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New AvPGalaxy Poll For April

Yes, it’s April already. Another month, another poll. I didn’t want to be predictable with this poll but it seems to be the ‘hot’ topic at the moment. So who do you want to win in Alien vs Predator – the aliens, the predators  or the humans. Vote Now >>>

As for the results of the previous poll, people definitely want a PredAlien to make an appearance in AvP with 60% of the votes. Results on next page…

By the way, pages for Alien vs Predator have been updated with stuff from the official website. The Conceptual Artwork, AvP Gallery and AvP Downloads pages have been updated.

Update: The results of this poll are:
Aliens – 646 votes – 26%
Predators – 1534 votes – 62%
Humans – 295 votes – 12%

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Comments: 35
  1. gemini
    looks like PA did play the games then, in AvP2 you can see the predator cloak in mid-jump too. And since it was so awsome in the game, I can't wait to see something like that in the movie. yesss    :)  
    thanks to those who took the time to read my comment...  im sorry that it was so long!  Richie in regard to the question about the shoulder cannons: there ARE indeed shoulder cannons in the AvP movie. as we already know there are two types of the shoulder weapon : the one which is permanently mounted, and the one we see in Predator 2, which slids down behind the shoulder in behind the backback. the shoulder guns in AvP, are going to be far bigger.. after pul anderson spoke to his designers, he told them he wanted everything, (or some things) bigger and better.... after much toiling around, testing with maquettes and so forth, they conjured a 20inch shoulder gun whcih recoils when shot. think of the turret guns on the death star in star wars... i dont know if i like it, but it sounds cool........  also, just a note on the CGI in the film: there is going to be as little CGI used as possible, focusing on the use of Practical methods (ie hydrolics etc) HOWEVER, CGI will be needed for "little things" eg- for when the wrist blades pop out, because, they are longer.  also, there is a very complicated motion capture shot in the movie that goes as follows:  there is a scene where a Predator leaps a 25ft gap in the "chamber of Gods", the camera follows him and the predator cloaks himself in mid air, but the camera continuously follows him until he lands on the other side... it sound fantastic  well, i might be back on later, but for now  -Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.........-real pred
  3. Growler
    If Anderson is going with the original comic book idea, the Predators didn't have shoulder cannons during the hunt for Aliens.  They had some really big hand held cannons about the size of an M16, but shaped very similar to their shoulder cannon.  It kind of works like a shot gun, where they have to dump the cartridge and reload after taking a shot.  I kind of have the feeling though they will have shoulder cannons in this movie.  We'll just have to wait and see.
  4. Aliminator
    TO RICHIE: maybe there are shoulder cannon, richie, but you just can't see it. you see, when shoulder cannon is not activated, it hides behind the shoulder pad. also, the cannon/gun on the wrist is called energy fletchete, it is basically a plasma machine gun, rapid fire plasmas like shoulder cannon. (got this information from avp 2 game, but i might be wrong)
  5. Richie
    hey i dont know if any one has noticed or not but where are the shoulder cannons on the preds? there is only one picture that i can see one on a pred and thats the one picture that was first let out. the one of the pred walking in the temple in the dark. even the new wall papers they have of the pred has no shoulder cannon. but if you look and the new wall papers there is one pred that looks like the cannon might be on his right hand on the left side of the screen. kind of looks like a cannon on his rist because on the other hand you can see the rist blades. but no sholder cannon? you can see this clear on the new wall paper the one with only the one pred on it. you can find it on the new AVP site, its under downloads. Tell me what you think?
  6. Aliminator
    hmmm.................I wonder if there is gonna be avp 3 the game......if there is .....I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE ON EARTH TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!  PS: i hope avp extinction will be on pc soon.
  7. Growler
    Real Predator, yeah your idea of the end of the movie makes sense.  I would like to see Lex her new ally to make it out alive.  The Predator ship comes down to pick up the surviving Pred and honor Lex's bravery and skill.  Not to take her back with them like the books, but she gets to set sail home on the Ice Breaker ship, if by chance she knows how to command that boat on her own.  Just something i would like to see. Maybe they could incorperate something like that in the sequel.  Let's see how this one ends when it comes out.
  8. izzet
    Real predator, i think u will be right as your explanation is very intelligent. I think that the the hybird will kill the 'good' predator and Lex will escape the pyramid, and PA comments the ONE winner will be represented in the human form of LEX who is hardly winner after witnessing the death of her whole party, but remember Lance henriksons character is pivotal in the alien series and in order for his charcater to devolop would'nt his character have to survive? + DOES ANYONE KNOW EXACT DATES FOR THE RELEASE OF THE NEW TRAILER(ONLINE) AND THE NEW FEATURETE.

