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AvP Dissolution Comic

I’ve just been informed of a new comic in production by Rival Comics called Alien Vs. Predator Dissolution. Here’s the storyline:

“When their ship malfunctions and is forced to land, Captain Lillian Bell and her crew find themselves on the surface of a strange jungle planet with few signs of life other than the plants and ancient, inhuman temples that stand on the planet’s surface. Their attempt to explore the temples goes horribly wrong, however, when they find themselves in the midst of a Xenomorph hive, and nothing can prepare them for the horrors that are yet to come when they discover that there is another species roaming this planet as well: the Predator. Four months later, a Marine ‘rescue’ crew arrives, completely unaware of the hell that they will unleash…”

All conceptual artwork has been completed and sequential artwork will begin in March. Here’s a couple of artwork images from their gallery:

If anybody wants to know more on this comic, check out their website or take a look at their Gallery for more conceptual artwork.

AvP Dissolution AvP Dissolution Comic

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  1. Thundercleese
    I hope the comics kicks ass! Dude it has too cause it is about the two coolest creature horror film creature movie serieses ever!    :)  
  2. Rival-Brian
    Was she the one I emailed last night about being a cover artist?  If so, yes, her stuff does rock and I hope that she would like to do some work with Rival.    ;D  
  3. Corporal Hicks
    DH have the official lience but this be a fan project.  Ive looked at your stuff and it looks brill.  Also i am a friend of the artist you are currently trying to recruit and ill tell u, her stuff rocks.
  4. Rival-Brian
    The entire reason this comic came into being was as a result of the upcoming movie.  I read a lot of fans' comments on forums about the movie stating that they weren't particularly happy with the current-day setting of the new movie, so I decided that, through Rival, I could put together an AvP fan comic that takes place in the same time frame as the comics.  I hope you guys all enjoy it, as it's a lot of fun to write and also to work with my great crew.  Brian Watts Rival Comics
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