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Internet Exclusive Trailer!

Apple has released an Internet Exclusive teaser trailer! Check it out in Quicktime, in 3 different sizes! Here’s a couple of the screens from the new Alien vs Predator trailer and click read more to see the total 34 screenshots from start to finish. Also, here’s the links to download it straight to your computer.

20040309_03 Internet Exclusive Trailer!

Just right-click and save target as…

Download: Small (2.64MB), Medium (4.65MB), Large (11.5MB)Thanks to fellow newsposter Alex Dunham for these screens. View the next page for the full 34 screens.

Update: have now removed the links to the trailer. Probably because the demand was too high. Watch this space for updates…

Update 2: have now reposted the trailer on their site. The links now work as normal and the AvP Movie website has been updated.

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  1. NinjaPred
    here's what i think will happen in the end..  A: there is one human (da chixor) and one pred left. they kill the queen and the pred takes da chixor back to the pred mothership. this is an important ritual for preds and if a human can make it out while everything else dies, then they cool enough to chill with preds. (i think something like this happened in one of the books)  B: one pred, one human and the pred stays behind while the human escapes. the pred then self-detonates because the area is overrun by aliens.  PS: no i haven't read all previous posts so if some one already predicted something like this, i'm sorry.    :D  
  2. Growler
    Infra-Red, the movie takes place in present day, so i'm pretty sure the guns they used in Aliens won't be used in this film.  Just present day ordinary guns.
  3. Predfan903
    The mvoie looks interesting. I like the new pred mask and junk, but I just do not know about Paul Anderson. I truly hope the guy can pull this off and it be an actual good film. I would really like to see a Predator 3. Predator is by far one a personal favorite series of mine. Aliens...well I liked the first two, but resurection was horrible. Please let this movie do good.
  4. CoNTRoL
    we dont need mitigators here SC.  F'n Anderson said he is gonna show for the first time what REAL, natural, pure predator vision looks like. well hell we already saw what that looks like in the original Predator. in no way redefine the original.  second if you morons are goign to bother posting make sure you can type the english language and put together sentences.  is there any official AvP forum out there?
  5. CoNTRoL
    waht bothers me is that Predator 3, and Alien 5 not to mention Alien vs Predator 2 all ride on the success of this film. i would love to see a predator 3. but i think that it may be best to leave predator with us still wondering, let our imaginations fill the rest in. the alien genre has already gone too far in my oppinion. if a guy likes T3 over any one matrix movie, he most definitely should not be the one directing this. the feeling is get is this guy is after the bucks. god i wish jim and john thomas could write a third predator screenplay. rumor has it robert rodriguez is writing a screenplay for predator 3. NOOOOOOOO stick to ur spanish gunslinger spykids crap. those movies blew. apart from several decent scenes in Desperado i dont like rodriguez;z movies. i HOPE, Paul Anderson he proves me wrong. T3 was aweful. i wish they jsut cut to the war against machines in the future, something new, and not another chase movie. T2 was INCREDIBLE. and i really dont liek aliens on earth. besides the predator designs are nothign new. if you looked closing at the end of Predator 2 you'll notice all the designs are nearly copied from that, so far. it looks like predator armor is more bulky htis time around though. i wonder if directors ever read out feedback. i mea its a lil late for AvP. but i think it would help. oh well...make a buck
    i find hard to think that paul got his idears from  the comic books,if that was true, trust me you would see it from the pictures we got above.Some of the avp comic books that came out are realy good,realy good if you see all  the details in the story and in the characters, If paul took idears from the comic books then he took it from the bad ones, like uhhh batman vrs aliens lol,ohhh god i just wish james camron dir this film like it should have been but they had to get paul who FU__Ked up mmmmmmmm let me think,resident evil maybe!,soldier maybe! 