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New Layout, New Content…

As promised, I’ve got the new layout up and running and I thought I’d use this news post to tell everybody what changes have been made. The first thing is an Artwork of the Week feature and that pretty much speaks for itself. Every weekend, I’ll change the artwork to something else. As a side-note, I was going to have an Artwork of the Day feature but from what I’ve seen on the internet, there isn’t much Alien/Predator artwork laying about so if anybody’s got any artwork, send it in to me. I’ve found some new artwork and I’ve added it to the Alien, Predator and Mixed Artwork Galleries. Here’s the links:

New Artwork: Alien Artwork, Predator Artwork, Mixed Artwork

New pages for each Alien/Predator film have been added with useful info and links to related downloads on each page.

Movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Predator, Predator 2

I will extend them onto more pages as time goes on and I’d like to extend character biographies. I’m going to work on pages for Alien 5 and Predator 3, and include the latest rumours in them. Another thing I noticed is that the Bravenet poll wasn’t showing sometimes and that was due to them so I’ve added a new poll which is hosted from my own webspace. I know I didn’t change the last poll at the beginning of January but I will try to change the poll on the first day of every month…

Update: The results of this poll:
“What do you think of the new layout?”
Excellent – 321 votes – 64%
Very Good – 112 votes – 22%
OK – 44 votes – 9%
I preferred the other one – 23%

For anybody who’s wondering where the AvP2 Primal Hunt info has gone, I merged all that with the AvP2 section. The walkthroughs and every thing else can be accessed from the contents links although I have removed some of the Primal Hunt stuff. Also the AvP2 walkthroughs have been cut down and more streamlined.

PlanetAvP raised an important issue about getting a domain name for AvPGalaxy but as much as I’d like to, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. One reason is because the way the host, T35 is talking in the forums, it looks as if they’re eventually going to get rid of the free service they provide. Another thing is downtime. Occasionally, T35 has downtime which I can’t control. It’s only happened twice since I’ve been using this service. And about the pop-ups, that’s down to T35 as well but I do prefer pop-ups rather than banners.

Sadly, staff member Genocide has departed from AvPGalaxy so there’s still a spot open if anybody wants to be a news poster here. You need basic HTML knowledge, at the very least know how to create a hyperlink so if you want to be part of AvPGalaxy, email me or check out the Staff page for more info. Well that pretty much sums everything up. All links on the website have been checked and verified so everything should run smoothly. As for browser issues, I’ve tested in Mozilla and Opera and there are some serious problems. If any web designers know why, let me now but it runs perfectly Internet Explorer 6…

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