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  1. Jay
    Far too many of you are selling paul anderson short, based on the complexity and attention to detail he is putting into this movie i find it hard to believe it will be bad. I have been waiting for this movie a long long time and all I can say is that the preds are gonna mess those bugs up hardcore
  2. keith
      >:D  paul  anderson . you better not screw this film up. you have only made one film worth watching (mortal kombat).you had better not hold back on big action.this film has taken to long to come to the big screen. and i am looking forward to it. i want to see some bad ass  action .
  3. Blind
    I hope Paul Anderson does not screw this up like he did with Resident Evil. I had high hopes for RE, but Paul Anderson ruined the first. I hope the second one is better than the first. This movie has the potential to be good. In the end it is all up to Paul Anderson.
  4. Primal
    I can not wait! this isa fans dream come true! paul anderson is going to do a great job on ths movie. I just hope that it wont be held back by unessasary stuff, like watt aaa said. I hope paul can pull this off. Justa thing: this shot isint that cool. I WANT TO SEE AN ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, i just want the aliens to woop the preds asses!

    HEY> I JUST(hold on, it whas on kaps lokk)want to see some  more alien stuff (posters, screen savors, backgrounds, maybe even internet only games!)on your site, because the pred is SOOOO out of style.
  5. aaa
    This will be a hard movie to make it seem good. It better not be cheasy and stupid like they make all the new movies now.That means they dont add a stupid sex part with some hot girl. I'm not gay it's just evry movie has one sex part now and I dont want to jerk off when I get back home everytime there will be a hot girl. (but how rare is it that you will find a hot girl on the south pool or a scientist. What kind of hot girl be doing that stuff. not like im sexist but you hardley find any hot girls to be scientist now days) And no dumb lines!
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