2 BIG movies that should have been more than just a good movie!but we are going to see when the next   trailer comes out,we will see little hints that the film is either good or bad,because the one we saw now,its too vague.For many people this is the movie they have been waiting for and theres is so much" open space" if you say,for many great idears/stories.There are also rules that you must obey that  i wrote earlier on,if you read it.From reading the comic books,there is so much passion in their stories.The alien story alone from reading the H.R giger book: on the design of the alien ,is alone huge and scary,so much art,so much passion with darkness.Its a big dark world of things we couldnt even imagine,and when you take that world and bring it into a predator surrounding,its more than just a war.This war from reading the books are differrent conflicts for differrent reasons coming from very great artists and if we where to see this war as just two creatures fighting each other because they come from two differrent planets,that would be very stupid and maybe since you have a blind spot that you cant see past,i can see why you would think that.I realy dont have anything against paul and his work,its just that paul takes big great stories and doesnt do a good job with them,paul should just work on smaller films,this is to big of a film to put in anyones hands people,would you take the story of star wars and give it to paul to direct it,hells know because he doesnt not know what is right and whats good for the film,i mean people, paul said in a interveiw that he thought t3 was better than matrix,i mean that says alot of when  it comes to taste,matrix is one of the most greatest films that have come out,the talent that you need to come up with the story of the matrix is talent that paul wishes to have,im not trying to be hard on him,its a tuff job to have,i was a student film maker for 4 years,i got my diploma from NEW YOK film school acd.its just he needs to  back away from big projects and work with smaller ones,who cares if you made alot of money off of resident evil,that only means that you fooled alot of people in seeing you film....ok, was your film good or not.....thats the question i want to know,and i think youll have the anwser from watching RE .AVP is to big of a story and has a history and taste of always being a good film,you dont take a legend and put it in the hands of man who never created a legendary film before you dont do that!!!!!!!,rules people, there are rules to obey,and sometimes brake, you have to have the talent of knowing which one to follow or brake.But....but,but,but, since he has alot of pressure from FOX!,and joel silver! maybe this time he will be forced to do a good job.But because there is always a but,if he doesnt do a job with the film,sorry but i will still be the bastard son that paul wished he never had.     8)  
  7. Ripley
    This movie is /will be/ a horrible example of Hollywood production, aimed at no entertaining, but emptying your pockets. Putting a story from great movies into a "blockbuster" with a _low_ budget of $60 millions insults the fans, REAL fans, not guys that accidentially played the game/ watched the movies half asleep.
    could you imagine if when you see the next trailer its rated PG13,omg if that true dont worry avp fan, i will send a hitman to distroy the invader called paul w anderson.HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE   8)     >:D     ???     ;D     ;)  
  9. Dark Fortess
    To be honest i haven't read all of the above comments. As long as i get to see a facehugger grab onto a Pred face and predalien burst out from under the pred armour. Isn't Cyberdyne the same company that created the terminator and also sent the first 'alien' ship to get and alien? i was toled that Preds created aliens for sport and to become a pred Worrior they had to enter a hive with only a spear and kill the queen?
  10. runner42
    you guys have been in deep deep discussion about this one.  i couldn't read all of it.  made my eyes hurt. i have been a fan since i was very very young and have a good feeling paul anderson will do his best.   a theory i have that is arguable but i'll go ahead and say it  : i don't believe the pred mask would help protect against a facehugger considering Cane's helmit didn't do much for him.  also if anyone could tell me what type of acid the aliens have for blood i want to do more research on how maybe the pred sees the alien.
  11. predfan
    man, this is going to be a great movie!!! Are there anymore pics around on the net?  Anyways, do you guys remember the first predator game, the one for nintendo?
  12. Kum-Byya
    Damn. I cant believe i just read all of that. It took over an hour. Damn. I'm not too sure about the film, it has promise, but after the mess of Alien Resurrection I'm not so sure. I mean honestly, did anyone actually enjoy that film? It was silly and pretty dull. No suspense or tension imho. And that half alien half human thing was a disgrace. So ugly, not like the elegant creatures Geiger originally designed at all. I hope to God they dont try to make a predalien, because they would just mess it up. It would be big and ugly and very probably clumsy. cheers
  13. Joanne
      ;D    this movie is gonna rock I can hardly wait to see it the aliens are  gonna kick some pred butt  I always did wonder who would win if the 2 races met  I root for the xenos hands down  the yautja are gonna get their butts kicked their are over a million xenos & the preds are so going to be out numbred
  14. terry
    Alien > Human= Drone or Warrior Alien > Dog or Ox= fourlegged Creature Alien > Predator= Predalien  Hey Butthugger that is what every Fan learn in School. The Predalien is an Alien and not a Friend of Preds ;-)
  15. dissident_ex
