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AvP Footage at Fox ShoWest

Dark Horizons have just reported that 4-5 minutes of new Alien vs Predator footage was shown at the Fox ShoWest 2004 presentation which means this footage will be used for the upcoming trailer. Here’s what DH said:

“Heaps of new footage appeared in this extended 4-5 minute trailer complete with lots of action shots, FX footage and an explanation about how the scenario of the movie is setup. The money shot at the end (an ancient temple with three predators on top and hundreds of aliens crawling up it) is sweet, as is some of the new Predator gear and the temple sets. Extremely quick cut, this looks a lot like what’ll be used as the basis for the final trailer.”

Thanks to “TheStorm” for the news.

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  1. AdamJZ
    HE DIDDNT SAY THAT THE TRAILER WAS 4-5 MINS  That would be too revieling, and crazy to have a trailer that long.  he said that they showed FOOTAGE that wil be the basis for the trailer, so theyre making the trailer out of that 4-5 mins of footage, they will cut down the time.
  2. Ebeneezer Good
    The Russians get to see it one day before us Brits do! A four/five minute long trailer is pretty long, but if what Paul Anderson said, it's going to be a pretty long movie.
  3. predatorial alien
    it is very difficult to make a good movie. let's thank goodness that Paul Anderson is a real fan who like the rest of us knows all about alien and predator movies and the comic books. I think it's in pretty good hands. Let's not bash the movie until it comes out and blows chunks like Alien Ressurection. From all indications, this is going to be really really good. I mean, look at that web site. WOW! I don't see Hellboy with a site like AVP. If the quality of the site was any indication, we're in for a real treat in August.   ;D   I can't wait to see the 4 minute trailer.
  4. Stealth-PreDaTor
    yes, i totally agree with you im sick of people complaining about this movie everytime someone has a bad thing to about this movie they blame on paul anderson i think you should just be greatful that this movie is getting made!!!!
  5. thegetright
    why is it everytime there's a new development with this movie someones dwells on th negative.  let's be thankful this movie is being even made and be happy the director is someone who loves the franchises : :   ;D  
  6. kysgr
      :)   It isn't Paul Anderson who releases the trailors and featurettes it is, from what i can tell FOX's attempt to restart an old flaim in the fans of the Alien/Predator series. According to many sites on the net (I don't know how true this is but) Fox is want to do a 5th & 6th alien movies and possibly another predator movie. kinda falls in the large marketing catagory.  -kysgr (Roy)
  7. cookies
    First i  gotta say, i love this site.   Oh and paul anderson was on howard stern!  they were talking about avp and who would kicks whos butt : )   Wish i could find it to download.    Also when will this trailer be avalible? may?  that would suck.
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