    i actually meant PA stated their will be one winner, who knows if it's lex's character?
    to RotaderP.... first of all, clever name that youve spelled predator backwards.... secondly, we know very little about the predators and where they come from. we know that they are extremely honourable. however there are a group of predators known as the "Bad Bloods" who hunt their own kind (yautja) and their are predators who devote their lives to hunting these evil and unhonourable "outlaws - ( a classic case of cops and robbers)- as i said we dont know if there are prisions on planet predator, but i should imagine that there wouldnt really so to speak be an area devoted to capturing either "bad bloods" or any other species for that matter, because it simply defys the logic in purpose that the predators whole concept of honour is somewhat built around "killing"- having said that, the predators arent MINDLESS savages. they are extremely intelligent and as we've seen, SEEM to apply their codes of honour to other species who can match their strengths (ie, Dutch and Harrigan). i cant see there being a prision, but opposition to MY OWN opinion, if one thinks about it, this pyramid in the Alien Versus Predator movie, could, to a certain degree, be looked upon as a prison for the aliens?? but then, the purpose for the pyramid is merely to CONTAIN the aliens until it is time to give them fair trial.-the fair trial being to give them the EQUAL opportunity as the predators, to fight for their survival... and as for the ass raping, i think you might need some mental help cos i dont think its normal to think about that kind of thing.  ALSO... i would like to add, that the GAMES, ALTHOUGH produced by fox are not a concrete source of information. the things that have been added to the games are merely to enhance the games entertain value, NOT to justify or expand the ACTUAL Alien or Predator universes. so in my opinion it would be wrong to assume that if you know everything about the game, that inherintly, you know all about "AvP" in general. it would be different, if the game was based on an already existing film, in that it follows the storyline and official cast. however, the existing games are obviously not based on  the movie as it had not yet bee released.  ALSO RotaderP- there wil be a NEW trailer released in APRIL.... which will include a glimpse at the "Money Shot",  which is a pull back shot of three, last standing predators fighting THOUSANDS of alien aloft the top of one of the pyramids, many shots of our human friends interpreting hyroglifics, (cant spell that, my apologies) and a nice commentary explaining what the movie is all about.-- there is also, a NEW featurette which will debut, on the 13th of April(i could be wrong on this date, its between the 13th and the 19th) with new footage from the film, interviews with paul anderson, and cast and crew, in which they explain a little bit more about the movie.  finally, there are no "winners" persay in the movie. the aliens will however be the Losers. heres how it goes ******EXTREME spoilers below*******  inevitably, the alien colony becomes TOO powerful and TOO many for the predators to handle. So one of the predators(if not more) allies with the humans, in an effort to overcome the growing threat of the all powerful aliens. i see it going like this..  All of the predators die, including the "good one", but he will die saving sanaa lathans character. the other predators will either die by the hands of an alien or at the hands of the hybrid. ****please note**** that the second half of this spoiler section is merely my opinion, however i believe it could be very close to what may happen in the movie.  live long and i apologise for the length of this post  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat........-real pred
  10. RotaderP
    SILENCE!, remember the movie Predator was made first, where do you think they got the idea for the video game. Not the other way around. Think about it. Watch, play, watch, play, two totally different things that are not easy to consolidate. Yes I used the word consolidate. What am I on? Aliminator, I've got a truckload of nonsense that I am free to distribute, that's the whole purpose of the post buddy.
  11. RotaderP
      ;D  I wonder what kind of society the Predators have back on planet Killeverything. I wonder if they have laws and prisons, can you imagine a predator ass raping another predator in a cell. Damn I am sick. Anyway I hope all the human fu_king DIE!   >:D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  12. RotaderP
    AWESOME!!!!! What about the trailors, when will they start appearing on the tv? I have never looked forward to a movie like I do this one. This is a huge summer movie for a Predator freak like me. I have a friend that works at a cinema that is going to get me an early sneak peak!
  13. RotaderP
    I am so Pis_ed about the Dec release. It better be one hell of a Christmas present. I am excited to see the Predalien, now that is going to be something new, fresh, and a killer of a site.   >:D 