    this is going to suck majorly, budget is too small and paul anderson doesnt know his ass from his elbow.  (see res evil)  because of this peice of shit (doomed to fail) we might never see a predator 3 or alien 5.  who the f**k decided to set it in present day when the aliens timeline would be so well suited for this kind of thing?  *trailer*  this summer aliens and predator are about to lose their credibility.  whoever wins..... the fans lose.
  16. Ninja
    I think the last three pics are from the same scene.  The alien and pred stare each other down and the pred slashes the alien in the side of the head.  The pic with the hand grabbing the alien is the alien putting it's hand over the slash-wound.  If you look at the last pic, you see what could be blood dripping down the alien's face.  Or I could be wrong and it could just be drool, but that's what seems most likely to me.   :)  
  17. Pvt Hudson
    this message is for RICHIE your message was  I think the scene with the hand grabing the alien is not a pred alien. for one you clearly hear a pred yell in that scene and a pred alien woulds not attack its own kind. at least i dont think so? so i think that scene with the hand grabing the alien is directly conected to the one scene before it with the alien looking the pred in the eye. what i think happened is the pred got hurt or something and he's playing dead just like in predator 2. and when the alien gets to close he grabs it. look at the scene carfully both pictures have a back ground that looks the same the only difference is that the two scenes are shot in different angles. What do you think ?    okay the scene of the pred and alien staring each other down and the pred hand grabbing the alien are 2 different scenes and you quote the pred yell! just remember this is a trailer and its called the magic of EDITING!
  18. MATRIX
    Hey Richie you are damn right! We all should stop this bad talking. This is not what Fox have planed. The AvP-Movie is not a Pred and not a Alienflick only. It is for BOTH.
  19. Richy
    Hey guys aliens are great and all the only thing that exploded into a huge thing is oh aliens are so much better then preds and they will kick the crap out of the preds and so on. the truth is both sides are cool.all it comes down to is every one has there own opinion. so me being a pred fan i would just like to say that aliens are the scarest and they are very cool. but i just like the preds more thats all... all this fighting and so on is pointless. talk about why you like alien or predator not why you hate the alien or predator...
  20. Pvt Hudson
    Hey Z i appreciate what you are trying to say,but i only go on movies for reliable information for 2 reasons! over the ccourse of avp comics and games etc ideas have overlapped and contradicted themselves over and over again! and also look at star wars! Jester Merell IS Boba Fett but George lucas made Boba Fett A Clone of his Father Jango Fett! so in the end Jester Merell wasnt a protectoret or wtv he was and he was never banished from anywhere! his name boba fett wasnt a alias because according to the movie JESTER Merell never Existed! that is why I dont and nor should you, follow comics and toys and games and novles! sure its great to read them etc etc but you sould only read for entertainment purposes! i can come up for other excuses in the aliens universe as to why not to trust the comics! for example after aliens they made the comics about ripley and newt and hicks getting home etc etc and in 1992 alien 3 came out and killed them off, they never made it home or anything! and we all get our info about newt and hicks fromt he movies! nobody talks about the comics because the movies changed that etc!
  21. spawningcarnage
    well, personally what i think (typing down in my own personal hell) is that the predators are actually a race of lobsters that have evovled into a highly intelligent race of beings.  Now, think of this, what do lobsters need?  Well, now that i think about it...i really don't know!
  22. Spider
    you are right. This is for children. and by the way: the preds allways looked stupid to me, like a ugly grandmother,LOL. the Alien is a great design but the preds........pffffffffff.
  23. Nudge
    I like the idea of there possibly being other preds in this movie, like some blooded who are there to oversee. I base this on the chick who has apparently been given a mark on her forehead in the shape of a crescent. This is the sought of mark the young preds would recieve at the end of the hunt. I would think it was against the codes of the young preds to be going around "blooding" other preds, let alone beings from another race. But, a pred of higher rank might award it for bravery... ie Broken Tusk.
  24. Z
