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  1. Felipe
    This goes to the people that think the aliens are the best. The predators are also very intelligent. And they have the best technology. They could kill an alien in a heartbeat.
  2. Growler
    The way I think the money shot will be revealed in the movie, definately a flash back, and highly possible during the translation of the hieroglyphics in the pyramids.  As telling a story of how a hunt can go wrong if it is not properly controlled.
  3. izzet
    Anderson wont be revealing the creatures at the start because if youve read what he says he wants to build the story up before the creatures slug it out, so i guess the 'money shot' will be revealed when the humans find the temple however some of it WILL be shown in the upcoming trailer.
  4. Z
    Don't you think it's funny that, a few months ago, everyone was bashing Paul Anderson and saying how bad this movie was going to be? And now... the majority seems to agree that it's going to be great!?  It really shows that we shouldn't judge without having any idea what it actually LOOKS LIKE! :P  Concerning Scar Predator ( the stupid poster ), I think we can clearly see that he didn't really see the movie and that he has absolutely no knowledge of the movie ( as he can't seem to be able to say anything that we don't already know ) Don't worry people, on every site like this, there's always a loser that pretends he's either seen the movie, played the game, etc. but most of the time, they are at LEAST able to come up with fictional scenes / idea that are good, but he seems to be somewhat of a newbie at this... Bah, another kid in need of attention! :P  Concerning the fight with the 3 preds vs. tons of aliens, THE REAL PREDATOR is right, it's probably going to be a flashback or something like that ( maybe at the beginning of the movie ), that shows how wrong things can go for the preds sometimes...  Come on now people! Do you actually read information that is said about the movie?!? There seems to be so many stupid and senseless questions around here that I'm beginning to think that no one here pays any attention to information from either darkness or other members that give info... what's wrong with you guys?  THE REAL PREDATOR: 1) My favorite comic is, of course, the Predator comics! Of course, I also like Aliens vs Predator ( the first series ). I didn't really like Aliens vs Predator: War, as the idea of a human girl becoming part of the preds is rather stupid, especially considering the fact that she can beat like 5 of them by herself ( yeah, riiiiight! ) Plus, as you can notice, the preds in those comics seem a lot less strong, smart... those comics seems to have been made in a rather crappy way. I've also seen on many sites people talking about the fact that this series didn't 'live up' at all to what the original series was like and I agree.  In the preds comics, I also really liked the series Predator: Bad Blood, as I really like the concept of it. The fact that the 'main character' of the series is actually a Bad blood is quite neat and the comics themselves are very bloody and crazy! I really like the idea that the preds actually send a pred to try to eliminate him and that he actually gets killed by the Bad blood after a big fight... I know he ends up getting killed by the girl, but it was still a good series.  Also, other comics that I liked: - Batman vs. Predator ( I liked the second one the least, but the third one was the best! ) - Tarzan vs. Predator ( I know that not everyone likes those kinds of vs., but you have to take them as a way to entertain yourself and not take all the info in them so seriously )  2) About the ending being similar to the one in the comics... I think that Paul knows that a lot of people saw the comics and knows the end, so I think that, although Paul is probably going to make it SIMILAR, it might have some small differences or something like that, but like you... I think it would be cool.  The main difference, I think, is that the preds are probably going to do a lot more of the fighting and that Lex is probably going to be more passive than Machiko in the comics... I really don't see Lex fighting the alien Queen face to face with only a predator spear... I mean, come on! That would be WAY too far fetched. I rather see her as helping the preds ( like firing on the Queen as the preds attack her or something )  If there was a big fight between Lex and the Queen, it would look WAY TO SIMILAR to the fight between Ripley ( in the exo suit ) and the Queen in Aliens ( and we don't want to see those kinds of things happening more than once... not because they are no good, but just because it wouldn't be original at all! ) I really like Alien, Aliens, Predator and Predator 2, but I'm not too found of seeing scenes that are like the ones in those films in AvP. I want to have a similar 'feeling' of course, but I still want it to be unique, fresh, interesting... like it's a step foward in the series.  I think it's fun that Paul Anderson decided to make 'Super preds'... Okay, they're not really 'super preds' but rather preds that look stronger, faster, etc. As today, we have a lot more technology that allows us to have a lot more cool looking special effects that we wouldn't have been able to see in the previous movies of each series and I think this is going to allow them to be presented with their 'full potential'. For example, originaly, the alien looked like a rubber puppet, but now, I think they're going to look 10x better than before! They'll be faster, darker, more agile, more creepy, more deadly! ( They'll run on walls, jump on prays, etc. ) They won't actually be 'different' than what they were before, but I think Paul wants to show what both of them were 'supposed' to be like, which was limited by the lack of special effects, etc. Heck, this movie is for the fans, the preds and aliens are going to be more agile, jump higher, fight harder, because that's what we want to see! ( Remember that Paul did his homework though, so this won't be no Mortal Kombat or Power Ranger, with big techno music and people jumping for 10 minutes, etc. )  For all the people that think that the aliens are going to be weak, remember that the preds are probably going to have to ally themselves with the humans, as their comrades have probably been killed by the aliens...  Plus, I know that one of the things that is going to cause the predator's downfall is the fact that they underestimate the alien's intelligence, speed, etc.  So, that's probably one of the reason why things will go wrong...
