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Blade Trinity: No Competition?

In this small bit of news, horror movie website Bloody Disgusting have reported that Blade Trinity has been moved way over to a December 10th release date which essentially means Alien vs Predator has virtually no competition when it premieres in America on August 13th 2004. Would Blade Trinity really have been competition for AvP? Who knows. I thought I’d post the full release dates (from IMDb) for all countries as there still seems to be some confusion:

Blade Trinity Blade Trinity: No Competition?USA/Canada – 13 August 2004
Argentina – 2 September 2004
Brazil – 3 September 2004
Australia – 16 September 2004
Spain – 8 October 2004
Iceland – 15 October 2004
Russia – 21 October 2004
UK – 22 October 2004
Netherlands – 28 October 2004
Belgium/France – 3 November 2004
Czech Republic/Germany – 4 November 2004
Finland/Norway/Poland – 5 November 2004

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Comments: 14
    AVP and Blade 3 good movies but hard comp because the drector of AVP is makeing the marvel comics GHOST RIDER so it looks like he's gonna have his hands full
    WWE Pro Wrestler Triple H is said to play in the upcoming Blade 3 Trinity Movie. also the "Rock" Dwayne Johnson is said to play in Predator 3 he will also play as the Duke, in the upcoming Duke nukem Movie. alot of pro wrestlers are playing in movies now a days. Do your remember Jessy van shura in Predator and Hulk Hogan in suburban commando
  3. lodoss
    Now i must admit that i love the AvP and cant wait to see it, but your not giving Blade its credit, it has 2 successful movies, another on the way, plus (i guess you guyz didnt hear) there is a 4th movie going to be made as well plus a movie staring the "nightstalkers" from blade 3, looking at paul A. record compared to David and Toro's record my money is on Blade 3, AvP will do well at the BO but with Alien Res's bad taste still fresh in peoples minds this is going to turn out into interesting opening   :-\  
  4. k
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  5. Vekin
    Is it me or does Wesley Snipes' hairline get farther and farther back each movie. Now wonder this is the last Blade movie he is doing.   ;D   Anyway, I do agree with ALIEN. If Paul Anderson does do a good job with this movie, which I am sure he will, then most definitly AVP will surpass Blade III in the box office. Just due to the fact that the Alien and Predator frachises have been around much longer than Blade's and have probably accumulated a lot more fans over the years.
  6. Xan Chronos
    I was kinda hopen that blade 3 would have keeped its original openning date. I would have loved to see fail aginsed the greatist movie ever( That just my opinion).  Dont get me wrong, I'm some what of a blade fan myself. The only one i thought was any good was the first one, the second one just sucked ass( But i liked the Ripper Vamp). Oh yea PREDS KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!   8)  
    blade 3 will not attract more people than avp there are to many people in the world that are aliens and predator fans and they have been waiting for this film to come out for years.AVP is like the next star wars for alot of people,and blade 3 for most people is just a realy good action that they would like to see.I loved blade 1,and 2 im a big fan of blade,there films are perfect to me but i will never over the world chose to see blade 3 than avp.Aliens and predator movies have been out for years and years they grown many fans in its time more people hands down will see avp,but know this, if avp sucks ass then im sorry more people will see blade 3,because as much as i like avp the dir paul anderson could mess up this movie like the other ones he did like resident evil,and the dir for blade 3 is a realy good film maker i know hands down that blade 3 will be greater than blade 2 this film maker does not F___K up movies like paul anderson.Put it to you this way if avp ends up the movie we have been waiting for,then more people will see it than blade 3,but if avp sucks ,people will see blade 3 because blade 2 did not suck! i saw that movie so many times,i love the gore and crazy action scenes blade 2 had so dont worry about blade 3 not being good  they have a film  maker that doesnt mess up good movie when he see one like paul.Mortal kombat and event herizon was the only good films paul did ,soldier sucked, resident evil realy sucked, and the sad thing about these movies was that the storys were great and it should have been a great movie but paul just didnt want to do a good job with the movie.AVP WILL WIN IF IT IS A GOOD MOVIE.   ;)  
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