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  1. cracked tusk
    but if you think about it, if what youre saying is true then wouldnt an alien that came from a human have a brain to the human?  it doesent, does it?.   8)  
  2. cracked tusk
    Well Viper, the predalien would waste the alien like it was nothing.  As far as a predalien vs. predator. it would all depend on how skilled the predator was,and how well equipped. But it would be a good fight no matter what.   :)  
  3. Viper
    Hi all its Viper i am asking anyone who will know what a predalien would do would it attack alien or predator? i need some help    :-\      :-\      :-\   please help me
  4. cracked tusk
    the predator is as strong as 10 men, but so is the average alien drone. it is possible for an expierienced predator warrior to take out a drone with no more than wrist blades{ keep in mind that this is an expierienced warrior, and it is still no easy task.} but give the predator any other sort of weapon and the alien almost doesent stand a chance.   As far as a predator fighting a queen.  no contest!  the queen would smear him all over the egg chamber.   It takes a team of eight predators to detain a queen..   Aliens have their numbers and generational knowledge, and the predators have their technological supiriority with 100 percent deadly combat styles.    and humans...well...were gonna loose.    But between the aliens and predators it could go either way
  5. Joey
    Why the hell do you think humans will win Darklord the films motto is whoever wins we lose for peat sake.And if we could beat the preds why did they kill everyone they faced exept the hero and the predators have honour unlike humans humans kill people who don't have weapons as well   8)  
  6. Darkness
    I\'ve got a couple of people working on stuff like that although I do need descriptions of Predator weapons/equipment so if anybody wants to write them up, send them to me and I\'ll add the screenshots.
  7. Darkness
    I was going to use your info but you never replied to any of the emails I sent you and then I discovered you\'d posted it in the PlanetAvP Forums so I didn\'t see the point. Like they said, a lot of it is of the expanded universe and has nothing to do with the films. And a message to K and Z, can you please stop this rivalry between yourselves.
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