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Exclusive AvP Footage

Empire Online have just posted an article telling us that they’ve previewed some exclusive footage of Alien vs Predator. There’s a few detailed paragraphs in the article of what they saw and gives some more details of the sequences in the storyline. Here’s a couple of paragraphs:

“The footage began with Lance Henriksen’s industrial billionaire instructing his team of scientists and archaeologists as they make ready to enter the uncovered Aztec dig site deep within the Antarctic circle… The team discover a series of bodies with ruptured ribcages and are, in true shock-jump fashion, surprised by the desiccated body of a facehugger. And that’s when things get interesting…”

“…The clip finished with an alien of each species staring each other in the face with barely a foot between them before a close-up on the black carapace sees a pair of inner jaws shoot out to stamp the AVP title on the screen.”

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  1. spookystuff
    er,wot baz is trying 2 say in smillie morse code is that we shouldnt keep worrying about how dis fil'm'll turn out coz so wot if it dont turn out brilliant,it'll b FUN.we aint all a nation of critics are we? ive bin w8ng 4 this fil'm since i first saw that alien skull in predator 2,so i hope too that it turns out well,but i aint gonna complain unless it turns out 2 b a complete load o'tosh but i doubt it'll b that bad!!   :D  
  2. ChestBuster
    i hope dat paul doesnt screw up in RE the "half-eaten" dead had only a few scraps...i mean like wen dat bad guy near the end got to the train he didnt have anything eaten...he just had lil bits of skin hanging off of him...   :-\     :-\  
  3. spookystuff
    i no longer worry about how the fil'm will turn out coz from wot i've hered therel be entertainment value to it whatever the case what with multiple predator n alien fights and tons o' chest burstin' and all!!!!!!!!!!   >:D     ;)  
  4. Jordan
    Anderson is a genuine Alien fan and is will endowed with fan-boy knowledge!  Whilst I seriously have my doubts about the pastry of this film, so far, despite a supposedly banal script, he's taken into account that CGI aliens just DON'T work, among other things... So there's still hope!  J    :)  
  5. phil
    The Resident Evil movie was taken from a file in the first game that vaguely said something about the Umbrella corp. sending in their people to to do what was done in the movie. Anderson, in my mind, to find a way to appreciate the film as a true fan, must have used an obscure refrence in the game to develop his plot. My point is the man has to me an intimate knowledge of the resident evil thing. If so than the alien v. predator film will derive from obscure stuff from both movies, saying bye to the firmiliar and hopefully continue to give us quality science fiction for years to come.
  6. Jordan
    Yeah, I'd rather see the continuation of the two series' as opposed to more AVP films.  That 'sailing ship' concept, or any Predator film set in Earth's past sounds like a fascinating change of idea!!!  If only! J
  7. the one
    Predators are the best but aliens are going to put up a really good fight and at last we can see a movie where predators fight together.    ;D    I hope its a good movie and not a short and cheesy movie!   :-\  
  8. the one
    they should have arnie and riply come in and do so ass kickin cause youno how cool that movie woulb be and they should have the song on there "When Worlds Collide" that would be sweeeeeeeet!!!   ;D     ;D  
  9. spookystuff
    i hered that if avp is a big success that they will stop making separate alien and predator fil'ms.i think that sucks.even after a whole series of realy successful avp fil'ms i would still like to see predator doing his own thing aliens hunting crewmates of ships!   ;D  but i did hear(on this site)that a possible predator 3 could be set on a sailing ship in the 17th thats more like it!!!that would make a brilliant fil'm!!!   ???     ???     ???  
  10. predy
    this movie better not sux, it all i can say.. the only reason im trusting paul anderson with this one is because, hes making a movie with 2 already well established franchises, both with loyal fan basis.. so he cant go wrong unless he is a natural born stuff up..( could be)but i really like that its not his own own creation, otherwise i would rather play the game..
  11. Jordan
    Dubious indeed; although there was mention of it on the official (US) Fox web-site a while back, and there is an official web-site, but little else.  We'll probably hear much more following the next trailer... !  J    >:D  
  12. spookystuff
    i realy love the alien and predator films for about as long as i can remember,so i was thrilled when i found out about this film.but why keep its existence so under wraps?shouldnt they be promoting it as much as possible?gain a bit of hype?   >:D     :-\  
  13. spookystuff
    i agree wit jordan. it doesnt exactly need an oscar winning script just as long as we can see aliens ,predators kicing ass!!!still, i would like to see pingu whopping some alien'n'predator ass.    :)  long live pingu!!!   ???  
  14. Jordan
    I concur, my feline friend!  Whilst I sincerely doubt this'll be an all-round success, artistically & financially, I need to see it BADLY!  Who cares if it isn't another Alien or Aliens?  It's a modern-day Alien / Predator film and it's just gonna be great eye-candy!  There's even the minute possibility it might even be an amazing success!  Save the pessimism AFTER watching the film and enjoy the ride!  J   ;D  
  15. Scavenger
    hey y'all, been doin some hardcore searching and chatting on da net and this site has the most stuff I've found for AvP. this movie is gonna rock!! and shut up everyone who's bitchin about the director or story or whatever its a movie for christs sake, just shut off the nerd/geek part of your brain and just enjoy it. Aliens kicked arse and so did Predator, so who's complaining? I've been hangin out for this movie for years and I'm not gonna let some nerd ruin by whining about the director or whatever.
  16. choperPredator
    Comon guys srop the paul dissin we all now that you dint like RE but some dis i tought it was cool but dint have noting to do with the game so that was a down fall for me...but still i think the sotry is cool i just know its gona rock comon guys a aliens vs. predator movie is coming out and all you guys got to say is that its gona suck...i think you shoud all just be happy that dis movie is made   :)  
  17. Bren-F
    I really can't wait for this film    8)   Can't help but feel that they should have picked Ridley Scott for this one (Thinks how crap the Resi Evil Movie was)    >:D  
  18. The Real Predator
    i have to say, im becoming more and more optomistic, but after all, it is Paul Anderson.i mean, theres nothing orignal about the story! the pyramid mechanically shifts like "The Cube" and its just made up of cliche moments... nonetheless, it sounds very cool.
  19. spawningcarnage
    Why did they do this to the franchise?  I've been an avid fan of the series since my youth, and they put anderson on the project?!  Down with Hollywood! Lets just pray things don't turn into another FreddyvsJason!
  20. Darkness
    Thanks for the compliment. It does sound like a trailer, or at least the beginnings of one since they haven't added the special effects yet. I hope this footage will make it onto file-sharing networks soon.
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