    there seems to be confusion over "the money shot"-which is the scene where 3 yautja (predators) are aloft one of the pyramids and being overrun by aliens. this scene is merely an introduction to the film, set thousands upon thousnads of years ago for the purpose of illustrating what can happen when things go wrong for the predators./or it will be a flashback somewhere in the middle of the movie. these 3 yautja are not of the 5 predators that are in the movie that is set in the present day.  This is shaping up nicely. i am sorry, but i dont believe that scar predator has seen the movie. i have contacts in fox and i have not yet seen the movie because it is not yet complete.   as regards who will be portrayed as good and evil.. BOTH species will initially be shown for what they are. the predators in the movie are by NO means good or "friendly" in the film. what happens is, that the aliens become to formidable for the predators and then, as far as i know, only one predator teams up with the humans, the rest stay somewhat rogue in their own roles. i quote Anderson: "its ultimately about the predators and the humans teaming up to take down a more powerful opponent"  THERE IS HOWEVER- a clear victor by the end of the movie..  i salute you...
  6. izzet
    im a huge alien fan and am rooting for the beast all the way, but dont the predators look better..... the designs for the alien look better than what they did in the 4th film but they have still got them dodgey hands and better not have them insect style-slimy camp looking legs from the fourth movie either! Gigers design still outshines the rest 25 years down the line
  7. Dutch from Holland
    Current Poll:  Aliens          Predator 119418        146838  Where are the Humans?? Isnt it possible that a human being will win??
  8. Aliminator
    HOLY ****!!! scar predator, you saw it!!!!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, THEY COULDN'T SHOW IT SO SOON, IT WILL RUINS THEIR BUSINESS!!!! and i've been universal studio too.....and i barely seen any not-out-yet movies, just some posters and sneak previews.
    Ive seen the web site and its pretty good,but people dont be fooled by the cool pictures and previews, the movie can still go down town.It was like when i saw the preveiws to pitch black, i thought that movie was going to be the next aliens,i thought it was going to be a F__King great movie, but when i saw it omg i wanted to leave the thearter.Its funny how trailers can make people want to see the film,and when they see it,people  soon find out that they been had.I feel sorry for paul because if he doesnt do a good job with this film,he maybe out of the job.But i like the fact that paul is using some of idears from the comic books,i would if i was doing the film,the comic books i feels are the true state of form that the aliens and predator should be like in our time of cinema in how characters improve for the better in time but still have the original state of form,like they should.But from seeing  all the details in his pictures it does look like he has the right idear,but i would never put aliens on earth ,its a tricky story but still can be turned into a great movie if you have a good director,lets just hope paul is  the right director.
  10. Alienkid
    I feel pretty sorry for the Aliens in this movie. They've only got their tails and fangs while the Predators have a whole arsenal of weapons. Lets be Realistic here we've all seen Predator 2 that guy was Freakin bullet proof,..well for the most part. But, the Aliens can't even stand a few rounds. My other fear is this movie will be like the Freddy vs Jason movie. The movie clearly plotted Jason as the lesser of two evils. So I'm afraid they're gonna make the aliens dumb,sneaky and unusally violent and not show off their true cunning that we've known to love them by.
