HIRE OSAMA TO TERRIZE THEIR ASS AND BLOW THEM UP!!!!!   >:D  
  15. Gecko
    it goes U- every1, pg Parental guidance, 12A- 12 and over can see it under 12s to be accompained by an adult, 12-12 and above, 15-15 and above, and 18 -18 and above, there might be another 1 but i dont look at the top shelves   :)    and to this film being pg-13 it would seriously suck, all the films b4 have been gory and stuff but 2 make this a PG-13 (i think thats a 12 or 12A) would be a really bad move for the more hardcore fans and like 1 guy said u dont really want lil kids crying everytime sum1 dies, but if its R(18) then i wouldnt be able 2 see it anywyas coz im only 14 but i guess i could always sneak in    ;D  
  16. Growler
    to Real Predator: In the US, we have G = all ages, PG = All ages, but parental guidence is suggested, PG-13 = no children under 13 Parental Guidence is still suggested, R = not suitible for children under 17, NC-17 = it's porn
  17. izzet
    sanaa lathan  'i've signed for at least one more film' so her character WILL 100% survive!! and siggy weaver... aliens and predators, thats why i wanted to die in alien3, so you decided to ruin it by dumping micheal beihn's beloved character (i did'nt really like newt anyway even though she gave the film some depth), go back to the mystary of one alien and she describes the cast she worked with on alien 3 as the best in the series? then aggreed to do a fourth, and she knows she did it for the paycheck! Aliens and predators, i had my doubts and still have some now bu it will be better than that tripe alien resurrection and even though Finchers a legend will be better than Alien3, i'm sure if she was offered a part in the AVP she would take it instead of starring in crap lik 'Holes'! Well up yours sigouney! u may have been iconic in the first two but u were involved in some shite for the last two. Hopefully AVP will rock and then sanaa lathan will take your crown!!!     ;D     >:D  
    please, will everyone read the article more carefully, its abundantly clear, that he contradicts himself by saying-"its horror, its thrills, its gore" and then saying it'll be suitable for children.. its a sorry publicity stunt in my opinion.-- does anyone know of a gorey horror movie that is suitable for a 13 year old?-OF COURSE NOT!!!  try to keep the faith my friends.... Anderson isnt going to let that happen....  hey Vito! - yeah i can safely say that this will at the very least pull an over 15's rating. here in Ireland, we dont have "PG-13"- our rating system goes like this- "U" (universal) "PG" (parental guidance) "12PG"(suitable for children UNDER 12 but only if someone OVER 12 is accompanying them) "15's" and "18's"-- so what would the "15's" equivalent be in America can you tell me???  please my fellow AvP fans. please ask any questions if you like!    ;D    for now, i must go, but ill be back!  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat...........-real pred
  19. Growler
    in regards to TheStorm, Dawn of the Dead was also rumored it would be PG-13, but it's now rated in theaters as rated R for violence, gore, language, and sexuality.
  20. TheStorm
    I am positive it is not PG-13, this same thing happend with T3. A executive producer, for those who don't know are the suits that give money, and are rarely ever seen on set. I will take Anderson's words over a guy who is just thinking this is his movie.   People so thought T3 was going to be PG-13 and it was not, and I'm pretty sure Anderson is not that dumb, and he knows this. I would say Garth Franklin from Dark Horizons is much more reliable then anyone else.  Don't worry guys.
  21. izzet
    if paul anderson really wants to earn the respect of the fans he'll fight the producers all the way and release HIS movie that will be R-rated. if these rumors are true about the certificate that it will receive and he gives in to the kiddies rating, fans of Alien and predator will go into the film with a negative frame of mind. in my opinion Alien3 was the goriest and most uneasy alien film, and the 2nd predator film was preety gory. But as Alien was re-released it came out with a 15 certificate in the UK, im certain aliens would get released with a 15 nowadays, with resurrection probaly being an 18 7 years on (bloody 7 years on!!) So take in consideration it could still be fairly gory if it was a pg-13, but don't worry, anderson reckons his used the best films in the series as a guide-line meaning the key ingrediant is tension,scares and plenty of gory killing. Aliens to win cos' u dont see them f**k**g themselves over a godamn percentage!
  22. kysgr
    if it goes pg-13 it won't be paul anderson's fault. it will be the producers because they put up the money for a movie THEY wanted to see not us. It's all about money anymore. money is all the producers see and if they can get 13 yearold in there to see a avp they will because it is all about the money. they think hey i know for a fact the majority of the fan base will still see it or even buy the dvd when it comes out. money ...that is all they are worried about!
  23. izzet
    to Rusty Nails, im suffering pyscological damage from that april fools joke( that was a joke, im suffering the above from leicester's decline in the premiership this season) on a more AVP related issue, i agree that PA is top dog at the moment and is trying to do the best for this movie, it's the Fox greed corperation trying to squeeze more money out of the Franchise before they finally ruin it (ahem, Alien 'no need' Resurrection), even though apart from the age certificate debate, AVP is sounding great.
