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Predator SE Region 1 DVD

20040119 Predator SE Region 1 DVDAfter waiting 18 months after the UK release, Americans have finally got some news on the 2-Disc Predator Special Edition DVD Set. According to Creature Corner, it will be released before the Alien vs Predator movie. Here’s the quote:

“And speaking of much-needed special editions, the Predator SE will be out in time to benefit from the release of Alien Vs. Predator, which just makes good sense from a marketing standpoint. Not sure if it will feature the same stuff as on the UK one (which you can get here), but we’ll find out soon enough.”

Although this isn’t a confirmation, it’s the first bit of news about the region 1 set. If anyone wants to know what special features are on the UK release, read my in-depth Predator SE Review.

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  1. Spectra
      :)    Great! I'm in hurry to buy it! Look awesome, The Predator is the most coolest and deadliest species ever. But i will have to wait a bit longer to have this film cuz i'm in region 1.
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