  11. Orochi Avlis
    Thanks, Pvt Hudson! That is what I was trying to say. At least I know I'm not alone about this..... Those 3 Predators are not the main ones from the movie.
  12. Pvt Hudson
    everyone knows the preds win cuz its the sake of continuity of the movies, itll probably finish with weyland finding out that there is something on lv-426     i heard a rumor that the pyramid is pointing diirectly to Lv-426      now this is purely rumor! and for gods sake the 3 preds on the pyramid is from a long long time ago! why the hunt went wrong and then flash forward to now and there are 5 new preds!
  13. spectra
    Preadators deadliest of species rule like Gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!  Aliens will be canon fodder for the ultimate species of the universe!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
    this is shaping up to be utterly fantastic, if im disappointed after this hype, i will hunt down Paul Anderson!  yeah, he does seem to be borrowing alot of ideas from the comics, which thankfully is not a bad concept by any stretch of the imagination. for those who have read the first AvP series( from which any ideas that relate to the comics, seem to have been primarily derived) they will know that it is by far one of the most, if not the most riveting series in the entire Predator/Alien/Alien vs Predator universe (of comics) there were, as Z said, some fabulous new ideas brought to the table as regards both species.  the picture of the predator holding weyland by the arm is above.  Z, which is your favourite comic series or comic(one shot)?????  Sanaa Lathan does look ridiculously like machiko!!! this movie, is seriously shaping up.   Z--- also, would you agree, going on what we in regard to the comics relationship to the movie, that if the ending is what i or you think it is, its going to be fantastic!!?!!???
  15. Jordan
    I think they do... They're outnumbered / immersed in a Xenomorph swarm and resultantly self-detonate.  I may be wrong, though!  A3 is a fine film, severely impaired, but far better than most post-modern horror / alien movies, indeed!  Whilst I agree A1 and A2 are the superior deals, A3 is actually my favoutite so far!  How bizarre!  I just wish they'd incorporated that "Super Face-Hugger" brainwave... !  Excellent "screens," btw!  Jordan out    :)  
  16. Orochi Avlis
    I'm with Laslo. Alien 3 rocked! And Ressurection had cool ideas but it could have been pulled off better. Olopolip, 3 predators don't die at the beginning of the movie, that's just showing the coming of age ritual when it goes wrong......
  17. Laslo Woodbine
    after the excitment this film has brought, I've been checking the previous films of both I hope that the excitement isn't unwanted, the games the films they're just fab. Ps.  Why does everyone knock Alien 3, I always thought the ressurection despite having a decent idea to make ripley part alien was the poorest outing by far. David Fincher did a excellent job following a film such as Aliens (James Cameron you rock!)
  18. Olopolip
    Just a second..... If we now see clearly the scar pred (with the messed up mask and scars on the top) and the othe rpred with the normal mask (which I think will be the leader) where is the so called chopper pred? It's the scar pred of course! We know that in the beggining 5 preds come to earth... 3 die on top of thet pyramid/temple.... and so these goys must be the ones that got away, or were seperated before the fight (whatever). What do you guys think?
  19. Alex
    The next trailer will be shown at ther Scifi Con on the weekend of April 15th and will come out online some time around then either befor then or soon after.
  20. Alex
    That third picture is the \"Scar Predator\" it is not the prince...  If you look closely you can see the lacerations from an alien brawl that happens early in the movie giving him that cool scar!