  24. AdamJZ
    HEY!!!  I read this article In EMPIRE and its the producer whos trying to get the movie to be PG-13, not Paul Anderson! so dont blame it on him, he is the one who will save this movie and make it 'R'

    Besides, All of Pauls movies since mortal kombat have been 'R', He will fight for this one.
  25. skials
    i think some people need to calm down for now. it is not rated yet. and even if it is rated pg-13 i am holding my opinion till i see the movie. if the movie lacks what we all want to see (chestburting, aliens being blown apart, skinned headless upsidedown humans, laser blasts blowing off limps ect) then i will fully pissed off just like everyone else. but from what i have been reading it sounds like a joke. but if it is not and fox wants the money. then do not eliminate the possibility that it was filmed as an R. released as pg-13 for money. then they make a special edition R dvd for even more money. hell just look at spawn. i know it is a sucky example because the only differance was one word. but it has been done in the past, who says it can't be done again. but if it is pg-13 no chestburting, headless skinned humans, ect. well then i saw all the true fans should deminstrate our american rights as a democracy and fight fox with all our might.
  26. Growler
    To Izzet, not even an April fools, it's just mis-information.  AVPplanet needs to be shut down.  That's twice as far as I know, that they gave us the wrong information.  Granted the Dec 10th article could be considered as an April Fool's joke, but that's just something you don't do to passionate fans such as ourselves. I have no doubt it will be an R rated film.  There'll be too much cehstbursting going on, Alien tails impailing, heads cut off, and skinned alive bodies hanging around that it would be impossible to rate it PG-13 unless it's all edited out.  You can't edit that out.  It will seriously take away the ethics that drive Predator and Aliens. It will be rated R and if anybody who can't go to an R rated flick because their mommy won't let them, well they need to suck it up.  Wait till it comes out on DVD and buy it with out their mommy knowing.
  27. izzet
    To Growler, i read the new Empire magazine and could'nt find the article either, i then visited the website and theres no news on that either. This could be a very late april fools like the tenth of dec release date that had us pissed off. And too shc, your are a moron. if AVP is a pg-13, yes it may make a few more pennys at the box office but the alien and predator films will become like star wars, after it does well in the box office (inevitebley it will do even if it's crap like freddy vs jason) they will do sequels with less gore and suspense and eventually by AVP 6 it's certificate will be a PG. Alien will be a distant but pleasent memory.

    ps. Alien resurrection WAS that bad
  28. ALIENS
    if the movie is good it will do well,look at the matrix that was a R rated film  made millions,aliens 1,2,3,4 made millions,predator 1,2,made  millions,it makes no difference what rating it is,if the film is good many people will come to watch it,if avp sucks and its pg-13 it still wont do well because you change the rating.But since alot of poeple that are working on the film are doing nothing but talking about money,maybe im starting to think that paul F--ked up the movie,because why would they want  change the film to a pg-13 rating if the film is so good like they say it is,i think that we are in for the surpise of our life people,the fact that these people wants to change it to a pg-13 film doesnt that make you think just alittle,that maybe they know that the film will not do good because its already a bad movie,so they want to change the film to a pg-13 rating so it could easly attract kids to see this film,alot of  kids children would want to see it,but not adults, because its not that good of a movie ,thats what i think,and sometimes i hate when im right,i just realy realy hope that i am wrong because i kind of know alittle of how show biz works,"money comes to mind first,then the talent.GREED,its all greed
  29. predator14
    I agree with shc, If terminator 3 can get away with a R rating so can Avp. Plus that guy said it is hard for a alien movie to have a 18 rating, I think he is talking about a solid 15 in the Uk. So I don't there is anything to worry about. But, If avp is pg - 13 I will furious!
  30. Growler
    I looked all through Empire Magazine and didn't find a hint of that article.  Maybe it's someone trying to stirr things up with a rumor.  Tell me if this would be funny or lame to have in the movie, some little tribute to the 2 Predator movies... See the Predator hold the PredALien by the throat and say "You are one.. Ugly... Muther F**KER"
  31. Joe
      >:D   I have been waiting for avp for over 10 years. When i found out that the movie was FINALLY in production i almost SH*t my pants.......Now i am ready to wage war against the money hungry a*#hole licking salad tossers at fox. I WANT A F**KING PREDATOR/ALIEN MOVIE WITH BLOOD GUTS HEADS ARMS AND SPITTING A** FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! There better be swift a$$ justice to the greedy c*% dumpsters of fox if this movie blows....You CANNOT ruin this movie unless u are a total D*uche bag. Its a crime to let all the loyal friggin fans down, ESPECIALLY after keeping us waiting this FRIGGIN LONG for AvP. TOM HAMMEL UR A J*! BAG.
