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Shane Salerno Interview

Screenwriter’s Voice have published Part 2 of their interview with Shane Salerno, a screenwriter for Alien vs Predator. Remember when a website reviewed the AvP script? Well, Shane Salerno says that was a draft script from 10 years ago and here’s an extract:

“…There is so much misinformation about this film on the Internet. One popular web site reviewed a draft of the script from a decade ago that they said was our shooting script. Paul and I had never seen it and certainly didn’t write it. As hard as that was to read about, I’m glad that our secrets are safe.”

He doesn’t mention the website’s name but we can all guess who he was talking about. The interview ranges over many topics but you can find the AvP related questions on the next page…

Thanks to “TheStorm”

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  1. RotaderP
    No shit, go get a cup of tea or something.    :D   Also I would like to add that many of us are forgetting that Antartica wasn't always freezing tits. At one point in history (not sure when) it wasn't covered in ice ie Predators love the heat. Am I completely wrong?
  2. Chase
    The other thing about Weyland living is that from the way Ash was in Alien, the company obviously knew about the existence of the aliens..meaning someone had to have encountered them at some point before. I wonder how this will play out in the movie.
  3. Andrew David
    Thanks to Izzet and Killer for the explanations of the arctic setting, I thought those were reasonable arguments. Although it's a bit of a downer, I'm actually glad they've pushed the release date back. I always felt the post production schedule was a little tight on AvP. It'll give PA more time to brush up all the fx etc, to a higher standard. Spiderman also had a tight post schedule and while some effects of spidey whizzing through metroplis at the end of that film were superlative, some of the others (such as when Peter Parker wears his first spidey suit and dscovers he can jump rooftops) were noticably poor becuase the fx house concerned didn't have enough time to spend on a more agreeable execution of those sequences. So I think the new release date will benefit the film.
  4. Z
    Oh my God! You guys seriously are the biggest newbs on the site! ( pagefan76 & Vekin )  I'll start with Vekin... You say I'm only making theories? You've just proven once more that you don't know what you're taking about and that you never took the time to actually read any of my posts... As you would've known that many of the things I say are based on facts that we already know and sometimes, I'll elaborate more based on what I
  5. Killer_Kakashi
    Watch the special edition of A3. You'll find that the weyland character in that says a line that gives away that he ain't human. after 85 hits him with a pipe damaging his ear he screams (only in the special edition) "I'm not a droid!" I think that sums it up.
  6. Bster144
    Andrew David brings up some very good points.  We have to look back at PA' s previous crap.  Though I'm not hoping for a bad movie in my hart, I belive that this is 20th Century Fox's last squeeze of the two franchises.  I hope that this isn't utter s**t that is not worth me paying $ 8.50 and waisting hours of my time.   Also, whats up with the Weyland charactor.  If my eyes didn't decive me the apperace of Bishop's "living creator" in Alien 3 would contradict this charactor in AVP.  How can he be alive now and alive hundreds of years in the future?  Kinda confusing dont ya think?
  7. Killer_Kakashi
    Hey, Andrew, it makes perfect sense to have the temple in the artic. this is so there is no interference, just as izzet said. the reason they now care about this is because of the little "accident" that happened at another temple "the money shot" they don't want the aliens to easily spread among the humans. this is for two reasons. one ruins the game for other preds (humans appear to be one of the preds main hunting sources) two: if humans get involved (as they do in the movie) it creates chas for the poor preds. they try to prevent humans from getting involved by having the temple off in such a desolate place.
  8. izzet
    see youre looking forward to this movie Andrew David, the reason the preds are in the artic is to avoid human interfearnce and 'the money shot' could be a differant temple, if you look at some of the conceptual art the temples can probaly be transported. and u want something more special? i advise u to wait for the actual movie and you'll forgive PA for all his crapness in the past.
  9. Chase
    Yes I'm from Canada, Ottawa to be exact. But anyway for those of you who have played AVP: Extinction and read the species bios you would know that eggs have an almost infinite life span, but the same can be said for the rest. I'm just interested to see how this turns out cause 8 aliens vs five preds like i've said earlier is almost too easy. Although there's also the possibility of one or two pred aliens, but that's besides the point.  Plus we know weyland and lex survive. How else do we come about Weyland/Yutani and bishop.   ???   oh well can't wait.
  10. Andrew David
    "The Predators have been coming to earth for thousands of years and at some point, they brought a Queen alien and they put her in a pyramid that the Aztecs had built in honor of the preds." What the hell would Aztecs be doing in the arctic? And how would they take the raw materials to the pole to build a massive temple?I can suspend disbelief to a great degree, but this is utter nonsense. And I thought the Predators liked the heat, as establishied in the two Pred films.  Why all the fuss with these rubbishy shots of cast members 'looking on' and why all the excitement over the trailer? Reality check my like minded cohorts:  There is nothing there that is original. We've seen it all before: dimly lit corridors, dead face huggers, face huggers in eggs, torch lights piercing dark hallways, people looking scared, a miniscule glimse of an over slimed alien... Actually, this could be the trailer for Alien 4, and that movie was rubbish.If you think about what you've actually seen so far, there is nothing to get so excited about. Put it into perspective: I'm not satisfied with these trailers, where's some footage footage of an Alien and Predator scrapping? We got it on the Matrix teaser trailers between Neo & Smith. And people, please, don't get so excited because Paul Anderson says it's all great
  11. hardcorenort
