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Weaver Too Busy For Alien 5?

In an interview with Empire Magazine about her new film The Village, Sigourney Weaver spoke about the possibility of Alien 5. Here’s the quote from the horror movie website Bloody Disgusting:

“Ridley Scott and I have talked a bit about doing one where we go back to the original planet but I don’t think any of us are really thinking about it. We’re all too busy”.

She doesn’t know much about the upcoming Alien vs. Predator but said the spin-off was “one of the reasons [she] wanted to die in Alien 3.”

Even though I read the whole article on Empire Online, I couldn’t find the quote where she said this but for those who want to know the source, go to Bloody Disgusting or Dark Horizons.

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Comments: 7
  1. Spidey
    it would acctually be quite Ironic if in the past ethier the predators designed the alien orginism for their own bio-weapons divison, or acctually the humans created the aliens, and their tryin to get it back in 1,2,3,4 that would be interesting...   :D  
  2. rabbit
    4 was pointless, i just think that aliens shud go 2 earth, so the people are just hiding getting eaten, put a twist on it, n scott or cameron 2 direct.
  3. Spidey
    for me the series ended at 3, with the horrible dissapointment of 4 i thought alien would never jump back, but this movie AvP may yet come through, i still believe that there should be no alien planet, and i believe many hardcore fans of the series would believe that the Alien species is a virus finding hosts. which think makes it more frieghting than a planet full of face huggers, cos if you think about it that is all that would be there.....   8)    Spidey from NZ
  4. Spidey
    there is no Alien planet, it is like a virus in cyberspace, the alien is a orginism without a home making it more leathal and impossible to erradicate.  Spidey from New zealand   >:D  
  5. Soontobeproducer
    It's our lucky day boys, the franchie has been revived.  I think the real question here is, who's gunna buy the "Ultra mega extreme too hot for box office" (18 cd pack) ALIEN box set? "In this box set, you get to watch the Grip take a dump!"  Really though, what saga needs to be "wrapped up once and for all" is that phuckin' James Bond nonsence.  Or those damned Free Willey movies.  Who's funding that shit anyway?  AVP4EVR
  6. odo
    I think the saga needs to be wrapped up once and for all, alien ressurection was a big flop and didnt do the saga justice, if ridley scott returned to do alien 5 then i think it would actually be an ace film as ridley has hardly made a bad film in his life, a good way to wrap it up would be to go to the alien homeworld, also bring back giger to do designs on the alien homeworld as he is a nutter!! and has these weird dark eeire designs which would revitalise the alien saga    ;D      ;D      ;D  
  7. cheezyspam
    "one of the reasons [she] wanted to die in Alien 3."  Makes me wanna ask her "um..then why did you come back and do Alien Ressurection?"   ???   She'll come back in a heartbeat if the money is good... Besides AVP might revitalize the series, something she couldn't do it Alien 4.  But that's just my opinion
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