  32. Shc
    Yay!    ;D   I will be the first fan to be happy that it's PG-13. If they are aiming PG-13, it better be PG-13 and not R rated.. You know why? Lots of kiddies will  now watch AvP because it's PG-13 meaning $$$$$$$!!  Too bad T3 became R rated even if it didn't deserve it.. It should have been PG-13.. It would have probably doubled it's boxoffice score.. (ok maybe im exagerrating a little)
  33. Demonicus666
      ;D  I agee with you ALIENS, how the f**k are they gonna shoot a AVP in pg-13??!!  All I know is FOX, has lost there minds!!  Man you KNOW FOX, if it wasnt for us FANS you woulndt have been where you are TODAY!  Instead they want to have more people to go to the theathers to get more money,  Damn what greedy bastards!  I hope FOX is reading this, becuase if this movie does become pg-13 all I know is all hell is going to break lose from the fans!
  34. ALIENS
    "this is horror and thrills not a blood splatering film",what the F___K! do think we saw in the alien and predator films,WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY<WOW SIR YOU Are a F__KING idiot.What the hell are you going to show when a predator throws his disc and slices the hell out of a soldier and  GUTTS AND BLOOD  comes out,i know how you can SHOOT  it..... by not shooting it at all,but that would be very bad not to show that(2) what are you going to do when  a aliens attacks a predator and  they are killing each other in the worse way possible because they are the 2 most dangerous species! known to man(3) what are they going to show when a alien graps a human and rips him apart in rage,ohh... what... the alien is going to crack his neck because you wanted the pg-13 version ,or better yet... maybe the alien will run  trip and fall on a human and they both crack there necks,PLEASE people this is what you will be seeing in a PG-13 rating,trust me  i was a student film maker in nyc for 4 years i know what you will see in a PG-13 rating.Man im loving this( the avp news just keeps getting better)(4).how are you going to shoot a scene when the soldiers open fire on a predator,and the predator has to defend him self by  blasting his  plasma canon into the group of soldiers,do you realy think that when a predator blasts a plasma round at someone that is justs kills them,NO sir again you are living in fantasy land,there are body parts that fly everwhere and if you think im wrong just look at the first predator film tell me what you see and look at the begining of the  predator2 film when he defends himself at all coasts...... it GETs PRETTY MESSY SIR,ohh and another thing,come back and tell me if the predators handy work is a PG-13 rating when it come to predator tactic!!!!!!!!!!a predator will always be a predator and a lien will always be alien,there is know pg-13 alien or predator,if they are those things then this is know longer a avp film,this now a paul anderson film,do you get it, thank you.(5) ohhh yes people .....last ......but not least,WHAT HELL ARE they going to DO,and shoot,when a human gets infected with a alien,AND BURSTS through his rip cage and hes running around the room freakin the F---k out! and the alien comes RIPPIN OUT! of his body,like in the first 1,2,and in the 4th one..... man ohh man sir....fantasy land is strong with you an paul,it got very messy i would say,but i can still  tell you how to shoot that scene,by not shooting at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because you WANT A PG-13 MOVIE,so right here,already,we have lost the darkness and very scary world of the alien and predator,because one of the  most important elements that made the predator and alien movies very scary is because not just of the story,but how they stalk and kill people,in the worse ways possible,and i think i speak for everyone when i say this,it doesnt matter how creative you are.. you can not turn a AVP film into a PG-13,but ...............because theres always a but,if want to do a stupid "candyland version" of avp, then you should like that guys said  in his own words "aim for a PG-13 rating", its also just like what  paul said "resident evil made alot money"but my question to paul is.......did you put together a good film ,no didnt,alot of people did not like RE, it made alot of money because alot of people liked the resident evil vidoe games,and they all thought it was going to be good like the game,it made alot of money paul fooled alot of people into watching your film by the previews and making them wait a long time to see it,why do you think people when paul almost pissed in his pants when he showed his film to people for the first time,because he knew he did a poor film,they should have been 10 times better than what it was.I keep telling people that paul should just work on smaller films,and not take on big films like resident evil,and avp,im not trying to be hard on paul,its a rough job he has, its just that he needs to back way from the big films he likes to do.
  35. Vito
    hey The Real Predator, i hope your right, i really do, but may i ask, do you know this for a fact? i recall you were one of those ppl who had 'inside' information about avp when posting earlier? had relatives in FOX or something? so besides of what we already know, do you think what we're hearing from this Thomas Hammel is pure bs, just some made up rumour? i'm just curious, cuz i'm getting more and more worried. But i would like to hear this from Joel Silver, Walter Hill, or John Davis mouth before i believe in any of this pg-13 crap. who tha hell is this Thomas Hammel guy anyways, just some lame executive producer who got attached to this project, without having anything to do with the previous Alien & Predator movies ehh..    ???  
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