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Alien 5 Update

Bloody Disgusting has reported that according to Total Access Magazine, Sigourney Weaver has signed for Alien 5.

“Kandymann was reading a recent issue of Total Access Magazine and came across an interesting bit of news regarding Alien 5, “Having tested so well to preview and -release, 20th Century Fox has continuing the popular franchise. Sigourney Weaver has already signed for the proposed Alien 5, demanding that her charater Ripley, to be killed off at the end of this one for good…” More of the plotline revealed at an earlier date set Ripley out to return to the planet where the Aliens came from, or she will actually go to “the” aliens planet to kill them all, once an for all! Of course this is all old news, except for the fact that it says Weaver is signed on for the final chapter in this never ending saga! I’m more excited for this than I am Alien vs Predator.”

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