    if you notice all the aliens in the film are juvenile because their skulls are smooth this shows the only aliens in the film have come from the humans in the film so there SHOULD only be a maximum of 15 but is that to say every human in the film is captured by aliens and impregnated i dont think so. there will probably only be about 8 that is if the director has thought it through and actually knows that juvenile aliens have smooth skulls which i dont think he has so their is the chance that aliens are already in the temple that have supposedly been there for centuries and yet they are still juveniles
  12. Vekin
    I agree with you Chase. There could be inhabitants already at the whailing station that could get impregnated, but the fact of drone/warriors still being around from Aztec hosts can't be true. One thing that is for sure true is that there are still live eggs within the temple.
  13. Chase
    Sorry the other thing i wanted to the "money shot" of the upcoming trailer...the preds have had problems with the spread of infestation before....(mind probably not in the antartic...but still...)
  14. Chase
    Looking at the screenshots, it's Obvious some of weylands team will become hosts...but what around the whaling station...there must be hosts there...15 aliens is too little a challenge. In the teaser trailer it looks like the whaling station blowing might be common sense to think the infection would spread.
  15. izzet
    good stuff Z and Olopolip, what you've said is what iv'e read too even though vekin has a valid point, because we havent seen the movie yet remember. the temple is thousands of years old SOMEHOW (remember even the director does'nt know that much about the specie) they'll be aliens probaly located in the temple. and does anyone know how the queen is found?
  16. Olopolip
    Vekin.... I know where your coming form... but that's not it m8. The hosts were the Aztecs from 1000's of years ago... not the people who go in nowerdays (although they may become hosts) and therefore there are bound to be lots of aliens... depending on how many Aztecs were sacrificed by the preds.
  17. pagefan76
    An alien drone/warrior lifestyle isnt very long. They have evolved for fast reproduction. In and out, get the killing done fast to procreate the species. Therefore, the whole hibernation chamber idea is mentally deficient. Eggs on the other hand can last a very long time. Queens last as long as necessary. They are hyper-sensitive creatures that know how to prolong the species. Period. No hibernation chamber.
  18. Vekin
    Your telling me I'm pulling ideas out of no where. I have never heard or read any thing about a hibernation chamber with aliens in it. I was simply saying that there can not be more aliens then the provided amounts of hosts.  I got my ideas from this website because it shows  you the full cast in one of the new screen shots which is 16 people. Also the pred tradition is to send five preds to Pyramid to hunt. All I know Z is that my ideas are fact. Your idea of this so called hibernation chamber containing dormant aliens being in this movie is theory.
  19. Z
    To Vekin's comment... Did you even read any news about the movie?!?  It's not the first time I've seen you post things that you seem to take from out of nowhere and that don't even make any sense... here, I'll explain it slowly to you:  The Predators have been coming to earth for thousands of years and at some point, they brought a Queen alien and they put her in a pyramid that the Aztecs had built in honor of the preds. They tied her up in some special chamber and forced her to produce eggs... Then, the pred had Aztec that sacrificed themselves for their Gods ( a.k.a.: the preds ) to act as a 'host' for the face-huggers when they hatched... that way, they could easily produce a lot of aliens warriors, drones, etc.  What I think is that the newly formed aliens are probably locked up, maybe in a special place that allows them to live longer ( hibernation? ) and once they are ready to hunt, the preds release the aliens and they try to kill them.  Long live Z and k!
  20. Vekin
    Well we can pretty much conclude how many aliens will be in the new AVP movie. There can only be 15 aliens our 5 pred/aliens. So I think this evens the odds for the preds since there will not be mass amounts of aliens for them to handle.
  21. ALIENS
    OHHH YAH 16 people are going to be in it,AND THERE ALL GOING TO DIE you now its going to be alot of KILLING IN IT<HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Y!!!!!!!
  22. ALIENS
    lets put it to you this way either the film will be very very good,or vry very bad! its going to be in between people.I think if paul has been waiting for 13 years to do this movie then maybe he has had alot of time to realy think of cool idears for the film.If paul devoted his time with the first 2 aliens and the first predator then i think its going to be a realy good movie,i cant wait hey peolpe guess what only 5 more months left HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,man one man PEOPLE CAN YOU FEEL IT.....can see it ,CANT YOU JUST SMELL IT OOHHHHH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i freakin out here!lollololol   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  23. pagefan76
    I am an avid reader of both alien and predator comic books, so i would like to think of myself as a little bit of an expert in the extended universe of both of these awsome franchises. So with that out of the way, I would like to say that the idea of the predators visiting Earth a la meso-american/pre-columbian  style is not new. Anybody who has read Superman versus Predator 1 thru 3 knows what I am talking about. So the movie isnt totally original like a lot of people think it is. Actually, I am glad that they picked up this Pred mythos. Its one of the best ways to explain the preds coming to Earth. Thanks. THIS MOVIE WILL ROCK
  24. Aliminator
    beside of actions, the movie should has a good, make -sense storyline, and realistic coustumes and background (setting).  LONG LIVE AVP AND TO HELL WHO DON'T!!!!!
  25. izzet
    this movie is sounding really promising so hats off to anderson so far, i liked alien 3 a lot as well and the special edition ties up loose ends making it far more interesting. roll on avp!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ;D  
  26. Chase
    It's that their trying to stay loyal to the first two alien films. I actually like the third film but there are many who don't. But the first and second showed some of the most impressive film work in that series, and again we never did get a good feel for the aliens so it left us scared and wondering. Same with the predator film not too much about the predator and it left one "what the hell is gonna happen next" feeling. If Anderson and the team can get these back into these Films it could get both series back on the feet...instead of the chessy popcorn movies predator 2 and alien ressuredtion became   >:D  
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