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Creature Effects in AvP

Sci-Fi Wire have posted a small article on the creature effects in Alien vs Predator. Here’s a paragraph:

“Though Gillis and Woodruff indicated that AVP will utilize computer-generated effects, they also noted that the film will retain the same visceral edge as its predecessors. “The first couple of movies [there] was basically a guy in a suit,” said Woodruff, who wore alien suits in Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and plays the lead alien in AVP. “Now, on this film, we have more opportunities to do more with facial hydraulics as well as a completely hydraulic version of the alien.”

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  1. Crip
    Aliens ... you are joking right? I hope to God they use as little CG effects in this film as possible.  The best movies in the Alien series are Alien and Aliens and they used no computer generated effects.  Alien 3's effects were not bad, but Alien Ressurection looked horrible! By using too much CG in that film they lost the whole mystique and elusiveness of the alien.  Instead of keeping the audience on edge by having it hide in dark corners and just showing quick flashes of it as attacks, Alien Ressurection's cg effects had them walking around in full view for 90% of the film, how UNTERRIFYING is that? It's always better to use puppets and costumes and minimal cg to enchance those.  Bottom line is CG effects still look way to fake to create realastic looking characters on screen at this time.  Just look at how that moron George Lucas ruined the Star Wars films with it.  Anyway, I'm sure my point is moot since Hollywood has gone nuts for CG lately.  Let's just hope now they are smart enough to spend more money on actors and storyline than creating a special effects  circus.

    One more thing .... A praetorian alien came out in the comic books and games as said above, and is a special alien form designed to be a guardian for the queen.  The word praetorian comes from an ancient Roman word.  Praetorians in ancient Rome were special guards of the Emperors or Ceasars, thus the praetorian alien is a special guardian for the queen alien and her brood.
  2. Growler
    I agree with izzet.  Sometimes watching to CGI characters duke it out looks very unconvincing.  Look at Blade 2 when he fights the ninjas infront of the lights.  It was CG and some of those movements looked like rubberbands.  I'm sure the movie will do just fine the way Anderson wishes to work it without the CG.
  3. izzet
    I think using CGI overload could ruin it, even though it will be required in some bits. Just look at Alien 3 and resurrection for my example of how CGI isnt always the best way of doing things. In this movie they should try to keep the Aliens dark and not reveal them too much to try to make it frightening again and obviously use special effects for the Preds weapons and invisibility.
    they better use more CGIeffects in this movie because this is alien vrs predator,costumes it not going to cutt it,this type of film needs to be overloaded with CGI effects when it comes to lighting the huge sets and some of the aliens and predator certain movements that a real acter can not do or else its going to look fake,and for the avp haters out there they need to get slapped realy,realy,extremely hard for there own good lol.
  5. BuGzStOmPeR
    Yo everybody! Nice lil' bit of info.. but pretty old news...   :-\   Cant wait to see this alien move AND fight the predators! Should be a real good treat! Atleast there will be more of man-in-suit  than computer generated,   BuGz   ;D  
    darkness is indeed the guru and should more often be commended on his utter dedication to this site -i salute you-  ALIMINATOR-- what was your last question there??
  7. izzet
    Im hoping it's an 18 personally to ensure the tone and gore of it stays faithful to the franchises, but unfortunatley due to it's mature audience tag it can't make as much money as films such as shite wars. We could actually see a 12a or 15 certificate meaning it will appeal to a larger audience and do better at the box-office. but for us FANS that means cut down gore and scares. PA says it's pretty gruesome and scary so it should avoid a childish certificate. Plus Mortal kombat, resi, event horizon are all 15+ certificates in the sci-fi/fantasy range.
  8. Growler
    yeah that article was rather small.  Still, i admire darkness's commitment to give us any info he finds about the movie.  Hopefully it will be an R rated movie, but that all relys on the director or the producers, not the special effects crew.  Special effects is in charge of how believible it looks, but it's up to the producers or directors to decide  how much gore they want to show. If Anderson and the producers wish to stay with the style of the franchise, it will be an R rated film.  If he's true to his word as to how scary it will be, yeah, you won't see a PG-13 rating at all.
  9. Abdul
    This sounds cool..gillis and woodruff have done effects for R films, almost all or even all of them have been rated R so if they did the effects for this sure us avp fans wont be disapppointed in terms of graphic sci-fi violence   8)  
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