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AXOD: Colonial Marines

I just received an email from someone named Corporal Schiefer, T.R. informing me about of a brand new Aliens RPG /Co-operative Writers Project called AXOD: Colonial Marines. Here’s part of the email:

“This Corporal Timothy R. Schiefer from the 14th Battalion, 5th Regiment of the Anti Xenomorph Operations Division of the United States Colonial Marines Corps. I’m here to get the word out about a brand new Aliens RPG/Co-operative Writers Project called ‘AXOD: Colonial Marines’. It encompasses the Aliens universe and goes beyong it to create a totally unique experience for fans of the AL()ENS and PREDATOR series.

Beginning with a little project called ‘Aliens: Rings From Corona’, it soon became apparent that such a unique project was extremely catchy and fun. There are no points system, no special powers, no ability to survive deadly attacks… it’s as real as it can get in the Aliens series. If your charactor dies, that’s it. No second chances. You will be tested on your IQ, and have tests that will score your survival rating.”

If you like the sound of this project, then go to the AXOD: Colonial Marines website for more information and their Forum.

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