    Question...Does anyone have any idea as to how many predators we might see in AVP?
  14. izzet
    Real pred, where did u get the info the hybird will be on no ones side, cos wont it be an alien specie if it is an alien embryo. in avp extinction the predalien is on the alien side.

    oh i misread ure comment Real pred, and i think it would be quite a good idea if it was a rouge and wasn't on preds or aliens side. but its genetically more alien, the predator is just the host so i think it would remain an alien.
    there is a confirmed hybrid in the movie, it makes perfect sense. i believe it would also add that extra bit of terror to the movie in that the hybrid is on NO-ONES side, it is a killing machine that im sure all three species will fear. the only quam i would have to a hybrid is if i knew it was going to look stupid, but, judging on the new design of the predator helmet, i reckon these guys know what theyre doing. fingers crossed.  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.......... -real pred
  16. Aliminator
    i know that humans are gonna win like other alien movies such as alien sries, independent day, martians attack, etc...... BUT I WISH PREDATORS WILL WIN AND ALIENS AND HUMANS GOT ANNILLATED!!!!!
  17. cookies
    Thank you!  ill bet anything now thats what will happen.  I really feel thats will happen, youll see.  Still would love to see no humans whats so EVER! at the end of the movie and just have the 2 fighting tell the end.  But we all know at least 1 human will be alive.  I personally think 1 human a some aliens will be the last standing.
  18. Killer_Kakashi
    I think a pred might sacrifice itselfs to save another species. Preds do have some honor. (that's probably why they didn't just off danny glover at the end of pred2) they respect strong humans. if our lead herione proves herself to be just as capable as the preds or almost or whatever, then he may just sacrifice himself. I guess, i mean, that's what i think anyway   :D  
  19. izzet
    Hang on!!!!!!!!!1 preds will never sacrifice themselves for other species well being, bar alien it's the most ruthal killing machine in the galaxy. one pred will co-op with the humans because the alien threat will get too overwhelming, remember the temple is in antartica because the preds know the climate is unbearable for humans meaning no interfearnce during their rituals. the temple will be destroyed at the end to wipe out any record the species were ever there and who is goin to beleive Lex
  20. cookies
    Of course humans will win with the pred sacrificing him self to save the humans from the aliens.  Its that way or just the preds and humans teaming up to kill aliens.
  21. Darkness
    Of course a PredAlien makes sense. It's a simple enough idea.   Facehugger >>> Predator >>> Chestburster >>>PredAlien  Some people seem to think that a PredAlien is made by humans but if you've played AvP2, then you'll know that a PredAlien is produced when a Facehugger facehugs a Predator. And by the way, Paul Anderson has already said there'll be a PredAlien in AvP.
  22. ALIENS
    dudes listen it depends in what the avp story is to put in a predalien,if a predalien is in this movie it would make no sense,this is about vrs predator its not about predaliens unless the story take place in a colony where the humans make a predalien.thats just what i think
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