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IGN Quadrilogy Interview

IGN have carried out an Interview with Charles de Lauzarika, the producer of the Alien Quadrilogy Boxset. The interview mostly talks about the Alien 3 set but here’s one of the questions:

“IGN DVD: So is this it? Are these the cuts that the directors can live with and are satisfied with, Fincher aside?

Lauzarika: You know, you’d have to ask them because I think that each one of them had a different response to that. I think Cameron prefers the longer cut of Aliens, Ridley prefers the original cut of Alien, Jeunet doesn’t even care about the expanded Resurrection because he likes the original cut. Everyone probably has a different answer, so to me, this is more for the fans in terms of the extras and being able to see a comprehensive overview of the extras..”

IGN also published a Review of the final bonus disc by summarizing each special feature and they gave the Alien Quadrilogy Boxset and overall score of 9/10.

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