  21. Bobby Bushay
    Gush,when i first read about this movie ocming out i just lost it,i had an orgasims right there in that spot.This movie is going to rock.I og tthe games and im such a predator fan.I always thought af how a AvP movie would be so this is the big thing!!   ;D  
  22. Aliminator
  23. d-mac
    did any of u see that picture of the cast.its great-theres loads of people and they all going to die.    ;D     ;D  yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Z
    Booyah! Guess who was right all along about the Scar pred being the one with the 'bug-type' mask?!? Me!  I don't want to brag, but most of the time, when I say something... I'm right.  Concerning the Aliens, I know that there's a lot of people that worry about what they are going to look like based on the pictures and wallpapers we've seen so far, but I think some are worrying for no real reason, as I think that same of the pictures / wallpapers actually use images of Aliens of previous films... Anyways, the 'main' Aliens that we'll probably see in the movie will surely look like the one on the poster, which looks like the warrior aliens that everyone likes, only with longer teeth and bigger hands...  I think that Paul Anderson knows what he's doing, as we know that the majority of the info he uses for his film is from 'Alien', 'Aliens' and 'Predator'. I think he wants to have the best of all films reunited in one...  I don't think there's only going to be '1 type' of alien ( Warriors ), I think there's also going to be Drones and maybe others that look like the aliens in Ressurection ( Spit acid? ) and of course, the Queen. I think that's a good way to give everyone what they want... by showing all the diversity of the aliens, it makes for a better film!  When you go on the new official site, if you stay on the same page for long enough time ( i.e.: download, gallery, etc. ) In the background, you see pics that change constantly ( each 10 sec I think )... You can see different pics of Aliens, some seem to be from previous movies, but some of them, I have never seen before and they look more like the one on the movie poster, which seems to be the 'fan favorite'.  Also, on a side note, I managed to spot ( in a split second ) what seems to be 'going on' in the scene in the stairs, where 2 people are running away from the pred, while one seems to be staying behind to try to stop him... When you look carefully, you can see the pred quickly grabbing the guy's arm! ( closeup )  I don't know if you've noticed, but Paul seems to be taking a lot of his ideas from the comics... I heard a lot of people saying that the comics weren't any good and that they didn't really follow the movies, but most people haven't even read them! I know that in some of the comics, they make up a lot of stuff that doesn't really make sense ( i.e.: Alien vs Predator: War ), but some others, like the first series of 5 issues brings some interesting new ideas and seems to follow the movies a lot more and they don't really make anything up that in far fetched.  ... and after all, one of the biggest reason why they are making this movie is because of the popularity of the comics! ( another reason being the pc game, but then again, the game wouldn't have been made without the popularity of the comics! :P )  It really looks like Paul's movie is like a spinoff of the original comic series, so that's why I think that the end is going to be similar...  *Note: Don't you think that Lex looks A LOT like Machiko?  Long live Z and k!
  25. nostromo captain
    I'm so hot for this movie now. Looks like Paul Anderson hit a homerun this time. Kudos to FOX for a site that pays homage to the real fans. Anyone notice that intro green screen with the Weyland Logo is right from ALIEN 1. Superb! If that was Paul's idea, its mondo brilliant. I luv the wallpapers.   ;D   I cannot wait for this movie. I was a skeptic bashing the movie before. but now I see this site, the trailer, the pictures, it's clear that he's a real fan. Hats off to Paul Anderson. Don't disappoint us ALIEN fans.   :D  
  26. sarevo, sarevo, cam sarevo
      :-\   yo well, i lurv the alien concept, predator was also a fatty of a film. I just hope they do it properly.with that raw eighties edge. I say keep it real, no holding back with the gore, lots of scared humans just about making an escape and some real good long fights between the alien and preadators. If they do it like they did aliens it'll be ice cream. no qwams from me...however it could be really bad like robocop 3, (not yummy) lets hope not eh?
  27. Maurice
    yep, I still have it. I will post it at the T3 forum very soon (again, 'cause all the password lock thing screwed up that thread), but I will place it on my own site for the interested fans!
  28. TheStorm
    My good friend and fellow Terminator fan Maurice has a picture, I will tell him tommorow to get it, but there is one picture you don't have. There is a picture of Weyland (I'm guessing he tried to attack the Predator from the pictures we've seen) and the Predator has him by his arm lifting him off the ground. You can tell Weyland is not enjoying this, and the Predator seems almost amused/annoyed.
  29. Kiryu
      ???  ............................. ........ ............................. ............... ............................. ............... ............................. ............... ...WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. still cant believe the movie is due out... f ...
    Wow, those are WAY better shots than the previous ones. The wallpapers are kinda... well, typical, but these pics are nice, especially the first Pred one at the top... JOY!!!    ;D  
  31. ALIENS
    ohh yes........ it just might be what we are waiting for......,action,blood,gore,drama,darkness,k illing,hunting,fighting,screaming,dieing,bod yparts flying,explosions,guns,and more guns,survival,punching kicking,flying,cheating dealth,hell,chaos,traps,war,space,the one place you dont want to be...... i think you get the point,lololol   ;D   HEY how you doin
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