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Schwarzenegger in Alien 5?

Dark has reported that Hotdog Magazine says Arnold Schwarzenegger has received an offer to play a small part in a future Alien 5 movie. Here’s the quote from Dark Universe:

“He’s essentially ruled out starring roles for a few years, but current Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’d still be up for a supporting role or cameo in a film here and there. One such offer on the table is for the forthcoming Alien 5, in which Schwarzenegger would appear at the film’s beginning, playing a space-age marine who clears the way for Earth-bound Ripley. Funnily enough, Arnie was suggested for a similar part in Alien 3, but didn’t have the time.”

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  1. God
    You guys are all morons. I would rather have Arnold playing a marine because he is good at what he does and looks good doing it. He fills the beefy marine role perfectly. Vin Diesel and the Rock would also be good choices but ruling out Arnold doesn't make any sense. The Movies are already combined, remember the Alien skull in Predator 2? Bill Paxton was in Predator 2 AND in Aliens. It hurts nothing, he is a good actor and you all need to get over it.  Arnold has my vote.
  2. bayside
    No way.  Arnold should not do 5.  Thats just as stupid as saying the rock should star in T4.  It shouldn't happen.  No cameo, no small role, Arnold should not be in Alien 5
    people who are bothered that arnie will be in the 5th film shouldnt be because bill paxton was in aliens and predator 2 but it didnt change anything (even though he died in both of them) i think it will be coll if arnie vs an alien
  4. Raven
    Oh just keep still, Aldereen. No one is bothering you. Plus , the spelling a grammar? What? Anyways, these are two different sets of movies, I mean originally they are set as two different lines of movies, your basically saying that they CANT playy in any other movie produced by FOX. That is what I am hearing. If Arnie was in the 5th movie, it would rock.
  5. Aldereen
    Wow... the spelling a grammer of everyone here astounds me.  Maybe you should all learn hot to spell and write proper sentences before posting.  Just adding my comment.
  6. Nate
    I guess I may be the only one who can spell but hmm who says Arnie has to play Dutch Schaeffer? Thats like saying Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton cant be in Aliens because they were Reese and a punk in Terminator... how can they be Colonial Marines when they were originally trying to kill him?
  7. ???
    if Schwarzenegger was in 5 it wouldnt it wouldnt hurt anything because aliens movie was nothing to do with predator untell predator cam out so if he is in 5 it wouldnt hurt 1 thing
  8. 666
    No WAy should arnie be in alien 5. This would wreck the whole alien vs Predator, because how could the man who defeated the first predator be alive a few hundred years in the future??? In short...If the Alien n predator worlds are really in one universe, how could arnie become two characters in one timeline of AVP in general. Its kinda hard 2 explain. i hope u all understand.
  9. AND
    the predator may of been able to take out a squad of men in the past but were in the future we have met the aliens and the preds we are more advansed and got gud weapons but! in avp the humans are a group of drillers what are they going to do give them a head ach any way aleast we can see the preds take out a few of the aliens and some aliens take some preds    ;D   email ,me if you think other bbyyee!!! //>,<///><
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