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Alien Quadrilogy Easter Eggs have posted all the hidden features found in the Alien Quadrilogy Boxset. The easter eggs include credits and interviews and here’s one of them:

“Each of the supplement discs for each movie contains a hidden credits page that you can access by going to the ‘Navigation Options’ page and entering the release date of each movie using your remote control’s numeric pad. So, on disc 2 you will get access to it by entering 5-25-79, on disc 4 you will get to it by entering 7/18/86, on disc 6 you access it typing 5-22-92 and on disc 8, type 11-26-97 to access the page. Depending on your DVD player model, you may have to use the +10 key to enter the higher numbers, and on some players you may have to press the +10 key numerous times. Familiarize yourself with your DVD player and how to enter numbers – which you can learn form the instruction manual – before trying to access these Easter Eggs.”

Now it is time to insert disc 4 in your DVD player and on the Main Menu select ‘Post-Production.’ On the following screen highlight the entry ‘The Final Countdown’ and then press the ‘Up’ arrow key on your remote control. You will now have a chance to see an interview segment with Van Ling where entitled ‘A Boy and his Power Loader,’ in which he tells the infamous story of how he got affiliated with James Cameron as a result of a very unique Halloween costume.

Now insert disc 8 of the set. Enter the ‘Post-Production’ section of the disc and there go to the second page. Now, highlight the menu entry ‘Back’ at the bottom of the page and press the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control This will highlight a glyph at the top of the screen and give you access to another segment in which infamous DVD producer David Prior is talking about being cast as an alien in the movie ‘Alien Resurrection.’ Talking about the coolness of the job as well as the discomfort he was suffering, is a great addition.

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