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Quadrilogy Region Comparison

DVDDebate have posted an interesting article comparing the region 1 version to the region 2 vesion in their Alien Quadrilogy review. So which one’s better you’re wondering? Here’s part of the summary:

“As for which region to go for, that too is pretty clear. With both sets available for the same price, the Region 1 set offers far greater value, while the Region 2 has some annoying, and pointless, omissions. If you don’t have a multi-region DVD player, then this set is the only excuse you need to go get one.”

So there you go. The region 1 version has better special features. Also to note is on the bonus disk, the Alien Legacy documetary is not inlcuded on either version due to space restrictions. Also the region 1 bonus disk features a Script-to-Scene comparisom – something that is missing from the region 2. So go read the long, detailed review on DVDDebate.

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