    hand grenade: To answer your question, there's no 'Blooded' predators, because they have been send on what they call "The Coming of Age", which is basically how they pass from 'young Bloods' to 'Blooded'... If there were Elders or others of higher class, there would be less honor in the ritual, as they are there to prove themselves as good combatants... It's like their first 'Great Hunt'. The fact that they can only rely on their skills and their partners is part of the ritual... if there's any trouble, they have to find their own way out, they can't rely on anyone else than themselves ( think of this as in a big training excercise, like it the army ) The Elders are eventually going to come 'get them back' after a certain amount of time, but of course, they won't wait long... if they survived, they take them home, if not... they failed the test. In the world of the predators, it's like "Survival of the Fittest" or "Only the Strongest survive", they don't leave much space for any kind of mistakes and they don't like failure...  About your 'Unique Mask' theory... There's not any specific rituals after which the predators get a mask, as they can get it as soon as they start to hunt. Although I know that the ones with 'royal' blood tend to have more 'extravagant' and more high-tech mask than most others ( in order for the other preds to notice them more ), there's no particular ways to get specific masks... I think that most of them have been customized by the preds themselves and will change according to the settings/environments/needs of the preds. So, in other words, they don't get their masks through any kind of 'ritual' or by climbing the hierachic ladder of their society... as they NEED it as soon as they start to hunt and the reason behind the many types of masks is based on the preds personal choices...  Concerning where the preds come from: THE REAL PREDATOR is right... they never actually NAMED the place where the preds are from... the only thing we know is that it's from the "deepest corners of the universe". I really think it's a good idea that they try to keep their world, origins, etc. a secret, as it makes them all the more interesting... and Paul Anderson knows that and that's why he decided not to touch those subjects in the movie. It's the same thing with the aliens... if we knew everything about them... where they are from, what they think, why they do what they do, it would 'take away' the feeling of mistery you have when you see them...  the fact that they are so secretive and dark makes them a lot cooler.  **SIDENOTE** I watched the trailer again in really slow motion and I think that the guy that is 'trapped' in the net in pics 25-26 is Max Stafford ( the black guy, which I think is like a commando or something like that ) He's played by Colin Salmon, who also played in Resident Evil, etc. The thing that I think is weird is that the net doesn't really look like the pred's ( as it is made of metal-like wires ), unlike this one, which looks like regular strings... Maybe it's Paul's version of the pred's net... or it might only be the angle we see it from that makes it look different, as the guy doesn't seem to be moving much ( he kinda looks messed up :P )  Concerning the pred in pic 27: If you watch the trailer in slow motion, just before we see the girl jump over the big gap, in the very last 'glipse' of the predator/alien fight that we see, we can somewhat see the front part of the pred's mask and it looks like the bug-type mask pred ( Scar pred ) and we also see that he has a 'scratch' a.k.a. scar on his mask made by what seems to be an alien ( of course ).  So, that's for all you people that have trouble believing that the 'bug-like' pred could be the Scar pred, as maybe his name refers to THAT PARTICULAR 'scratch' made to him by the alien... So, that could emply that he could actually be the 'hero' pred of the movie... or not. The other scenes that we see of him could be from the beginning of the movie, before he actually gets his 'scar'... in one of the first pics of him, we even seem to see what looks like snow in the background, which could emply that it's when they arrive...  Long live Z and k!
    thanx Z, i really appreciate that.    ;D   as regards what star system the predators are from.... you got me.... people have always liked that they never knew exactly where the preds came from..... that they came "from the stars".... now im not certain, if there is a correct answer to this question than my faith lies in Z... however i believe many artists who have proposed to explain the origin of the predators in the dark horse line of comics have been rejected simply because it was always more scary having the species shrouded in mystery.... however, thats all i know... Z what do you think? do you know is there an actual origin or star system that the predators are from????????   8)  
  26. Raziel
  27. Igor
    I´ll scan some draws to post them here if I can...I guess I´ll have to talk with someone.about the comic...I´m try8ng to get the second one...I think it has a strange action, as humans get in the middle of a pred hunt(as ever) and the woman have to decide what side she´s gonna fight....but I have to find it...I just can´t wait to see the does it has to be in October for us???I only hope the people who may already seen then movie don´t ruin the movie for the rest of us.... :evil:
  28. J.R
    Does anone else think that in the close up of weyland with the net in the background, that its actually the pred-alien that they've 'caught'? look at the top of the net and its seems to be a 'head' much like the pred-aliens from avp game
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